Tranquilizers and detoxifiers

In these turbulent times, the best antidotes are the teachings and meditations of Mohanji, which has anchored many people. Here we have three beautiful people from the Mohanji family sharing their experiences about anchoring themselves.

By Charles Ndifon Londi, Canada

Anyone who knows Mohanji or has heard about him will be taken aback by the title of this article, but perhaps those who don’t know him will quickly seek him out for a new panacea for their ailments as they must not have had success with medications earlier taken. Yes, life is stressful with new challenging situations cropping up daily where people either have to face them, pretend the challenges don’t exist, flee, or impotently wish the challenges away. 

Some of the problems may stem from eating and drinking habits, in short, one’s lifestyle. Those who succumb to the challenges of life visit the doctor’s office for help and are given all types of drugs to stabilize their aberrant minds, possibly with side effects that may need other medication. I have personally experienced this and can tell you that being a life casualty is not a good thing. So what do tranquilizers do? They are drugs that reduce anxiety, fear, tension, agitation, and related states of mental disturbance. 

Mainstream pharmaceutical tranquilizers may fall into two main classes, major and minor. Some tranquilizers like benzodiazepines can cause mood swings, hallucinations, and depression. In the final analyses, it seems that one sets out to solve a problem and ends up with an even greater problem. However, this is not to denigrate pharmaceuticals, but only to honestly point out that there are some pernicious effects.

Let’s welcome a new class of tranquilizers and detoxifiers, the impalpable but potent elixirs dished out by Mohanji to all who would listen and whose intent is to be totally free on the physical, astral, causal, and mental levels. They have their etiology in a deep and focused understanding of life and its true purpose, created on the luxuriant playfields of supreme consciousness. I have personally used these remedies that are tasteless but sweet. 

These are the Mohanji quotes, podcasts, guided meditations, conference talks, retreats, Mai-Tri Method sessions, and general exhortations on many facets of life. It is said that the taste of the pudding is in the eating. I am voraciously eating whatever pudding Mohanji places on the table and hope you too can have a taste as I had in the experiences below. They led to the breakage of patterns, bindings, self-imposed restrictions, socially accepted ideas, outmoded thinking, etc. I am fighting hard that these patterns and restrictions don’t return as they are a subtle form of self-bewitchment.

I decided to try out the Mai-Tri Method with a beloved Mohanji Acharya, Preeti Duggal, barely months into Mohanji consciousness. What happened just as the session was about to begin (particulars of it confidential) wasn’t clear to me until the facilitator explained it to me. I thought I had suffered a sudden malaise but it was a divine dose of Mohanji tranquilizer and detox that came in. 

Then in another instance, actually a regular practice, I decided to prepare myself to face a recurrent situation that could lead to a confrontation with someone close. What other recourse had I then to dwell in the sacred place of the highest, in my heart center, where dwells my Master who brings along the great Masters to commune and bond with me. I was surprised by how understanding, detached and calm I was to face the situation. 

So I have decided to fly always to my heart center to be with Mohanji in The Bliss of Silence Meditation. While there the troubles that come sound like waves on a very distant shore. There I am tranquil, purged, and detoxified of all heavy emotions, cares, and worries. 

These all-natural remedies are for everyone who earnestly wants to heal not only the physical body but the four other inner bodies and be free and liberated to stand in the light, love, and bliss of the Supreme Consciousness. Would you like some Mohanji tranquilizers and detoxifiers?

By Raja Sekhar, India

I am from Hyderabad. I was lucky to be introduced to Mohanji’s path by Savithri ji. I feel blessed to be able to participate in the Power of Purity Meditation sessions through Neena didi and Aditya ji. I have participated in annadaan and distribution of cloths to the needy along with our team. Furthermore, I feel so blessed to have seen our beloved Mohanji in person and to have received his magic touch by attending the inauguration of Bhima Pushkaram with him. This happened through Krishnamurty Garu and Rajesh Kamath ji, and I am ever grateful for having had this wonderful opportunity to meet Mohanji.

Every day, Mohanji is blessing me to translate one of his English quotes to Telugu and post it in the Mohanji Telugu group. In this regard, I offer my sincere thanks to Soujanya ji for effective help and support in the group.

Whenever I go outside, either walking or in a vehicle, I keep on continuously chanting the Mohanji Gayatri mantra, which is evergreen and ever effective in clearing all my obstacles on the road and in my mind.

One of the major transformations in me after meeting our beloved Mohanji is quite contrary to my previous immediate and rash reactions to situations; I am becoming decreasingly less reactive to those situations. There is a considerable change in my reactions/responses.

My firm belief is that Mohanji is preparing me to be less burdened with Earthly attachments and is showing me a way to attain Janma Rahithyamu (birthlessness). I am grateful for the opportunity to communicate some of my feelings and experiences with my beloved Father – Parabrahma Mohanji! 

By Jayan Jayamadhavan Palakkal, India

I met Mohanji in Dubai in April 1999. I saw a noble heart and a Philanthropist in Mohanji. Mohanji used to deal with people with a cool mind and organize things on a large scale. Many people got jobs and placements through his contacts.

In August 2000, while on a journey in India, Mohanji lost his daughter Ammu. This was a turning point in Mohanji’s life. Mohanji’s visits to the Himalayas and the formation of the Ammucare Trust happened later. I was able to join Mohanji during blood donation camps and other activities in a small way.

I used to meet Mohanji almost every week while in Dubai or whenever possible during visits to Dubai. Once Mohanji was meditating in his room, I met Mohanji afterwards and received a book on Shirdi Baba, the Sai Satcharita. Mohanji told me to visit Shirdi, which I did in 2006 December, and I started experiencing some amazing miracles of Baba.

Whenever a crisis happened in my life, Mohanji was readily available for guidance, and I continue to receive this blessing. I remember the time when Bless the World meditations started. Mohanji’s Shaktipat was felt by me on several occasions in his presence and without his physical presence also.

Mohanji explains spiritual matters in such a simple and easy to understand manner. Mohanji’s healing powers are felt by people around me.

In 2012, Mohanji predicted the shift in consciousness and the changes happening in the world. He advised people to go vegan and also predicted the virus attacks! Under his guidance, I was always able to plan things better and ride through the complicated situations of life.

Thank you, Mohanji, for the wonderful experiences and your guidance as a Guru.


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