Walking with Consciousness

By Nellyanne, UK

As far as possible I have always kept my silence and anonymity and as such, I have never discussed my spirituality with anyone. I thought it was far too sacred to express in words, as words are too limited. However, I have realized after reading other testimonials that perhaps I have been wrong. Certainly sharing is caring and every experience has a larger purpose beyond my own gain out of the experience.

With this thought in mind, I surrender all my thoughts and words at the feet of the Masters. All I am trying to do is to humbly attempt to describe my experiences following an opportunity to participate in Mohanji’s Conscious Walking in Pinner Park. If at all this creates an effect in you, the credit goes to Mohanji!

I can certainly vouch for the tremendous inner shift and immense bliss that Conscious Walking has brought in my life.

Another important benefit that I observed recently is that I tend to connect with more spiritually evolved people who assist me in my evolution.

CW Pinner1

This was my first experience of Conscious Walking and I had no expectations whatsoever. However, I must admit that deep within I was very excited to participate in this walk. Well, as much as I would not want to digress, I feel it’s important I mention the series of events that occurred before I attended the walk.

On the morning of the event, I realized that it would be virtually impossible to attend the walk as I had committed myself to volunteer at the Mother Teresa Home in Southall, through the ACT Foundation. I was fortunate enough to be offered a ride to Southall by Vijaya. On our way to the Home, my mind was wandering as I was eager to be in Pinner in the evening for the walk. However, I could not see how this would be possible. Little did I know that Mohanji had this well planned for me. I happened to casually share my desire with Vijaya. She instantaneously said that although she could not make it to the walk due to family commitments, she had just been informed by Subhasree that she would accommodate her for a Mai-Tri Method session at her place in Pinner, immediately after the lunch was served at the Home.

Well, listening to this awesome opportunity, I could not contain my excitement. I was like a child on the way to Disneyland. We both decided to give Subhasree a surprise. So we did not keep her informed that I would be accompanying Vijaya as well.

When we reached her home, although she was not expecting me to be in Pinner, she welcomed us as if she knew I was coming. She asked me to accompany her to the dining room to introduce me to somebody. This was indeed unexpected. I met and hugged a young lady named Chai who apparently had travelled all the way from Nottingham to participate in the Conscious Walking that evening. That was such an overwhelming experience for me. I felt lucky as Chai was fortunate to have touched the mighty Kailash. The reason was that Subhasree was aware that I had a deep desire to go on the pilgrimage to Kailash. So she made sure that I met this young lady. Gratitude filled my heart like never before.

From my past experiences, one thing I know for sure is that nothing is by accident. Everybody I meet or interact with has a positive purpose and has a positive transformational effect on me.

Later in the afternoon, we all gathered in the park and Subhasree explained the entire process of invoking the Masters, connecting to the Mother Earth, the heart centre and the crown chakra. I followed her instructions and towards the end of the walk, I was guided to rest my spine against the tree and hold on to it. As I held the tree, I felt strange bubbles starting to rise from every cell of my skull and my entire body, as if someone was massaging my forehead. This went on for a few minutes. It felt as though, through the wings of time, my debt towards Mother Earth was being cleared. While all this was happening, my conscious mind and active senses were also recognizing my state, a subtle awareness was there.

Nelly Anne
Nellyanne resting her spine against the tree

As we finished the Conscious Walking, I just had this hope of getting another opportunity to do this again as this was simply beyond words. It didn’t take long for Mohanji to fulfill this desire too.

CW with nellyanne

The following morning we went to Nottingham to pick up our son from his university and we were accompanied by my friend. To my astonishment, our son expressed a desire to take us all to a Deer Park which he apparently just discovered a week earlier.

At Deer Park, it was a different world altogether. I got to hug a big tree (exactly as I wanted to and the park had a lake as well….water body……) and I felt immense gratitude.

Immediately a thought sprung up in my mind. Just the previous day, Mohanji had introduced me to Chai from Nottingham at Subhasree’s house. She had mentioned that she would like to coordinate walks with the youth in Nottingham and was looking for local contacts.

I immediately contacted her as this park was roughly about 10 minutes’ walk from the University. Apparently, she was not aware of this place. I was not surprised, as this park was so nicely tucked away from the busy road despite being so close to the main road. Once you get in, it is like a treasure hidden from the mundane bustle of activities.

This was yet another opportunity to spend some time in my energy field during Conscious Walking. This was truly amazing and yet again suddenly a strong vibration – like a storm started within my body.

Mohanji’s connection with me was clear and I was immediately transformed into a state of trance.


Since then, I have been exploring various parks across London and doing Conscious Walking. I feel this technique is indeed a great leap in my spiritual life. Thanks to the entire Guru Mandala and Subhasree for introducing me to Mohanji’s Conscious Walking.

CW Pinner group

I have only love and deep gratitude for Mohanji!

Mohanji under a tree


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