My experience with Guru Raksha Homa and Intuition

by Bhumika, Canada

I wanted to take this beautiful opportunity to share my experience of the Guru Raksha Homa. I have read testimonials about it and had contacted an Acharya in June about the same, but there wasn’t any inclination in me or instinct to get it done. I just felt that I have the protection and blessings and don’t need to do this. It was also shared with me that the Homa not only helps the individual but also helps to cleanse the entire family lineage. It seemed alien to me. Since I didn’t understand, I didn’t think of it much and left it at that.

I have experienced that when Mohanji needs to get something done, he will arrange for it, and execute it beautifully. On Monday, August 17, 2020, the primary announcement was made about celebrations over the weekend (Ganesh Chaturthi, Sreepad Srivallabh Jayanthi, and second Anniversary of Datta Tapovan Ashram). That same day in the morning during meditation, the word ‘Homa’ flashed into my head, out of the blue. By now, I am getting a little familiar with the variety and beautiful ways Mohanji communicates and reaches out to his devotees. So, I contacted the team at Datta Tapovan Ashram in Toronto and received a confirmation on Wednesday that the Guru Raksha Homa was scheduled for Sunday. I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity.

On Sunday, August 23, I read Mohanji’s blog on Telegram, where he shared about his beautiful daughter Ammu. It was Ammu’s 20th death anniversary. After doing the kakad aarti, I spoke with Mohanji (his picture) and felt his pain as mine. He knows everything that conspires so he may not have needed any comforting, but I still attempted to comfort him. I did feel the pain, but I was able to focus on his message that something beautiful came out of it, Ammucare happened, and now it’s globally supporting so many human beings in various ways and fulfilling the mission.

It was time for the Homa and other scheduled events for that day, and I was able to participate in the events with ease without getting worked up. In the night, I heard Mohanji’s Podcast – “In memory of Ammu- Loss transformed into something positive.” Something shifted within me, listening to Mohanji’s words and his voice. Contrary to how I was able to see through and focus on the bigger picture, in the night listening to him, I couldn’t focus on that. I felt a deep pain within.

I was caught with Mohanji’s comments and details shared about the last day he saw Ammu alive. He shared minute details about that day, Ammu’s wet kiss on his cheeks, it felt as if it was just yesterday. And the circumstances described by Mohanji that he had to leave and Ammu was crying, as flights and plans were scheduled and needed to be executed; that’s where I was stuck, I wasn’t able to see past it.

I realized that my emotions were running high and combined with fear, it was picking momentum and turning into something nasty. I have a toddler who had had a difficult birth and continues to struggle with health and immunity to the extent that he had to be incubated when he was not even a year old and I didn’t know whether he would survive.

Seeing him go through so much, I guess there must have been a fear that was rooted deep within me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had an intuition to call Bhavani, Mohanji’s Acharya from the USA. Bhavani was very generous and kind to unconditionally give her precious time away from her family and kids. I am so grateful to her for that day. I was heading to a very dark place, I was tipping over a cliff and falling, and Mohanji held my hand by working through Bhavani.

I started sharing details with Bhavani and also mentioned the Guru Raksha Homa. From her experience and listening to my history, she tried to convince me that this is all part of cleansing. She said, “You may have had a deep-rooted fear of losing a child, and it could be that you may have had this experience in your previous lives. With the Homa, it’s coming to the surface and cleansing is happening from your system.” She was really kind to me and very generous to share details from her life. It is any parent’s worst nightmare to lose a child, and I am no different. I went on crying and sobbing. Bhavani tried in so many ways by giving many examples to convince and comfort me and assure me that nothing wrong will happen. She commented that your faith would be tested at every step and to hold on to it tightly. And when nothing was happening, she firmly commented, “Okay, you can either hold on to your faith or keep crying like this”. LOL!!!!!

It may have been her voice, but those were Mohanji’s words. And I knew it was Mohanji, but the moment Bhavani uttered those words I could immediately experience a shift within me. I felt Mohanji was frustrated with me as I was so engulfed in emotions that nothing logical was registering in me, not even the evidence from Bhavani’s experiences. Mohanji has a lot of patience, but I was exhibiting delirium, for no reason.

That comment from Bhavani and in the way she said it did the magic. Listening to the words, “Hold on to your faith” took me out of the dark place. I calmed down, stopped crying and was peaceful. Bhavani stayed with me over the phone until she was convinced that I was okay. What started with crying and being fearful ended up with laughter, discovering a connection and love!

I have been part of the celebrations at the Datta Tapovan Ashram since Friday afternoon via zoom. Sunday was the last day of celebrating the festivities. Bhavani helped me conclude my prayers by offering Dakshina. Prayers should always be accompanied by Dakshina in any form. With Bhavani’s guidance, I donated towards Mohanji Ka Aangan and ACT4HUNGER; both the causes close to my heart. I felt so fulfilled, light and happy.

Only after talking to Bhavani, I could see through Mohanji’s leelas and his divine blessings. He directed me to get the Homa done for my benefit on such an auspicious day and freed me from a deep-rooted pain or fear that I wasn’t even aware of. If left unaddressed, it may have grown and interfered with me moving forward on this path. There was plenty of chanting and positive energy around me since Friday with the prayers. Mohanji’s Canada team worked effortlessly to ensure all the devotees tuning in via zoom have blissful experiences. It was just beautiful. Kudos to the entire team! Thank you Mahesh Ji for the Homa.

I am so thankful to Bhavani. I am filled with gratitude and love towards Mohanji. He gives unconditionally and doesn’t expect anything in return.

Before sleeping, I offered gratitude to Mohanji. The fear which had once engulfed me transformed into firm faith. I told him (to his picture), “Mohanji, you will never let anything happen to my kids. I know they are protected. I know you will take care of them. As a parent, you have experienced the loss of your daughter; in my heart, I know you will not let me go through that excruciating pain.”

The next day morning after my Kriya, I checked my messages and Bhavani had forwarded Mohanji’s quote that day, and you won’t believe what He had said. It is so surreal, at times, I have to pinch myself to make sure this is happening. Mohanji’s quote was,

“You will not have the struggle what I went through because I have already made the path for you to walk on, effortlessly.”


Mohanji really loves us unconditionally, his love is just infinite!

He was firm with me when he needed to be, and then he embraced me as a mother when I needed the assurance and motherly love. Mohanji is a lot of things for me, a friend, (my only friend), mother, father, and Guru! He works tirelessly for all of us. He takes so much upon himself. What I can comprehend based on my capacity and eligibility doesn’t even touch the surface of how generous and kind he is. It’s beyond my comprehension. He is with me in ways that I am not even aware.

To all those who are reading this, please know that I have never met Mohanji in person and I only started following him since April this year. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how long you have known him in this life, whether you have met him in person, or if you are in close proximity to him, he doesn’t need a physical body to connect with us. He is energy, and we have to connect to that. And Mohanji repeatedly comments and asks us to connect with his consciousness and not stay limited to his physical form.

I am sharing this because I used to be that person who always used to wonder, “Why not me”, “When will I get such an experience”, “Oh, I wish I had that too”. I think the shift happened when I started to let go, surrender and began to experience others’ experiences as my own, I could feel their happiness and be with them in their experience. With Mohanji’s grace, I have started having awareness and recognition of his mystic ways. He communicates in so many ways, and it’s so beautiful even to describe it. In my experience, he will give me messages during meditation or through another devotee, dreams; I will hear his voice. There is an intuition, and I will follow it. Most of these messages are so out of character for me, that I know it is not my mind playing tricks, rather some higher divine energy in play. Mohanji has connected me to specific Acharyas for a specific reason. He has orchestrated events for me to be at the right time to receive the information required. Things such as listening to a replay of a video under the ‘Women Power Online Boot Camp’; joining a satsang where a guest speaker shares her experiences of her journey to Kailash with Mohanji, (I was not even aware of this event and received a last-minute invite).

Similarly, I got last-minute access to participate in Conscious Dancing with Devi Mohan on zoom; got my driver’s license renewed on the last day in 10 minutes! I can go on and on and on; there is no end to it. All I can say is, I love it. It’s like walking on water; it’s so liberating like someone is carrying me off my feet, I don’t feel the burden, the pressure. I just feel love!

Mohanji wanted me to get a Homa done, he knew that it is something I needed, but I had no clue. He spoke to me through Bhavani and said exactly what I needed to hear. His quote the following day was an assurance to me that he has heard everything I said to his picture the previous night and he was assuring me that he will not let anything happen.

Those who have just joined Mohanji, please don’t let anything come your way in connecting with him. I am telling you, he listens when you talk to him, even to his picture.

It is my ancestors and my parents’ karma that I am reaping the benefits and Mohanji’s grace in this lifetime. I have never experienced such unconditional love in my entire life. If I take one step towards him, he is taking ten towards me.

Believe me; I am not special; I am nothing. All I do is keep talking to him; that’s all I do. Whatever comes to my head, I tell him.

Sorry, Mohanji, there might be ‘message traffic’ coming your way in future and knowing that you love silence, this will be fun! Just kidding, I love you from the bottom of my heart (you can be at multiple places at the same time) I have loved you in my previous lifetimes too (an intuition). Writing this experience is also an intuition, it has been on my mind all day today, and I knew I had to do it.

Mohanji, always, always bless us!


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