Empowered by Grace

by Sreeja Ranjit, Ethiopia

How deep is your faith, that strong is grace in your life.
Faith opens the doors for grace to flow.
Unshakeable faith ensures uninterrupted grace – Mohanji

When grace flows continuously into our lives, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to my beloved Mohanji and the Tradition for the continuous protection and blessings.

“When you experience grace in life, write your memoirs. When you are in despair and cannot feel the grace factor, you can read that. Your own experiences are your greatest assets. Your own life is your most reliable guide.” – Mohanji

Till now, I could not write as one thing after another, one test after another, kept happening, but the grace factor continued through every incident.

The first incident of the grace of protection happened four months back. One day we were expecting guests, and I was frying vada at home. The oil was hot, and as the vadas were frying, I went to do another chore. My husband came into the kitchen suddenly, and seeing the vadas frying, he thought he should help with the flipping of the vadas in the oil.

As he was helping with the frying, suddenly there was a loud noise of oil drizzling, and the hot oil spilt all over his face, eyes, both hands and body. I rushed in, hearing the commotion and froze on the spot. He had closed his eyes as the hot oil had splashed into his eyes. I regained my composure and began praying and chanting Mohanji’s name. I asked him to put water in his eyes and, remembering wheat flour is very good for burns, I put it on his face, hands and body. I prayed to Mohanji for a miracle while chanting, asking beloved Mohanji for protection. My husband was numb with fear as oil had spilt all over his face. He had leaned over near the oil when he tried flipping the vadas, and his face was burning. Stories of plastic surgery of a friend who had opened a hot cooker, and hot steam had gushed out onto her face came back to our minds. Her skin had started peeling off due to the hot steam hitting her directly on the face.

We dreaded what would happen to the skin on his face the most as he had important meetings scheduled at his office. I remember talking and praying to Mohanji silently to please help with the skin on his face. Even if he had burns on his arms and body, my husband could go to the office and resume his daily work. He kept the wheat flour on his body and face and decided to remove it after a while. I kept praying for a miracle silently.

We could not believe our eyes when he washed his face, hands and body an hour after the incident. His hands, arms and body had huge marks, totally red in colour. But not even a slight discolouration on his face. The skin was intact, and his eyes too had no issues though hot oil had spilt on his eyes as well.

Everyone who saw his hand and arm asked him how this happened as it was that bad. How can we explain this – it was pure grace. I have no words to thank my Guruji Mohanji for the protection and could only wash his holy feet with tears of gratitude. His presence was felt at the core of my being. This whole episode was nothing but a big miracle of grace.

Soon after this incident, right after Navaratri in October, my husband’s boss tested Covid positive. Two days later, his wife too tested positive. We had been together all throughout Navaratri and had travelled together in one car for Durga Mata Puja and Garbha. It was a scary situation as his boss was a heart patient. Both of them had a bad cough, throat pain, weakness and were totally bedridden. We sent across Baba’s Udi and also opted for the three sessions of Covid Mai-Tri for his boss as it was serious for him due to a heart issue.

On the third day, my husband tested positive as well. Even a small fever is too hard for him to handle as he gets shivers and cannot sleep a wink at night; he turns and moans with pain in bed. Medication was started at once, and Baba’s Udi was given. The global chanting group chanted for both my husband and his boss. A big thank you to the M Family and especially to Savitri di, Savithri Vasudevan, Milica and Rekha Akka for all the support given to us during that time. The Udi from Shirdi temple had reached home 15 days back. Another miracle right on time. I prepared myself for sleepless nights as previously I had seen my husband suffer even with ordinary fever and cough.

The best part was I had no fear. The session, Empowered with Mohanji 1.0 had just gotten over, and deep acceptance of all life situations was slowly but steadily filling my whole being.

As a child, I had been fascinated by a story in the Bible that my friend shared where a lady who had been suffering from chronic sickness for many years was cured by just touching the cloak of Jesus Christ. This story had a profound impact on me throughout my life, of faith in our Guru/Master. Since my son and I had met Mohanji physically in Bangalore and had spent a day in his overwhelming presence during Shivaratri time, I had deep faith that Covid could not touch us as we were shielded and protected by him. Being connected to Mohanji’s consciousness consistently guarantees protection, but this meeting was like an additional boon for me.

The energy which we carried home after the visit was indescribable. My sister-in-law’s baby, who was six months old at that time, had trouble sleeping all the time. We have to rock her for an hour or so for her to sleep. The moment I took her in my arms after we reached home from Bangalore, she started humming and went to sleep in hardly a few seconds of being in my arms. The whole day this was the story, and she slept soundly for long hours that day. All were surprised at what was happening. But I knew very well it was Mohanji’s energy at work.

Mohanji’s grace ensured that my son and I never contracted Covid. No words can explain the grace that flowed for my husband as well. He did not have any symptoms at all. He did the test again within the first two days when there were no symptoms. It was positive. But no cold, no fever, cough or any kind of weakness. Perfectly healthy outside. When Covid Mai-Tri was done, it showed infection in the throat but no symptoms outside. Within ten days, he was back in the office completely healthy and in awe with the experience of grace in our lives. This was a total miracle for us, and we felt Mohanji’s presence throughout.

Tests of life continued, but so did the grace factor. Two weeks from his recovery, we heard an internal political war spread across the country, and an emergency was declared. The opposite party troops who wanted to form the government themselves were on their way to the capital where we were staying. They were 100 km away and could reach the capital anytime. Details of destruction and shooting on their way were all over the news. Embassies started warning all expats to leave the country at the earliest.

My husband’s company immediately acted fast and asked the expats to leave for Tanzania till things settled. It is a two-hour flight and near to the country where we stayed. Now a background on Tanzania. It was a country I had longed to stay in as my husband had been posted there many years ago, but we could not join him there at that time. The stories of his experience about the place had made it very desirable to live in that country again. Like Kerala, my native place in India, it was safe and also very beautiful among the African countries. It is also known for its sapphire coloured beaches and could not be missed. It had been a deep desire for many years now, almost over eight years and which I knew needed fulfillment as the desire had not left me at all.

Heartfelt gratitude to beloved Mohanji as only grace could make this trip happen. I remembered what he always says about desires and decided to experience each moment to the fullest consciously so that the desire is fulfilled once and forever. Empowered 2.0 with Mohanji happened right when I was in Tanzania. I practised witnesshood and feeling myself feel the entire experience as advised by Mohanji. We spent more than a month in Tanzania, and the experience was awesome. We got an apartment close to temple street and the beach. It was really lovely to visit temples after a long gap. The beaches were a fantastic sight to see, witness and experience.

We just lived in the present and did not worry much about what was happening in our country. No negative thoughts affected us, like if we could ever go back or if there would be job losses etc. But everyone back home was worried all the time. The stability and peace we felt in the midst of chaos cannot be explained in words.

After a month of stay there, we happily returned to Ethiopia as things had become better. As Mohanji says, destiny cannot be avoided. We had to face the war situation here and flee the country as well due to some past karma or impressions. But the Guru’s grace ensured we were safe and ensured that an unfulfilled desire could come true during this time. When I look back now, the desire to visit or stay in Tanzania is no longer there anymore. It has been fulfilled and completed with the grace of my Guru.

I offer my koti, koti pranams at beloved Mohanji’s lotus feet for his love and compassion to all of us. I bow down in deep gratitude to Mohanji for showering us with his grace and protection all the time.


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