Sacred Homa – Merging into Shiva Consciousness

By Sonia Gandhi, Australia

“I have told them, I’m coming to Sri Lanka in February!” Mohanji uttered these words looking into my eyes in Singapore, in December 2018 after the Consciousness Kriya Initiation, where I was volunteering that day. I was totally confused for a second. Then I thought that it was a good opportunity for me to be with Mohanji again soon.

He said February, and it was in February 2020 when the trip happened. And as destiny had it planned, all the people who were meant to be there were there, in the presence of Mohanji. He is Shiva Consciousness himself for those who have the eyes to see the real energy, beyond his physical appearance or personality.

It’s true too, that you can never see how a true Master operates when you look through human eyes and mind; it’s only when we open the eyes of our soul, truth can dawn upon us.  Only our true self can acknowledge and see a true Master, that too, when we are ready.

I’m eternally grateful for every minute of my life that prepared me for the experience that my soul witnessed during the 12 hours of Homa, which took place on Shivaratri during my Sri Lanka trip.


After the Global Summit, we had people joining us for the Ramayana Trails pilgrimage on 21st February, which happened to be on Shivaratri. And with Mohanji’s blessings, Mohanji Acharya Rajesh Kamath, supported by Mohanji Acharya Ananth Sankaran, started the Homa around 6.00 pm that day. Such blessed instruments of Mohanji who conducted this Homa for 12+ hours without any breaks and with such intensity. It was overwhelming to see their dedication, focus and commitment along with others who were supporting the holy session.

We wrapped up the last session of the Summit and welcomed all those who were joining the Ramayana Trails. There was an opening satsang with Mohanji, which filled everyone with bliss. Love was flowing in every corner of the room.

Later, when we headed down to join the Homa, we were advised to sit for as long as we could. The Homa had already started in a beautiful location, next to the beach and under the sky with stars witnessing the sacred ceremony.

Mohanji was already seated there, looking intensely towards the sacred fire, as we arrived around 9.15 pm. As we were about to sit in a corner, Mohanji called us and said, “Come sit here!” (in front of him),  and that in itself surprised me.

Homa 1

I sat in front of Mohanji and he jokingly said, “Don’t crush my foot!” His foot had been swollen for the past 20 days, but he didn’t cancel any engagements, meetings, or trips. As he always says, “How can I cancel anything, when people have travelled from far and wide to see me.”

So, he was sitting there and as soon as we settled down, he asked us to chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Namah Om.’ The wave of chanting started, while ghee was being offered and the rest of the proceedings were being done.

I closed my eyes and with each chant, I was going deeper and deeper, as if Mohanji was taking me on a journey within. I was trying my best to be in sync with the others who were chanting, but after a while, my chants became louder, as if coming from the deepest corner of my soul.

I lost control over what was happening inside, and my voice was getting deeper and deeper and out of sync with the others. On one side, I was feeling bad that I was not chanting in sync with others and on the other side, believe it or not, I had no control over it.

Homa 2

Soon after, I could see myself in my previous lives; praying, singing and chanting in many lifetimes, yearning to be with Shiva. Someone learned had mentioned long ago that I was a Shiva Bhakta in my previous lives, to which I had not paid much attention to. In this life, my spiritual journey started with Sai Baba, who brought me to Mohanji.

I could see how my soul in every lifetime, chanted and chanted, and yearned to be in Shiva’s presence, to merge with Shiva’s Consciousness. Series of lifetimes were flashing in front of my closed eyes; making me realize that it was not just by coincidence that I got to sit in front of Mohanji; it was Mohanji fulfilling my wish, my yearning of lifetimes, by making me sit there and chant Om Namah Shivaya; from the core of my heart and soul, which was witnessed by all the five elements. Shiva, the Supreme Consciousness, was present as Mohanji, my eternal Father and Guru.

All I wished at that moment was to melt and turn into ashes that very second, not to come back. My soul was completely absorbed in oneness in the chant at Shiva’s feet. There was nothing in this entire life, or previous lives, that were more precious than those moments. This life could have ended there happily, as the deepest wish of my soul was fulfilled, that too, without this physical mind, body and intellect being aware of it. Only Shiva could have known the yearning of this soul. How can I ever offer gratitude to Mohanji for something so precious that was granted to me in such a subtle and unassuming way.

The energy was at its peak and my soul was ready to turn into ashes there and then, to merge with the

Supreme Consciousness, strongly insisting on turning into ashes, as there was nothing else that the soul desired after that. Suddenly Mohanji said, “Stop!” and everything inside me stopped, my consciousness separated from the Supreme and started coming back to the physical world slowly. Everything slowed down and just the chanting remained. I suddenly felt it was not the time to go, there was more remaining of this body’s physical existence.

This ignorant mind knows nothing, I pray to him to give me eyes that see him in everything and everyone, to give me thoughts and words that are filled with his love, to give me ears that hear the best in everyone, to purify my being totally to become an instrument of spreading his light, till it’s time to turn into ashes and merge with him.

When I opened my eyes, it was 1.30 am and we were chanting the Maha Mritunjaya mantra for the rest of the night. We had four dogs, representing Datta’s presence, sitting around us the whole night.

The Homa was completed at 6.30 am, and thanks to the motivation from Lisa, Pooja and Soujanya, I ended up being there till the end, though dozing off slightly many times. Infinite gratitude to Mohanji Acharya Kamath for conducting this powerful Homa ceremony with blessings from Mohanji.

It’s not possible to do justice trying to explain what took place in words; still this was my humble attempt. Ah! How dumb I felt, not understanding the real significance of being called by Mohanji, my Shiva, the Supreme Consciousness, to come to Sri Lanka. Just another example of how ignorant and limited the human mind is, not knowing the real significance of this very subtle hint.

Eternal gratitude at Mohanji’s lotus feet, with a prayer to turn me, my ego, and my existence into ashes, so that only HE remains and works through this body and mind, during every aspect of my remaining life.




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  1. Mind blowing Shiva experience ! In the journey of the soul what it takes to get to this point ! Absolutely inspirational !

  2. So finally today your wish was fulfilled. Completely merging into the Shiva consciousness. May you find eternal bliss always. Will miss you always.

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