Empowered 2.0 – Part 1

By Swathi Jarugumilli, Australia

May every thought and word that dawns on my mind be submitted to his gracious divine lotus feet, who is the ocean of compassion and kindness, mother of all mothers, Gurudeva Mohanji.

Every program done by Mohanji is constructed in such a way that it offers a stepping stone to finding oneself. It is paving a path for those who want to take the journey inwards. This is being done with utmost care without giving any shock to oneself, whether physically or mentally. By slowly exposing the participants to situations (daily) and letting them experience themselves at that moment with total awareness, resolving/destroying the raised confusions depending on that person’s mindset is a mere divine play. Nevertheless, Mohanji is operating through us by staying within us in the form of Universal Consciousness. 

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Day 4

Power of purity & other techniques were practised on this day which I didn’t attend as I was exposed to one of my vulnerable situations, i.e., the truth behind my younger brother’s sudden demise last year. He drowned in a farm pool (built for farming purposes) while on a trip with his friends.

Recently my parents visited this place and happened to know that only a 2-year-old kid saw what had happened on that day. My brother and his friends were arguing about something, and suddenly one of them pushed him into the pool. When my brother tried to get hold of the guy at his collar and brought him too into the water, my brother was left to drown, and the one who pushed was saved. Since nobody was around and, of course, no cc cameras were nearby, whatever story his friends had told the local police had to be registered. They closed the case without further investigation, saying it was just an accident while swimming; he drowned in the pool, which was 20ft deep. It was unbelievable for our family members as he was a great swimmer and a basketball player who was 6ft tall. Since there was no more evidence, even the police couldn’t do anything to neither of us. 

Listening to what my mother said (only today), I was fighting myself not to give in to any violent motives or thoughts. I simultaneously tried my best to convince her too not to curse them.

Day 5

I was completely devastated by the next morning and felt as if there was no justice. However, I did not want to give in to these violent thoughts and was seeking help from Mohanji constantly by uttering his name, listening to AUM chanting (sung by Mohanji), doing Consciousness Kriya, listening to Shiva Kavacham (sung by Mohanji). After a few hours, I felt Mohanji in my heart center in the form of compassionate Shiva. I vented out my anger and helplessness, asking for justice in my brother’s case. Suddenly there was peace from within, and from the eyes of Mohanji’s eye card was a beautiful glow (Thejassu). Later in the day, while cooking, below thought dawned.

“Every being has a part of the supreme soul in them. However, lifetimes of wrongdoings make one enclosed in dark clouds, which they reflect onto the society. What if this dark cloud disappeared? What if we help those beings to come out of this darkness? Can we be compassionate enough to send love and affection to them so that no other being gets affected by their behaviour? Isn’t this what we practised in Power of Purity meditation. Shall we send some love and compassion to the friends of your brother?”

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Isn’t this what Mohanji’s core principles are about? My thoughts got totally dissolved. I was at peace, sending love and affection to everyone who was covered in such dark clouds. Mohanji was and is listening. No word or feeling is getting diverted. The only thing is to wait for our turn by having patience. We are all being looked after. He is a king. He is a Maharaja.

Jai Gurudeva Datta! Jai Sripada! Jai Mohanji!


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