Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 9 – “Choosing faith over fear”

We introduce Chapter 9 of Mohanji Satcharita with this beautiful narration by Priti Rupee! Fear can be overwhelming unless we accept it and surrender it to our Guru with faith. Priti shares how she overcame this deep seated fear through sheer faith that gave her the confidence to forge ahead!

Choosing faith over fear

By Priti Rupee Bhardwaj, London

Two days ago, I had the opportunity to perform my first HSTY Yoga class which at first turned out to be a daunting task for me to perform. Both Shene and Subhasree were unavailable and I was the only other HSTY trained person available to step in. (It was Mohanji’s leela to get me out of my tamasic/non confident state). Mohanji knows what we are capable of, but our mind takes us away from it, adding in all our past fears, impressions and future notions.

About a week ago, just when  we were about to leave for the ‘Mohanji’s consciousness programme at Slough Temple by acharya Subhasree’, I fell over a pothole.

Yoga at SLough_12May

The first thought in my head lying there on the ground was of a previous fall, which caused fractures in two places in my foot, about  4 years back during a house move. Coupled with a back issue, for whatever reason, it took a long time to heal. Being on my own, this prevented me from planning a major house move, a pivotal time in my life where I wanted to move forward in my journey. But my past fears, apprehensions, impressions and projections had caught up with me!

Mohanji quote - destiny

Sitting upright from the fall outside Subhasree’s house, with pain going through my foot in the same place as 4 years ago, my head was bombarded by hundreds of thoughts about the past present and future, all not looking very good as I was also planning another trip to India.  However, I took a couple of deep breaths and connected with Mohanji’s Consciousness in my head, and sincerely prayed and surrendered this all to Him – “Please Mohanji, do what is karmically possible for my journey forward, I surrender to my highest good.” Subhasree immediately placed her hand on my foot without even being asked and did Mai-Tri Method of healing.

With Mohanji’s grace and blessings, I was aided up. I brushed myself up and in my head was ready for the Slough temple Mohanji event. I was volunteering to take the photographs during the event as Subhasree was conducting the programmes of Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Dancing.

As I took photos hobbling around the room for nearly three hours, the foot started to hurt more and more and before I knew it, the foot was swelling up! After the Slough event, I sat quietly during dinner at Subhasree’s home, listening to the satsang going on between some devotees, with a hot water bottle on my foot for the soreness, but I could feel things were not right. My foot  was swelling up. we decided to visit to the hospital (at this time of the night, it could be only the Accident & Emergency hospital) and check for any fracture. However, before leaving for the hospital, I requested Subhasree to do Mai-Tri healing on my foot and she did.

I was then taken to my local Accident and Emergency hospital by Sivayinee, who patiently drove me 33 miles and sat for six hours with me. M family, the true family!  She took me around in a wheel chair for two sets of X-rays and waited for the doctor’s consultancy only to find out at 2am there was nothing amiss, it was just a sprained foot . Oh my gosh, what joy! There was nothing amiss! My mind rested for a while, but during the six hours of waiting, the mind was taking me to some painful places which I thought I had resolved, but it was taking me there again and again. What I needed to do was to go deeper within and surrender all without expectations of results, resolving in my heart that whatever happens, Mohanji will carry me.

The difference between blind faith and full faith – a video of Mohanji’s talk!

Milica, a Mai-Tri practitioner in South Africa, later told me that Mohanji had smoothed away a karmic fall from a past impression, making it take place before my coming trip to India. I couldn’t believe it!

As I sat to contemplate about the whole situation, my fear, rebounce of painful memories, I realised one thing very clearly. All along, from the time of the fall till I got the final result from the hospital, Mohanji was with me. He was with me when I received the Mai Tri healing from Subhasree immediately after the fall, He was me when I was hovering around with my sore foot to click the pictures during the programme, He was with me when I was in the satsang later at Subhasree’s house watching my swollen foot, He was with me during my 6 hours waiting at the hospital! Whatever fear that was propping up, Mohanji put them to rest.

Finally, a week later, after few days of rest and few doses of pain killers, I was up and running on my feet and was able to do the scheduled HSTY Yoga session, as planned. This was the final proof to myself, how Mohanji was looking after me!

Mohanji’s unconditional love and protection has again helped me move forward, taking the edge out of my karma, enabling me to witness His pure heart and showing me what faith and surrendering is.

Mohanji quote

Today, I feel that ‘I’ had nothing to do with the yoga teaching. The mind tells me I could have done a lot better, but hey, the mind will always chatter on. Mohanji was carrying me all this time, even during my fractured foot days. My learning curve was to let go COMPLETELY and FLOW like the river whatever comes or goes. It’s all good, nothing is ever ‘bad,’ it is just a part of my journey to my deeper ‘Self.’

As Mohanji says, “Faith is important. I have faith…. This statement is not important. Faith should be practiced at every point in life, with surrender. E.g. this is a situation, this is me and my intelligence, and I have done 100% from my side…. Rest, leave it to the Masters, whichever Master(s) you believe in. Surrender at His feet and never look back. It will work. Or it will be like planting a seed and digging it out all the time to check whether it has sprouted.”




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4 thoughts on “Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 9 – “Choosing faith over fear””

  1. In pain say JAI MOHANJI.. In pleasure say JAI MOHANJI. In doubt say JAI MOHANJI, In Love say JAI MOHANJI. Because our beloved Para Brahma is with us and within us.. And when he is with us, our heart and mind is fully occupied. There is no room for fear or any other negative emotions. Jai Mohanji

  2. Thank you for sharing and I remember on the day you sprained your ankle, you looked in so much pain and I wondered if you would make the India trip.

    Your inspiration and undivided faith inspires us all.

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