Kriya initiation – a rebirth

By Shobha Thorve, India

During one of our Kriya sessions, I got the news that Mohanji was going to initiate us on 17th Dec 2021; I could not contain my excitement and happiness. Since that day itself (which was around 21 days prior), daily, I was waiting for the day of Kriya initiation. The day was supposed to be the one when I would have met Mohanji for the first time (me being a new baby in Mohanji’s family since November only), and day and night, I was fully engrossed in Mohanji’s thoughts only.

Finally, the day arrived, and we left from Mumbai to Shirdi for the program. The moment I stepped into Shirdi, I started feeling Mohanji’s beautiful and soft energy a lot wherever I was, the hotel, the neem tree and the venue for initiation. After the Kriya session conducted by Jyotirmayi ma’am, my eyes were completely glued on to him when I saw Mohanji for the first time. His childlike innocence, simplicity in words and speech were all so endearing. It was the epitome of unconditional love and compassion sitting in front of us. 

With bated breath, I waited for my turn for Kriya initiation. I saw such beautiful expressions of the Kriya initiates as some were utterly silent, some emotional and all of them just completely in gratitude towards Mohanji. When I stepped in front of Mohanji, my heart was beating very fast, and I kneeled in front of Mohanji (also feeling Datta and Vittal Baba himself), surrendering myself completely. I could feel the divine touch of Mohanji’s fingertips on my forehead, which changed my entire existence, my inner configuration. The energy which he transferred to me was something that my physical body couldn’t take up, and for some 5 minutes, I was into a completely different realm. 

When I opened my eyes looking at Mohanji, Shobha was no more there. I just felt my breath moving in my chest, my heartbeat, every atom of my body, the prana flowing in me, my mind, my ego, my intellect, all my five koshas; just everything belonged to Mohanji. I was just relishing the ecstasy of the new birth with Mohanji’s divine touch. That was the end of me as an individual and what just remained was the pure love of Mohanji in me. I was just sitting quietly, not feeling like talking to anyone and just being in the beautiful presence of Mohanji.

I saw how with so much love and kindness, Mohanji received everyone that evening, blessing them very much with his grace and love. I have never seen such a Guru in my life. I had read/heard of Guru Dattatreya through his incarnations like Sripada Srivallabh, Swami Samarth, and Sai Baba, who gave himself completely to us. He was just selfless and unconditional love. I saw that Mohanji was also unconditional love personified, innocence personified, compassion personified, humility personified, simplicity personified, and personification of all the possible adjectives one can find in the English/Sanskrit/Hindi dictionaries or a dictionary of any other language.

Mohanji’s presence, words, energy, love and expressions filled me with the grace of Datta himself. The only words that echoed in my heart were gratitude towards Datta for blessing me and all present there with his grace. Mohanji warmly and lovingly accepted the quilling portrait, which he made possible with his guidance through me. His blessings, words and love are something that has made a house in my heart forever.

This was the most beautiful day of my life, which I don’t know for how many lifetimes I had waited for; to be with my Guru, be with Gurudev Datta himself, and receive the promise that he will be there with us for lifetimes.

My search for eternal happiness, eternal contentment ended at Mohanji’s feet. In Shirdi with the Kriya initiation, Shobha was left behind, and the one who returned back was the daughter of Mohanji, who is madly, deeply in love with him. My heart yearns only to do his seva by living his teachings and serving everyone around, considering him in all of them.

Now, whenever I step outside and feel the energy of the sun, coolness of the moon, the air, water etc., I feel it’s Mohanji’s love all around. Life has become so beautiful and filled with his love now. I just can’t stop thanking Mohanji for accepting me for who I am, loving me, receiving me, and making me his own (Mohanmayi as I refer to myself now).

Thank you to all the people in the Mohanji family for enabling this beautiful transition. I couldn’t have asked for more in life.


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