EMpowered by Mohanji – 3

by Shruti Singh, Australia

Firstly, my gratitude to the team for organising the event for us to be with Mohanji.

I know Mohanji is always helping me to improve myself as a better human every day. From Day 2 of the programme, I was able to feel some changes happening within me mentally and physically. A lot of cleansing was taking place. On Day 4 during the session, I started feeling some heaviness in my body, especially my forehead. 

Day 5 I woke up with a bad headache on the centre of my forehead (third eye). I started my day with water intake and realised my pain was shifting to an extreme level. By 9 am I started vomiting, which continued for the rest of the day. I could not digest food, water, or medicine; everything I tried to consume was coming out. I felt a severe cramp in my stomach as I tried to intake and vomited. By 3 pm, my husband called for a telephonic appointment with the Doctor, for which I waited for 3 hours and didn’t receive any call back.

Suddenly, one of the Mohanji’s Acharyas called me around 7 pm to pass some communication and asked, “Are you OK?” I shared my day’s experience, and she replied with assurance, “Don’t worry, you will be OK before the session.” She asked me to have Baba’s Udi dissolved in water and take small sips. 

I was able to understand in my awareness that the message was clearly coming from Mohanji. I immediately had the water; this was the only medicine or water I was able to take in the entire day. 7:45 pm I went to deep sleep with a calmness coming to my body. 9 pm I woke up with pain having subsided 90% and no vomiting. Happily, I was able to sit for the session.

I offer my gratitude to Mohanji for allowing me to feel his presence and showering his blessings on me.

by Payal Kaul, Delhi, India

Jai Mohanji! Shat shat Pranaams!

The workshop conducted by Mohanji is infinite in nature. It does not have any beginning or end, as rightly shared by Baba. In the night, we bow to Shivji for dissolution, in the morning to Narayana (Vishnu) for creation and existence. It has become a deep practice for me to say prayers in the morning between 5-6 am and especially end it with the Shanti mantra. I am fearless and feel the freedom to express the Truth.

Every morning I feel The energy of Baba around me waking me, “Get up and leave your inertia,” so that I can begin my day joyously showing gratitude to every little thing in the world. It happened so this morning too at 5:00 am. I could feel Baba’s energy while the packet kept by my bedside was making a ruffling sound (to wake me up). I was so surprised to see that it kept moving till I woke up and kept it aside. In the night, it was not moving. Otherwise, I would not have slept. Isn’t it amazing? 

I can see Baba in me while I inhale and exhale my breath both times. I am using the pause technique, and it’s effective. Even if some person gossips with me, I change the topic by directing them towards positive thoughts. Such is the influence of our divine Mohanji. Love you so much. 

This workshop has changed my life, my attitude towards lots of things. I am on a path of light. I would also like to thank Aditya Nagpalji for helping me join the program.

Love you Mohanji. Gratitude for being my Baba!

by Ami Hughes, South Africa

It came all too quickly – the final day of the 11-day workshop – Fear to freedom – the deconstruction of the lead-weights of 800 + participants was subtle – very subtle, and it was from the deepest levels of our beings.

The Master was in Masterful Action. Mohanji got us tuning in from the get-go. Throughout the multi-layered and inter-dimensional workshop, he reminded us that this was a Grand Collaboration striving for that something higher – the unchangeable, permanent Truth – the real Truth of ourselves.

I’m still open-mouthed at the extent and depth of heaviness that Mohanji cleared and lifted from each of us. Love incarnate, Mohanji was Compassion speaking. He was Compassion in action. He sometimes slowed down the pace and repeated significant points so that everyone ‘gets it’ and were on the same page.

If I think about how I can describe the day-to-day unfolding of the workshop, it would be this:

I was swaying to the rhythm of life, a patient, slow, elevating and elegant dance – withdrawing inwards and ever spiralling upwards with the graced intentions of transformation – from that of confusion to clarity.

By the second day of the precious gift of this workshop, I was mesmerised by Mohanji’s brilliant white light auric field. It was shimmering and translucent. As I gazed at him, his whole form at times appeared to de-materialise in a white glowing haze and re-materialise.

I just gazed at him, my eyes transfixed and lashes wet with unshed tears. I was deeply, deeply moved. It was so beautiful. In my contemplation, I still clearly feel and see the blazing white purity of his presence, his beingness utterly pure in essence – his purity in presence.

How do I fully describe the way and the extent to which Mohanji gave of himself and lifted us out and up from the gross as he opened our inner channels to experience the higher dimensions of ourselves? I don’t think I can fully do justice to it, except to say that I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary Cosmic Grand Collaboration. It felt like a continuous 11-day Shaktipat blessing.

If we only knew just how much karmic density and debris Mohanji cleared from us! He was not holding back. He filled our cups as per our capacity, as per our emptiness and readiness to swim in the sea of consciousness. In other words, to connect with our true reality in tangible ways. This was no ordinary workshop. It was gravity-defying, energetically speaking.

Mohanji, how can we ever thank you enough?

Personally, as I continue to process and contemplate, I’m finding myself in even greater levels of awareness in my moment-to-moment experiences, more acceptance of myself, in all my moods and shades, and mastery over situations that I find myself in. The witness and witnessing, the observer and the observed, are not mere concepts but are lush with personal experience.

It is freeing. It is liberating, coming from the stability and the power of the emerging self. Yes, the peace and freedom that flows with and from it are palpable. It’s grace from the Supreme Consciousness – The eternal fountain of the source itself.

O Mohanji! Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your immeasurable love.

Thank you for lightening my load and lighting my inner pathways as you gently yet powerfully guide me closer and closer to the empowered Truth of mine. Thank you again, Mohanji, for all the amazing blessings you showered upon us in this first workshop of Empowered.

I’m looking forward to the next one – Empowered 2.0 from the 4th -12th Dec 2021 – moving forward on our inward path to connect with ourselves fully. I also extend my loving thanks to the awesome organising team and the incredible team of translators! To my fellow travellers on Empowered, it was lovely to be together with you.

We have a chance to taste the elixir of life in our eternal selves, come – let’s continue to move forward together in what Mohanji calls, ‘A Grand Collaboration.’

See you online on 4th December 2021. Stay Blessed. Namaste! 

EMpowered by Mohanji – 2


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