Mohanji, a constant companion

By Bhumika Arvind, Canada

We relocated in the fall of 2021 from Alberta to Ontario. The entire move felt like a movie. Looking back, I realize that everything was moving so fast, it was like the move, and every detail was already planned and expedited for a purpose bigger than any of us in the family. I am yet to find out what that purpose could be, though I get glimpses of it every now and then.

My partner and I had been talking about moving in the past few years, but nothing had materialized. And then, when the divine intervened, it happened in a snap. By the time the interview process finished and my partner received the confirmation to join, it was mid-July. His employer expected him to join the new job in August. In those two weeks in July, the entire house was packed, shipped, things given away, the car sold, and so on and so forth. There are many incidents wherein Mohanji played his divine leela, but I will just share a few.

The salary listed for the job wouldn’t have been enough to make ends meet, so my partner took a day or two to think about it. While he was pondering on that, the counteroffer came with a much better salary package, making it hard to say no. When my partner called HR (human resources) to confirm, she said this was unheard of and had never happened before. What can I say about who the HR was dealing with. Mohanji can make the impossible possible!

It was time to put my car for sale. We checked the market to find out at what prices cars of the same make, model and year were being sold, and then we put the car up for sale. My partner was worried as time was limited, and we might have had to compromise on the price to sell the car in the time frame we had.

He noticed that similar cars had been on the market for six months and more. But within two days of putting the car up for sale, it was sold with all the formalities completed. Oh! And did I mention that the windshield glass had a big crack? We had mentioned this in the description along with the images, and it still sold quickly.

I have had a life so far where everything has been a drag. I always looked at my friends and felt frustrated, as it would take me ten extra steps to get the same work done as them. So, you can imagine what was happening was absolutely unreal in my world and was completely and fully divine intervention.

My work was to start in September. Since the move was materializing now, it was best that I resigned from my job. I called my supervisor, informed her of the situation, and shared that it would be best to resign. From nowhere, she proposed, “Don’t resign; take a leave of absence for a year.” I couldn’t believe it! She was going to hold the position for me for a year. Mohanji’s compassion and kindness just kept flowing.

I thought it would be best to wrap up the work officially. I had not taken care of my work documents in a timely manner, and with this move, I had to work extra hard to get everything in order. Since it was summer vacation, most of the staff at the office was not working. Anyway, I arranged to drop the files and was strictly told to be at the office at 4 pm and that the doors would automatically close after that time and the building would be locked down.

It was Friday, and our flight was on Saturday morning. The movers were still working, and I could only get to the boxes by 2 pm, and I left home at 3:40 pm. The drive from my home to the office usually takes 20 minutes, but given that it would be peak traffic time, it could easily take 30 minutes. I was really stressed. On my way to drop the files, I started crying, or rather, sobbing because of lack of sleep and nervousness about reaching in time, and in my mind, I was blaming my partner for this.

Mohanji is a very tough task-master, but he is also compassion and love incarnate. While I was sobbing and blaming my partner,  I heard Mohanji’s voice loud and clear, “Is it really your partner’s fault or yours alone? You procrastinated and have not kept up with filing. Do you really think it is someone else’s fault?” Well, I knew this deep within. I’d just wanted pity and to play the victim.

But when Mohanji put it like that, I wiped my tears and buckled up to face the consequences. But since Mohanji is also compassion incarnate, he made sure that I reached my workplace in time, and he assured me, “Don’t worry, I am right here! (Main hoon na). I got all the green traffic signals and made it just in time.

What could possibly go wrong when it was time to board the flight? Our cat, Grey, refused to get into the pet carrier bag. He is such an integral part of our family; we couldn’t possibly leave him behind. But he refused to get in, and then, during the drive, he ripped the bag and jumped out in the car. We missed our flight, it was a direct flight, and my partner was very disappointed. I, on the other hand, was not! I knew everything was happening as per Mohanji’s plan; he had a better plan for us.

If there are pet owners among the readers, you might understand how difficult it could be for the cat to be on the plane. It was not something I was happy about. While waiting for the next flight to be confirmed, I heard Mohanji’s voice say, “Do Mai-Tri for Grey.” I kept sending Mai-Tri to Grey throughout the flight. There was a layover, and we got an opportunity to get him out of the carrier. I am not sure if that helped in this situation, but Mai-Tri was a saviour, and I was holding on to Mohanji very tightly.

Mohanji’s leelas didn’t stop here. We arrived late in the night and needed to stay at the guest house that was close to the nature park. The following morning, my partner was up before me and was standing outside the guest house. When I went out, he came in to check on the kids. In the open field in front of me was a most beautiful deer. It was looking straight at me. I felt my heart expand. I said to myself quietly, “Hi, Mohanji, I know it’s you.”

For a split second, the thought of my departed mother came, and I knew she had come to bless me on my journey ahead. I turned around to call my partner to get the phone to click a picture, and the deer had disappeared into thin air. There was a mention of a deer sighting by a family in the Netherlands in Christopher’s daily messages, and that was an additional affirmation that it was Mohanji who had come in the form of the deer.

I went for a walk with the kids when they were awake, and as I was chanting the Mohanji Gayatri, I could feel his presence, and I felt the joy of being in a city where Mohanji had set foot, walked and left his essence…

Mohanji, I am forever grateful to you for your infinite kindness and compassion, and most importantly, your patience!


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  1. With Mohanji and his gracious aura everything moves at jet speed. No surprise that !! Awesome reading this account of Mohanji’s grace.

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