Everything is always exactly as it should be

By: Jelena Raicevic, Serbia

Translated by: Maja Otovic

I have witnessed many miracles since Mohanji came into my life, and especially since I took his hand and learned to feel that grip in all the turbulences of life. And just when I think that nothing can surprise me, something stronger than ever shakes me and triggers an avalanche of emotions in me, blurs the senses and stirs the mind. These storms are now very brief and quite intensive. Like electroshocks, they reset the system and further sharpen the receptors for information coming from space outside my mental body (mind, intellect and ego). 

One such electroshock was a retreat in Divcibare in 2021. Unlike the previous retreats that had their introduction, culmination and conclusion, this one was without rules, completely unpredictable, and the conclusion it left was very difficult for me to accept. Namely, it was the moment when Mohanji let me know that I should detach myself from the attachment to his physical being and sharpen telepathic communication because any communication with him in the physical body was slowing down my telepathic connection. I knew that moment would come one day, but I assumed that I would be completely ready for it when it did. And in my estimation, that was definitely not the spring of 2021, but it was so, according to Mohanji. 

After the retreat, my husband and I returned to Belgrade. I was supposed to start working, but my suffering for the above mentioned and the powerful processes that began in the retreat were not allowing me to do so. I stayed at home for a few more days in order for the emotions to settle down, and they were the most diverse emotions indeed. Some of them were so foreign to me on the conscious plane and were hard to accept, but as the resistance was becoming stronger, so did the suffering. I had no other choice but to slowly surrender and accept with great faith that, in the end, it was the best possible scenario for me. And as time worked wonders, peace, understanding, and my daily routine were slowly returning to my life.

Through social media, I found out that Mohanji stayed longer in Belgrade, and I felt occasional bursts of happiness because we were in the same city. Once, as I was going through the pictures of the Mohanji family on FB, a thought went through my head, “If I could only cast a glance at you before you leave!” The thought was still flowing when I heard Mohanji’s voice, “I’ll see you tonight!”

I looked at the clock. It was around 17h, and my husband and I were supposed to get ready for the meditation scheduled for 18:15h at the Lotus Yoga Center. After that, we had agreed with our best friends to take a stroll around Zemun because the evenings at the beginning of June were wonderful. And it was our wedding anniversary that day.

Um… it’s not that I didn’t believe the voice that I heard, but the logic said: what are the odds that you will run into your Guru in a city of two million in the late evening hours!? You have to agree, not very big. So, I quickly suppressed that voice, considering it an echo of my desire, and proceeded with my plan for the evening. 

And the evening went according to plan. Optimal temperature, dusk, Danube, Zemun promenade, all this dispelled the fear of the corona and drove people outside, so Zemun really looked magnificent. It reminded me of my first encounter with this small town, back in the 90s, when, also one June evening, it dispelled the fear and horror of the wars in the Balkans with its beauty, and I thought: “I want to live here! This is my spot…”

Sunset had already passed when someone suggested that we could have a drink, “Let’s go up to Gardos, in the pizzeria Taurunum, because of the beautiful view of the Danube!” We all agreed that we could walk to it, and if we were lucky enough to find a place for so many of us, then great.

My friend and I were a little behind the rest of the company that had already arrived and entered the restaurant. The two of us were standing in front of the restaurant and talking about something when my best friend ran out visibly emotional and said, “You can never guess who is here!” She paused for a moment and added, “Mohanji!”

I remembered the beginning of the evening and the words, “I’ll see you tonight!” My heart started pounding like crazy. You know that moment when everything stops. When time, space, mind, intellect freeze, only you exist. I walked into the restaurant and saw a large table filled with a diverse group of Mohanji family, observing this strange encounter visibly happy and surprised. I felt the energy of Mohanji’s presence, so familiar to me that seems to thicken the air in the room.

Mohanji himself stood at the table and asked with a wide smile, “Well, how is it possible that we met?” In my excitement, the only thing I could say was, “I knew it,” and to hug him, infinitely grateful for this timeless experience. He asked, “Did you!?” But those words were unnecessary and superfluous. All the most important things took place on another level where everything is clear, where there is no doubt and probability theory, where a strong, sincere desire of a pure heart is realized at the speed of light.

After greeting and taking pictures, we parted, and my companions and I sat down at the nearby free table. I tried to get involved in the conversation that was going on, but it wasn’t easy. I looked over my shoulder several times in the direction of the Mohanji family table to see if it all really happened. Yes, they were there! Then I looked at the tables around the restaurant. People were sitting and talking casually, with no idea that they were in the field of someone who transcended the boundaries of everything they knew. Someone who changes your life, even if you only lightly touch as you pass by each other.

I turned towards my husband; we looked at each other and laughed at the same time: “If these people only knew…!”


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