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Through the ACT platform, we have a great opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in Ukraine at this time of need. With more guidance and inspiration from Mohanji during his recent visit to the UK, Mohanji ACT Foundation President Jay and Mohanji Foundation, UK President Vijay are leaving on a journey to the borders of Moldova, carrying food, clothes and medical items. Driving in the ACT/MF van (and supported by TEECH, a UK based charity that supports us in various ways), they will be taking the ferry to the Netherlands and driving through Germany, Hungary, Austria, and Romania to reach the northern borders of Moldova to help those displaced from Ukraine.

The Balkans ACT team and other volunteers from the UK will join Jay and Vijay in Romania a few days later. A lot of planning and preparation is taking place, and it is wonderful to see how grace works in facilitating activities for smooth travel, and I share some incidents below.

Yesterday, Jay and I took the van to Skanda Vale to collect food hampers for school children. During the previous two trips, we had collected 2 tonnes of food from Skanda Vale for those displaced from Ukraine. Their kind and generous support have enabled Mohanji ACT Foundation to feed thousands of people over the last decade, and we are so grateful for their loving support.

As we got in the van early in the morning, my eyes fell on the cards Mohanji had placed in the van a few days ago. The most beautiful light emanated from his hand on one of the cards, giving us tangible evidence of his presence, protection, and blessings for all activities we carry out using Mohanji’s platforms. I was reminded of what he had told us one morning, “When we serve using Mohanji platforms, which are based on purity, the merits that we and our lineage receive is manifold.” It was also a wonderful reassurance that his energy and protection are with the van and the drivers as they serve the world, whether it is a short drive down the road or a long trip across many countries.

While I was driving, Jay spoke with Priti to organise the ACT4UKRAINE sweatshirts to be printed. Since we only had two working days to get them done, the printing company we recently used quoted us a very high price. Our hearts sank at the cost involved, and we decided to try another place outside of London. This lady not only agreed to do the sweatshirts for half the price, she actually came home the following day to show us samples of her work and also offered some free t-shirts printed with the same design! How amazing! Mohanji brought the right person to us at the right time, someone with the same mindset of helping others, with whom we will work together for our future printing needs.

Hanumatananda was doing the ACT4UKRAINE design, and he had sent the initial design to Jay. When shared with Mohanji, he asked for the silhouette to be added. While driving in the van, Jay was messaging Hanumatananda to request if it was possible to make the necessary changes, hoping he would see the message before reaching Skanda Vale, where wifi is not always available. As always, it was a rapid response and the design options were sent within the hour, shared with Mohanji and the correct one sent to the printer despite all of us communicating from such different time zones!

After spending some blessed time with the Skanda Vale community (with blue skies and sunshine, nature and animals) and collecting the food hampers, we returned the same day, reaching home at nearly 1 am. Before going to bed, I went into the prayer room to say goodnight and offer my gratitude to Mohanji for the beautiful day. I was very tired and wasn’t really paying much attention to the other pictures or figures at the altar, but somehow my eyes fell on a small picture of Baba encased in glass.

I noticed a beautiful light in the area of his heart, a pink heart in front of the glass and small golden wings near the heart. It was so very beautiful and unmistakable even to my eyes which don’t normally ‘see’ subtle things even after a circle is drawn and an arrow points to it. I remembered reading some time ago that Baba’s aura is huge and a beautiful pink colour, which was shown to me in the pink heart.

Both these tangible experiences on this wonderful day were really magical. The day started, continued and culminated with love and light. Immense gratitude to Mohanji and Guru Mandala (Guru Subramanium, Sathya Sai Baba and all the Masters); they bless us to add value to the world through their teachings, example, inspiration, guidance, energy and protection.

And our heartfelt love and gratitude to all who have supported the ACT4UKRAINE initiative.


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