Acceptance and Faith

By Nameshri Chetty, South Africa

Mohanji says that before birth, we choose each moment of our life. In times of challenges, we think, “Oh my hat! What possessed me to choose these experiences.” With the awareness of acceptance and faith, life becomes easier to embrace.

In Jan 2017, my son was diagnosed with Lymphoma. It was something that came out of the blue; we were just starting to get into the rhythm of living as a single mom of two children. My first call was to Mohanji even before the diagnosis had been made. Right from the onset, Mohanji had advised me to go with the process, listen to the doctor regarding medical treatment. I had handled many challenges, but this challenge concerning my child was totally new. Being a single mother firstly is not the easiest. When moments like this come up, without support from the father, it really tests your metal. There is no one else to help take the strain off or rather share the weight of the experience.

Mohanji bless

Mohanji had been my only strength throughout this period. I found strength in the fact that I knew he was supporting me and my children. Each chemo, I went in with full faith that all will be well. Everything seemed seamless and the process flew by. I was very composed through it all. There was an inherent calmness that came over me; it was the thought of knowing that Mohanji was already overseeing everything. I remember him saying that we have to go through this as it is karmic. I felt as if even my responsibilities with my daughter seemed to flow smoothly, allowing me to fulfil my duties.

From the time of diagnosis, getting a specialist immediately, starting treatment within 2 weeks of diagnosis, having the courage to live life normally, this was all Mohanji’s grace. Mohanji helped me get through this life experience with total detachment and full acceptance. There was no time for self-pity, only purpose was felt.


In June 2017, my son was free of cancer; it was shocking how time had flown by. When I look back, I had cut myself off everything and everyone, my only focus was getting my children/family through this. My only strength undoubtedly was Mohanji.

In his teachings, he constantly reminds us of faith and acceptance. This was a true example of this teaching. I was willing to accept any outcome as I had faith that it was as it should be.


Mere Mahadev (My Lord Shiva), I surrender graciously and humbly at your feet as you are the beginning and end of all that is and all that is not.

I glide on the breath of your grace.



Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 12th March 2020


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