Healing Hands

By Sakshi Gupta

How Mohanji works and how He goes out of His way to help His devotees is beyond explanation. I would like to share an experience of His help.

There’s some renovation work going on at my house. It was evening, so the carpenter and his team had already finished their work for the day. Two new windows were made for my daughter’s room. My daughter Swasti was playing in the garden along with her younger sister. She was very excited to see what the carpenter had done that day. So she went near the new window to open the window in great excitement. But as luck would have it, the window was not nailed in, so it fell straight on my daughter’s right toe.

I was sitting in the other corner of the garden. She came running towards me crying, “Mama, my foot, I can’t even move it.” I pacified her, gave her some water but she was crying so loudly in pain that even I couldn’t hold back my tears.

My husband and I took her to our bedroom and there I saw Mohanji’s picture. I started chanting and requested Mohanji to give her strength. I immediately messaged Mohanji about Swasti. Within one minute, he texted back –

“Don’t worry, I will do something. Give her vibhuti.”

The moment I messaged Mohanji, Swasti stopped crying. I could feel His presence.

I texted Mohanji that Swasti was settling down. He told me,

“I can see. I have placed my hands on her feet.”

Mohanji hands

Within five minutes, Swasti started smiling and she was comfortable.

It was magic and the healing touch of my Mohanji that did wonders. My daughter who was crying loudly had settled down within 10 minutes and smiling. As per our routine, we did our evening aarati of Mohanji and we had tears of gratitude.

Next day our doctor suggested an X-ray as there was swelling. So I went for an X-ray. Everyone was sure that there would be a fracture on her toe. But when your Master heals, nothing can touch you, not even the weight of a 50 kg heavy window.

With great difficulty but with the strength of my Mohanji, I took Swasti to the X-ray clinic. At first glance, the doctor said that there was a fracture. She placed Swasti’s foot on the table. I started chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri and closed my eyes.


The moment I opened my eyes, I could see that the doctor was shocked. She was taking multiple pictures and close-ups. I asked her if everything was alright. She said, “How’s it possible? It’s impossible. With so much swelling, there is no Fracture?” She took a couple of more close-ups. Nothing was there. She then called her senior doctor. He saw her foot. He was sure of a fracture. Then he took pictures and I knew whose touch had created the magic. My Father Mohanji, for sure.

After taking so many pictures, the senior doctor wanted to take a picture of the other foot to compare. I was smiling as I knew now that these guys were confused.  Mohanji’s magic and healing touch was the power behind Swasti’s recovery.

The senior doctor took many pictures .but there appeared to be no cracks in the bone. Then he finally decided and declared that a crack may not be there. I could clearly see the shock on both the doctors’ faces!

Now Swasti is much better.  Since no crack was visible, the doctor told me it was a hair-line fracture and Swasti is recovering beautifully with the grace and blessings of my Guruji Mohanji.

The only reason behind her recovery and healing was My Guru’s healing touch…

Nothing can harm when we have grace and blessings from our Guru.

Love and gratitude always!



Compiled, Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 25th August 2019


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