Entering the phase of Motherhood – Walking the path

By an anonymous devotee, Oman

Unlike other women, I guess the dream of becoming a mother wasn’t an easy ride for me. Quite a topsy-turvy ride it was. Like other young couples, right after marriage, my husband and I moved to Muscat, Oman, as my husband got a career opportunity there.

Busy in the hustle-bustle of settling into a new life and a new place, it took a toll over our personal life and thinking and planning about a baby took a back seat. Finally, after settling down well and feeling financially secure, we started planning for a baby in 2013.

Also, I had met Mohanji in this year in Muscat.

All this while, when we were trying for a baby, Mohanji was well informed of my state, how emotionally and physically hectic this was on me. During one of my discussions with Mohanji about why it was getting delayed, Mohanji mentioned to me, kids can be born easily; we need mothers to bear noble souls to take care of Mother Earth, who can walk the path of spirituality and spread unconditional love. Little did I know then, why he mentioned this to me.

Years passed by and our attempt to be parents did not become a reality. Whenever I use to pour my heart to Mohanji on why this was happening to me, he only said, “Main hoon na (I am there)…. why worry.” This assurance of his gave me the strength to fight this emotional and physical battle. He kept holding my hand in times when I was about to fall. He never left me alone in this fight of mine.


Whenever my faith wavered, his voice, “Main hoon na…. echoed in my ears and I was back again on the path to fight and believe that the day will come when I would receive the blessing of becoming a Mother.

With Mohanji’s blessing and Dr. Nikita’s assistance, I finally conceived in April 2018. Happiness had no language for my husband, me, and our parents. Time had come that I was blessed with life inside me.

The moment my blood test came positive, Mohanji was the first to receive the message, “I am pregnant” – I know that he knew, but in his subtle way, he wished me congratulations and advised me not to exert myself as it was just the beginning and I need to be careful at all times until I deliver. He directed me that all through the pregnancy, I should keep the purity of mind through words and expressions of kindness.

I successfully completed 12 weeks which are the most crucial phase in a pregnancy that needs maximum care. All was going smoothly and I was constantly in touch with Mohanji and he was advising me and protecting me all day and all night.

I was in constant touch with Dr. Nikita who was guiding me through this pregnancy just like a mother would. After all the heartache, my dream turned into reality with Mohanji holding me, and Dr. Nikita nourishing the act.

The night of July 15th, when I completed 16 weeks, I was feeling very uncomfortable so I woke up and went to the bathroom. To my nightmare, I found myself bleeding with no words to express what and how I felt. For a minute, I thought I lost my baby.

Mohanji Gayathri

Without any delay, I just rushed to my altar where Mohanji’s picture is placed and Baba’s vibhuti was. I didn’t think twice but just put the vibhuti in my mouth and started reciting the Mohanji Gayatri mantra. In the meantime, Dr. Nikita was called by my husband and she mentioned that I should go to the emergency and have a check-up and also that sometimes you bleed during the pregnancy, but sitting so far she couldn’t say much.

My husband called the hospital and they asked me to come to the emergency. All this while, I just kept praying. I had messaged Mohanji too stating my condition. He told me, “I am with you and I will do my best, have faith.” The bleeding didn’t stop and I just kept reciting the Mohanji Gayatri mantra.

rekha gp

We went to the emergency and my Gynaec doctor was informed. As she was not available, I was asked to wait until 9 am to have another doctor who would do my scan and see what was wrong. Those 5 hours of my life were the longest hours of my life. Mohanji kept holding my hand, and his assurance was my biggest strength that he will do what he can.

We reached the hospital and I pleaded with the doctor to do my scan first, tears rolling down my cheeks and the doctor kept pacifying me that everything will be ok, don’t worry. I just wanted her to do my scan. We were rushed to the scan room, and she did my scan, smiled and said, “Look ‘she’ is waving at you, mommy.” I cried and cried …. So did my husband, that moment I realized the joy of becoming a mother and we got to know that it was a baby girl.

Still, I was directed for further examination to see if internally everything was ok. And it didn’t surprise me, everything was absolutely fine. I stopped bleeding and my angel was perfectly ok and healthy.

I informed Mohanji and Dr. Nikita immediately and they were super relieved. Mohanji congratulated me as it was a baby girl and advised me to hear Power of Purity meditation every night so that the baby can become strong with the pregnancy progressing.


Mohanji’s blessing was such that all through my pregnancy, I was perfectly ok, no mood swings, and no complications afterwards at all. I was just very quiet and always in a meditative mood. My pregnancy proceeded in a very smooth way and I was enjoying each minute of this blessing and felt gratitude and loved.

The time came when I was nearing my due date. December 23rd, 2018 was my due date, but approaching near to the date I had no symptoms, no pains to go into labour. I was on the 38th week when my doctor asked what we want to do. We collectively decided to wait for pains to happen as I showed an inclination towards a normal delivery. All this time, Mohanji was in touch with me and he always assured me that the baby was very happy and safe, so don’t worry.

We kept visiting the hospital on a daily basis to ensure all was ok with the baby. Finally, we had to make a decision on the 41st week that we will have to go for a planned cesarean. I checked with Mohanji, and he said if the doctor is saying please do as she says, but be rest assured the baby is happy and safe.

We decided not to wait any longer as the baby was growing in weight and cesarean was the only option left. My delivery was planned on Thursday, December 27th at 9:00 am. The day and number of Sai Baba and Mohanji. I was in constant touch with Mohanji as I was going to have surgery which is still considered to be one of the big surgeries. He was always with me, holding my hand and carrying my angel in his arms.

I woke up at 5:00 am on the day of the operation, prayed, and we left for the hospital. I left home as a woman and knew that when I return, I will be a mother. The feeling was overwhelming, but I was very calm and silent. I was admitted at 7:00 am and all the procedures started.

I kept reciting the Mohanji Gayathri mantra and felt energized. I was taken to OT (operating theatre) and my mom and my husband were asked to be in a separate room just outside the OT. I was very calm all through the process and kept my faith in Mohanji.

I choose to take spinal anaesthesia so I could see my angel. The moment came and at 9:26 am, I heard my girl cry for the very first time. That moment changed everything for me. I couldn’t stop crying; our tiny little angel opened her eyes in this world and made our life even more beautiful and blessed.

With Mohanji’s blessings, all went very smoothly and my recovery was even faster. I knew he was there looking after us. Words and feelings will fall short if I have to thank Mohanji for this blessing. Our lives are blessed with the most beautiful soul and he made this possible for us.

Koti koti pranaam to my beloved Mohanji. We loved you yesterday, we love you today and our love for you shall always remain and grow till eternity. Have faith; unwavering faith in your Guru, it works like magic. It is Mohanji’s magic that has filled our lives with a beautiful soul (our daughter).

Love you and will always do!




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