An enigma called Mohanji

by Surya Sujan, Kerala

Mohanji is a mysterious phenomenon. One may call him an enigma or a wonder. It is a great feeling to recollect our school life – playing and enjoying together. Those intimate moments of togetherness are great blessings indeed. I am sure it will be remembered for ages to come.

We studied together in 1978, and it took 37 long years to renew that relationship. Now my old classmate (Mohanji) is not only a friend but also my brother and Guru. Since meeting him again in May 2017, we find time to see or talk to each other, even if it is just for a moment.

Mohanji unexpectedly called me on 3rd May 2022 and asked to meet in person. I went to his house at Palakkad on the 4th and spent time together with his parents – Amma and Achan – which made me really happy. Mohanji reached late that night and enthusiastically called out, “Surya”, when he saw me. Extending his hands, he embraced me tightly and poured lots of energy into me. He then retired for the night and said he would see me in the morning.

When I woke up the following day, Mohanji was already awake, sipping tea. While Mohanji, Achan, Madhu and I were talking, Mohanji suddenly said that his thigh muscles were cramping. I used to assist my husband when he complained of muscle pain in his legs. So I thought I could help Mohanji. I sat behind Mohanji to assist in lifting his cramped muscles. Mohanji’s legs were as firm as granite. Seeing Mohanji in this position, I felt as though it was Lord Hanumanji in a loin cloth ready on his mission to Lanka. I closed my eyes and started chanting the Hanuman Chalisa spontaneously. I remembered a similar experience from 2014 mentioned by Rajesh Kamath in his book ‘Miraculous days with Mohanji’. Similarly, in 2018, other devotees noticed Mohanji’s lips and cheeks swelling up, appearing like Hanumanji. This had happened as he was about to visit the Sai temple. (click here to read about this incident)

Everything indeed is Mohanji’s leelas. This showed that Hanumanji still lives. He is a Chiranjeevi (immortal) and will live forever. I was still in awe on how my friend gave me this realisation through this beautiful vision. If this wasn’t enough, my friend was ready to give me an another surprise!

I was supposed to leave by 8:30 am to the station, and Mohanji was to leave for Shirdi temple at the same time. Mohanji asked me why I was leaving so early. I replied that I had no other option. After this, Mohanji went in to shower. Achan and I were sitting on the sofa. Suddenly I received a text message that the train would reach Palakkad only by 11.47 am. So I ended up accompanying Mohanji to the Sai temple!

It was all Baba’s leela and a sweet gift from my friend as a blessed ending to this visit!


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2 thoughts on “An enigma called Mohanji”

  1. Many experience acha today gave me a video call and was telling I am his own daughter and they are missing me…. How blessed I am

  2. My comment is actually a question. I made 14 trips to India between the yrs. 1984 and 2010 to visit Sai Baba’s ashram. I was fortuanate to receive an interview on my first along with 10 other people. It was always my understanding that Baba would return 8 yrs. after leaving his physical form which happened in 2011. In 2010 Baba sent me an inner message that I would not be returning to India. This was a surprise because I was in the process of purchasing a flat to return each yr for a few months. I have no news regarding if Baba has returned in a physical form somewhere in India. I have family members and friends who also ask me this question and I have no answer. I am wondering if there is reliable information regarding Baba’s return? Thank you so much for the opportunity to make contact with someone who could possibly have some insight into my question. SAI RAM… Beverly…

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