Kalpataru Series – Shaktipat, a wish fulfilled

By Prajakta Sonawane, India.

I work as a preschool teacher. I wish to share an experience which is still so surprising for me, but at the same time, I feel blessed by the grace of my Guru Sai Baba.

About 4-5 months ago, I came across a channel named ‘Sai Baba’s Devotee Speaks’ where Sai Baba’s experiences are shared by his devotees. I happened to watch the videos almost daily and one day I came across Mohanji’s videos. I was quite happy and kept watching them again and again.



One fine day, I thought of getting connected to Mohanji through some source, a website, or through an email. During this time, I got to know many programs that are run by Mohanji Foundation and it started getting me more into knowing Mohanji and his programs. I came in contact with Padmaja ji whom I pay gratitude for bringing me closer to Mohanji’s teachings. She helped and guided me over a phone call. She also forwarded me Kirti Khandelwal’s number who happens to be from the same place where I presently reside.

Kirti ji always cleared my doubts and helped me move forward with positivity. She forwarded me the links where I got to know about Mohanji’s official page, and many more informative articles. I remember reading a post about a person who shared her experiences which was quite motivating for new people like me. I also read that we don’t have to be physically present in front of Mohanji, we just have to think from our hearts and he listens to us. For me, it was like an experiment that I thought I will try for myself. As humans, we always keep looking for validations and I was no exception.

Mohanji Sai

That day, after reading the article, I just closed my eyes and said, “Mohanji, I don’t know what I need, I just want to know that I am looked after and I wish to receive your blessings. Also, I would like to receive Shaktipat from you. I don’t know if I can meet you personally ever, but I really wish to have your hand on my head.” That was it. I opened my eyes and became busy with my daily chores, school, and family. As usual, I would talk to Sai Baba daily, thanking him, and kept reading the Sai Satcharita.

One night Kirti ji forwarded me a link which mentioned Devi Mohan will be going live on social media and Kirti ji asked me to join the live session. On that same day, I was having a general conversation with Sai Baba; I was sharing my worries with him as I was a little disturbed and feeling low. I thought I wouldn’t be able to join the session as my 5-year-old child kept playing around and it was enough to break my concentration. So, I was wondering if I should join or not as I did not want to leave the session halfway or get distracted during it. Something triggered in me and I decided to give it a try. Before the session started, I prayed to Baba and Mohanji and asked them to help me join the session and complete it without any disturbances.

The session started, and I was still having lots of unwanted thoughts and the fear that my child would start disturbing me soon. To my surprise, the time passed and I was able to be present for the complete session of 35-40 minutes. During the session, my eyes were closed and I was just following the instructions given. A point came where I saw myself very tiny and in front of me was Mohanji, appearing immense. He was bending down slightly with his hand touching my head and thumb on my forehead. All I could see was Mohanji’s smiling face and shining white light surrounding us. It lasted for some time. That experience was simply amazing, and I just felt so very positive and happy.


After I shared my experience with Kirti ji, I came to know that I was blessed by Mohanji and he had given me Shaktipat. Since that day, I am still in that phase where I keep recollecting the same image that I saw during the live session and just feel happy. Later on, I remembered my wish that I had made some months back and realised that it’s been beautifully fulfilled.

I am very grateful to Sai Baba, Mohanji, and all the people who were a part of this whole experience. I have no words to express my gratitude. I feel very blessed.




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