Final Journey of Appa, Mr T R Gopalakrishnan

Subhasree Thottungal, London

On the 18th of June, I received a message from Kishore that Mohanji has asked to do Mai-Tri for Mr Gopalakrishnan, who was critically ill and undergoing unbearable pain while in the hospital.

I understood, if Mohanji has given direct instruction, it must be really important and urgent. Hence I did the Mai-Tri session immediately. 

I didn’t know much about Mr Gopalakrishnan. However, Kishore mentioned that Mohanji respects and loves him a lot and calls him Appa (means Father in Tamil).

During the Mai-Tri session, I had the vision that truly amazed me; it blew my mind.

I saw all his forefathers in his heart centre, getting Mohanji’s golden light and then dissolving. The pain that Appa was experiencing was the collective pain of his forefathers, which had kept some of them still bound, not attaining complete release. Appa had come forward to take that pain, and with Mohanji’s grace, all of them were merging into light.

I understood that Mohanji allowed Appa to be an instrument for the liberation of his forefathers in his journey towards the eternal light. I had no doubt that Mohanji will take him to light whenever he exits, while in this process, each of his forefathers was also being released to light. One by one, each one! 

After I completed the session, I said to myself, “How amazing is that!” Mohanji guided me during the session to continue his Mai-Tri, and I discussed with Kishore, and we listed out five different Mai-Tri Practitioners to do Mai-Tri every day for five days.

After the session, I shared this vision with Mohanji. Of course, Mohanji allowed me to witness this; he knows everything, but telling him was my expression of gratitude for this beautiful opportunity to witness another of his grand actions.

When I wrote to Mohanji and described my vision to him, he said, “Indeed.” As he had already guided during the session, verbally also, he advised continuing the healing for a few days.

Mohanji also wrote to me more about Appa, which really took me by surprise and then the vision became even clearer. So let me narrate Mohanji’s words here.

“He was my father in another life. He was a King, and I was the Prince in waiting in that life. I was quite disinterested in having to rule but had to take it on when he died. He loved me a lot but, being the King, was very reserved and couldn’t express his love for me. In this life, ever since he met me, he was showering me with love, and he is an evolved man. He knows about our past life together; I am completing a son’s responsibility in this life. He has no children. His only son died when he was a student.”

This explanation made it very clear why through this phase of Appa’s journey, Mohanji was actually allowing his entire lineage, ancestors to be released! Mohanji was performing his duty of a son!

After that, the daily healings continued.

Today, on 23rd June, exactly on the 5th day of healing, I received a message from Kishore, same time in the morning, that Appa has moved on to eternal lights. At that moment, I witnessed a glimpse of King Dashrath and Shree Ram! (The epitome of love between a father and son).

I saw Mohanji holding Appa’s hand and taking him to complete brightness!

In less than seven days, Appa had accomplished closure of more than seven lifetimes. Only through Mohanji’s grace! 

As a mere Mai-Tri instrument, I witnessed this beautiful journey of final release and the eternal bond of a loving father and dutiful son. 

May Appa, Mr Gopalakrishnan’s soul, rest in peace in the embrace of the pure and bright light. Thank you, Mohanji, for your grace and blessing to experience yet another amazing truth of life through the beautiful and powerful journey of Mai-Tri.


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3 thoughts on “Final Journey of Appa, Mr T R Gopalakrishnan”

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  2. Aum Shanti Appa, rest in peace.

    Just amazing testimonial showing the grace showered by our beloved Mohanji and the tradition. Subhasree you you beacon of light and so humble for everything you do for everyone.

  3. Aum Shanti Appa, rest in peace.

    Just amazing testimonial showing the grace showered by our beloved Mohanji and the tradition. Subhasree you are a beacon of light and so humble for everything you do for everyone.

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