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Mahesh Bhalerao, Canada

Living in Mohanji’s Datta Tapovan Ashram in Canada, we often feel Mohanji’s presence without presence, and I would like to share something beautiful that happened recently.

Every year before Lord Dattatreya Jayanti, I do the sadhana of Guru Charitra parayan. Shri Guru Charitra is a holy book of the Dattatreya Tradition written in the 15th century. The book recounts the holy life of Shri Dattatreya, Shripada Shri Vallabha (around 1320 A.D to 1350 A.D) and Shri Narasimha Saraswati (around 1378 A.D to 1458 A.D), their philosophy and teachings. It contains many mantras from the Vedas, shlokas and stories. The language used is 14th-15th century Marathi. It can be read daily or as a Saptah Parayana (7 days) or in 3 days.

For the last three years, I have done it for seven days. Now that my reading speed has improved and I can understand the teachings better, I felt that I could finish the parayan sooner and opted to go for three days. For any such sadhana, I keep Mohanji’s picture amongst other things at the altar, but this time I also placed Mohanji’s eye-card in front of me.

I would pray every day before reading, asking Mohanji to forgive me if I have done anything wrong, for any mistakes in reading, or if I’m not focusing, to please make sure my mind is there when I’m reading. I would also ask Mohanji to please listen to me – that was my prayer all the time.

On the 18th of December, there was a retreat in Shirdi with Mohanji. I wanted to attend and paid for it. The first satsang was at 1 am in Toronto, Canada. Before this, a group Mai-Tri session was conducted beautifully by Preeti Duggal. It was a powerful session, but as it was after midnight, I started to feel sleepy, yawning as the satsang started.

Mohanji came in and said he would answer some questions. Then he must have felt something about the group energy, and as I was yawning, he suddenly said, “People are sleepy, and they are yawning; let’s do the 5-speed breathing.” This was shocking for me; it was as if Mohanji saw me yawn and was speaking! Madhu’s wife, Preethi, did the breathing technique, making us stand up etc., and I also followed the instructions, feeling awake afterwards and ready for Mohanji’s satsang.

The satsang started, and all was going well. Suddenly, I thought that my skin was feeling dry for some reason, and I wanted to apply some moisturising cream to my hands. It’s quite common to get dry skin during winter, and this thought occurred to me out of the blue. Listening to the satsang on the speaker system, I went to get the cream bottle and started applying the cream onto my hands very nicely and slowly, fully focusing on what I was doing, not really listening to what Mohanji was saying.

The very next sentence I heard from him was, “For example, when we put some cream onto our hands ….” and that startled me again. Oh my God, Mohanji, not only are you listening to me, you are watching me! So I immediately put the bottle away from me and then onwards started to pay full attention to the satsang. 

After their lunchtime, we had Datta celebrations here in the ashram, and I heard Mohanji saying we should share our leela (experiences); that’s what prompted me to share these lovely moments of Mohanji’s omnipresence with everyone. Every now and then, Mohanji has given darshan here in Mohanji Datta Tapovan ashram; every now and then, he has confirmed his presence here, that he’s here and watching over us.

That day was beautiful; we were laughing and enjoying every moment. It was Poornima (full moon day), it was the 18th (1+8 makes 9, a special number in numerology), and we were celebrating Lord Dattatreya Jayanti. It was a very special day for us at Mohanji Datta Tapovan ashram.

It so happened that I also had my Consciousness Kriya level 2 training on that day. My gratitude to Lord Mohan Dattatreya for giving us this sacred technique. Mohanji is our Tradition. Mohanji is our gateway to the universal truth. By following his teachings to take the journey inwards, may we reach our ultimate goal.

Mohanji Canada team feels so blessed to have Mohanji in our lives. Our loving gratitude to Mohanji, Lord Dattatreya and the Tradition.


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