Kalpataru series – Blessings manifold during Guru Purnima 2019

By Rekha Murali, India

On this joyous occasion of Guru Purnima of July 2020, I was transported back to the celebrations last year. My heart wells up in gratitude as I relive the moments of the blissful day in the presence of two great Masters. Yes indeed, blessings were showered on all those present there, by both, my Guru Mohanji and the great Siddha Devi Amma.

It all started with a sudden desire to be in Mohanji’s presence for at least one Guru Purnima. This was wish one on my checklist. Things worked out smoothly, I could rearrange my commitments and soon found myself comfortably on the way to Bangalore for a satsang that was announced with Mohanji.

Deep down, I had another wish to meet Devi Amma on this auspicious day. Chances did not seem so bright as she lived far away from the main city and my stay in the city was only for a day. Moreover, the satsang was planned on the other side of the town. But on my way to Bangalore, I got a message from a dear friend that Devi Amma would be present for the satsang with Mohanji. The second wish on my checklist was also fulfilled.

With a heart filled with gratitude, I soon found myself in a taxi on the way to the venue. As I got off at the station, the Uber app which I relied on, stopped working and I couldn’t find a single cab. A man suddenly approached me and showed me his Uber credentials and was willing to take me to the venue for a flat rate which was reasonable. I had done my homework previously. I thought I was very lucky while on my way. But soon he started asking me for extra fare and I slowly started praying to Mohanji till we reached the venue. I did not interact much with him and quickly alighted from the cab giving him the money that we had initially agreed upon. So with thanks on my lips, I went into the venue and was soon involved in the preparations for Mohanji’s arrival.

Aditya Nagpal and I were assigned the seva of manning the front desk.  Soon Mohanji arrived with his parents and Devi Mohan, and all of us assembled in the room waiting for Devi Amma. Mohanji teased Aditya a lot but did not say anything to me.  I had the opportunity in the meantime to present a bouquet of flowers to Mohanji on the request of a devotee who couldn’t be present there. Devi Amma arrived and all of us assembled once again in pure happiness and bliss at this double treat of seeing two great Masters together. They appeared as the powerful Shiva and Shakti! A moment to be cherished for lifetimes!

The satsang commenced and both great Masters answered various questions.  Aditya and I were seated at the back and my eyes were just closing and I could not understand anything of what Mohanji was speaking. I was just floating in the energy of the place and nothing entered my thick skull. Aditya then shared that it was because of the high energy in the room. At the back of the mind, I also had a sudden desire for Shaktipat from Mohanji and felt only then would this trip be complete. Wish number three on my checklist was also fulfilled as Mohanji announced that he would give Shaktipat to all those present. My heart danced in joy and I patiently awaited my turn.

I soon approached Mohanji with a racing heart as for no reason I was simply brimming with happiness. As Mohanji gave me Shaktipat, I was overjoyed and it felt as though I needed nothing more. I was grinning from ear to ear, in joy that is indescribable.  This had never happened before. It was the pure joy of just ‘being’ with no thoughts, completely empty and fully present in a moment of bliss. Usually, I would be solemn and just allow the Master to fill me up. However this time, I felt he had given me everything. After the Shaktipat, he quietly held my hands and gently asked me, “Are you happy?” These three words made me understand how he hears each word that is unspoken and fulfills the smallest of wishes that flit across in our thoughts. Till then I had not spoken to him and in reply, all that I could do was mumble a yes with tears of joy streaming down my face. His unconditional love filled up completely.

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With his blessings, I ran into the loving embrace of Devi Amma.  She hugged me, blessed me, enquired about every family member, particularly about my son, and at the same time blessing him. My cup was full and I couldn’t have asked for more.



It ended all too soon and it was time to return. My friend Radha Sreenivas and I had no transport to return to the city and there were no cabs available. We were trying our best to get a cab but somehow I was not worried.  I just assured Radha that we would ask someone to drop us off at a place where we could get cabs. Most of the people had left by then and as we were finishing our dinner, a guest whom I had not met before, joined us at the table. She (Mini Gopinath) overheard the two of us trying to book a cab and gently offered to drop us off in her car. Thank you, Mini. It turned out that she had to go to the exact same area where I was heading! Need I say more? Although he was not present there, Mohanji ensured that everyone returned safely. As he always says, “I do my job!”

On this Guru Purnima, I bow down in gratitude to this wonderful friend, Guide and Master Mohanji who has been a beacon of light leading me gently towards my destination.

Pranaams dear Mohanji with gratitude and love.

Pranaams dear Devi Amma, in whose love I melt and just merge.




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