Dying to live

By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

Our greatest fear is the untouchable deadline of leaving our physical bodies. This morning our beloved Swiss Shepherd dog-child died. Previously as a family, we would have mourned the passing of loved ones with great emotional pain. Previously, we would have had our Veterinary surgeon put them down to prevent them from suffering. Mohanji has since taught us never to take their lives but allow them to leave it on their own terms. 

Our beloved pet had kidney failure, which in turn led to multiple organ failure just like us humans. As a new Mai-Tri Method practitioner, I did Mai-Tri (Mohanji’s energy for regenerative healing across physical and subtle sheaths) for him. My husband, who has yet to connect to Mohanji, gave him pain medication to make him comfortable.

I noticed how I pray has changed. No longer do I ask Mohanji for things. I surrender all at his lotus feet and walk away. It was, however, very hard to put that into practice with our beloved dog. My attachment to him as a mother made me want to cling on. I wanted him to live for me. Every morning, he would greet me with beautiful twinkling eyes and tail-wagging excitement. His soulful eyes glistened with such love. Unconditional love. Come rain or sunshine; his love was consistent. 

I used to sing to him as I prepared his breakfast, and he used to sing right back! An abundance of heart-melting moments like these made my life shine so brightly. A few times, I stopped Mai-Tri, overtaken by the rush of tears and helplessness. Then immediately, I began to self-correct my thinking. He is Atman. He is eternal. He will die to be free. Fearless and free. Mohanji’s energy surged through in powerful vibrations. I felt like the ground under my feet was shaking. 

Then I grew calm and continued being an empty channel for his grace. Hours later, everyone in the family was calm; emotional storms long gone. Only grace. We are cocooned from the storms of life. Most times, we are clueless. It is not only that when we can call Mohanji, he comes. It is more so that Mohanji is present everywhere at the same time, and we tap into his energy when we think of him. Unconditional grace. Only love. No likes nor dislikes. Only love. My subtle senses perceive Mohanji’s energy as brilliant white light shining luminously with specks of gold.

Experiencing the death of loved ones is life changing. The passing of dearly loved ones like my mother about twenty years ago changed the direction of my life completely. I went into a deep depression and felt intense pain. Not long after that, Mum came to me in a dream and smiled at me ever so lovingly. She looked young, vital and full of life. And she shone so brightly!

That was a major turning point. My life shifted from ambition and the calculated pursuit of materialism to seeking the truth that life exists after death. 

Today, as I sit typing this testimonial, I feel Mohanji’s loving embrace as always. I am aware of great pain, but it has not torn me apart like before. Such is his grace. Mohanji says all other life forms that share this Earth with us are ‘people’ too. We are all Source. We are all the same energy. Parabrahman. Thank you, thank you, beloved Mohanji, for teaching me that we die to live, but we should not live to die.

Love you Mohanji!


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 18th October 2020


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