Grace through Guru Raksha Homa

The power of the Guru Raksha Homa and Guru’s divine grace and presence is very evident in the true story shared below. Pranjal’s father, who is also Smrithi’s brother-in-law, was recently taken ill, and they both share their thoughts and experiences during this difficult time.

By Pranjal Mathur, Canada

I came to know about Mohanji through my Aunt around 1.5 years ago. My experiences started with Mohanji early this year when my wife and I were going through mental turmoil about our immigration status in the U.S. and Canada. My Aunt asked for help from Mohanji, and he approved Guru Raksha Homa (GRH) to be performed by Bhalerao ji. After the homa, my wife and I started feeling calm and handled the interviews very confidently, and as a result, immigration processes went very smoothly. 

In March, my wife and I decided to visit our parents in India, but suddenly the Covid-19 situation started becoming worse throughout the world, and major airlines started cancelling international flights. While I had a shorter visit planned, my wife had plans to stay for another week with her parents. She felt that she had divine guidance which convinced her to book tickets for an earlier date. PM Modi shut down the entire country which included international travel, the very next day of her departure. 

In October, my parents got infected by Covid-19, and my father had to be hospitalized for more than two weeks. Once again, we sought Mohanji’s help, he directed all of us to feed birds and wild animals, and he also approved the Guru Raksha Homa for my father’s recovery. The homa was performed by Bhalerao ji on Thursday, and my father tested negative on Sunday. 

While Bhalerao ji was performing the homa, he got a message that I should donate food items to a food bank on Sharad Poornima (the most significant full-moon day in the year according to the Hindu calendar). I bought some canned food and donated, but I still had the urge to contribute more and felt that I had not donated enough. Mohanji read my intentions, and when I went to another store to buy seeds for birds, during the billing, the cashier asked me if I wanted to donate to the Kids Hunger Program and my answer was an instant yes. It felt like Mohanji gave me another opportunity within minutes. 

In the same week, my mother had to offer water-filled coconut to the Gods for my father’s recovery, but getting coconuts is difficult in U.P. (Uttar Pradesh), especially during Covid-19 times. Once again, Mohanji read my mother’s mind, and out of nowhere, a person came to the house selling coconuts, just the kind she was looking for!

During the time in the hospital, when my father was meditating, he felt that two saints came to his bedside and started removing negative energies from his body. After a few days, my father began showing signs of recovery and finally tested negative for Covid-19.

We have not met Mohanji in person, but we feel he is always watching over us as a father and keeping us safe.

By Smrithi Mathur, Australia

Dear family, I want to share a beautiful incident which happened because of Mohanji’s grace and the Guru Raksha Homa. I have a cousin sister who lives in Shahjahanpur near Bareilly in the U.P. state of India. On 15th October, her husband, a doctor, tested positive for Covid-19. He had severe symptoms, bad cough and the lungs had patches with pneumonia. He had to be immediately shifted to Lucknow for hospitalization. Obviously, it was a very stressful situation. Both my sister and her husband are spiritually oriented and are Kriya initiates from YSS/SRF of Paramhansa Yogananda. Recently my sister was connecting to Mohanji through his teachings.

I wrote to Mohanji to seek his blessings and guidance in this crisis situation. What followed was only grace, grace and grace. Mohanji had asked to do certain offerings to Sai Baba in a local temple and if that was not possible, then in Mohanji Datta Tapovan Ashram in Canada. My sister decided to do both. Surprisingly, her son who lives in the U.S. was already considering contacting Mahesh Bhalerao for his help in this situation, and Mohanji telling the same was like joining two dots and also proving the omniscience of Mohanji. One of the items of offerings was coconut. Finding fresh coconuts in U.P. and that too during Covid times is a rarity. As she was organizing the things to offer, out of nowhere, a vegetable vendor came to her house with a bunch of fresh coconuts. His timing was a clear proof of Mohanji’s divine intervention.

In Canada, the offerings were made to Sai Baba and a Guru Raksha Homa was planned for 29th October. Meanwhile, in the hospital in Lucknow, my sister’s husband had beautiful experiences. Despite his bad health, he was able to meditate, do Kriya and read ‘God talks with Arjuna‘. One morning as he was sitting in meditation, he saw two saints come and sit on the left side of his bed facing him. They were young, with black hair and bright orange clothes. 

They both gave him something; one of them was like a yantra. As he opened his eyes, he did not see them, but when he closed his eyes again, he saw them sitting there. Now, a third saint came and sat on the right side of his bed. The saint asked for something from him, and he obliged. This went on for some time, and then the saints left. He then saw a clear blue sky in his vision and a deep, deep peace like never before descended on him. He went into complete bliss.

His medical reports kept fluctuating, and he kept testing positive. But because of Mohanji’s protection, his condition never worsened beyond a point. There was no need for ICU (except for a day or two), oxygen etc. On Thursday, 29th October, Mahesh Bhalerao conducted Guru Raksha Homa. The presence of Mohanji and various other deities was seen in the homa, as seen in the pictures. The following Sunday, 1st November, his Covid-19 report came back negative, and he was feeling just fine. He was discharged from the hospital the next day.

Of what could have been something very serious, Mohanji protected my family member through his sheer grace and mercy. 


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 12th November 2020


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