Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 107 & 108

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 107 Lesson – The frequency of Mohanji 

Good morning everybody. I hope that you’re doing well. 

Yesterday I went through notes that I’d made from some of the morning meetings with Mohanji. From time to time, Mohanji would share information that helped me understand some of the dimensions that I couldn’t perceive. 

I wanted to share the time we discussed Masters, Incarnations, and Avatars. Mohanji clarified the difference between the frequency and the state of a Master and their personality – the frequency they’re operating from, their personality, form, appearance, and behaviours, which most people would connect. This distinction was meaningful learning because it helped me understand this difference. Especially as I’ve spent a lot of time with Mohanji now, and it can be very easy to start connecting to him simply as the form, as the personality, missing out on the stature that he’s representing.

He explained it using the examples of Masters such as Sai Baba and Bhagavan Nityananda – each of these masters had their distinct personalities. But at the same time, they were considered as Dattatreya Avatars. Mohanji explained that this is said because they were operating at the frequency of Dattatreya. In personality, though they were unique, their stature or frequency was that of Datta.

This was an important distinction for me because it’s the frequency that somebody is operating from, where you can say that they are that. Anyone raising their frequency to that of Dattatreya would be called Datta. This clarity was vital for me because I realized one would completely miss the point, to think of Dattatreya or anybody as a person or a personality,

This is the same for Mohanji too. To consider him as a person or a personality, just the body, the form, would also be missing the bigger picture. If I’m only connecting to Mohanji as the personality, then that’s the level that it will stay. Once he’s passed on, it will be Mohanji’s personality body. Beyond the personality, there is an operating frequency, a stature. Someone who has raised their operating frequency to that of Mohanji will also be considered as Mohanji.

This is how people connect to other Masters too. If someone operates from a state or frequency of Krishna or Rama, they’d be considered Krishna or Rama. The frequency that people are operating from gives that recognition of a state.

If it’s from a place of anger, hatred, jealousy, gossip, or judgments, it’s simply personality that has been expressed, something much lower. 

I hope you have a great day ahead and that this was useful or interesting for you. We will speak soon.

Day 108 Lesson – Mohanji does not need the body to work 

Good morning everybody. 

Yesterday I shared an insight from a conversation I had with Mohanji. He clarified what people mean when they say that a certain Master is an Avatar of Dattatreya, a different deity, or what we can consider a deity. He shared that when somebody reaches or attains a particular frequency, they can be called that frequency. They are that. 

I spoke of Shirdi Sai Baba or Bhagavan Nityananda, considered Dattatreya avatars, as their operating frequency is Dattatreya’s. I also shared that this is the same for Mohanji too. Beyond Mohanji’s personality, there is an operating frequency, a stature. Someone who has raised their operating frequency to Mohanji’s will also be considered Mohanji.

This was an eye-opener as it increased my awareness to differentiate between the form (the body) and the state. Today, I wanted to expand on that a little by recalling some of the previous recordings, where I had given examples that Mohanji didn’t necessarily need the body to work. There have been a few cases like this explained below.

Once we were having a conversation in the morning, Mohanji suddenly stood up, walked forward, came to his knees, did some push-ups, returned, and restarted our discussion again. It really confused me. He said that someone had called out to him and needed to help them. Later, somebody had confirmed that their relative survived the experience in the hospital. (I think it might have been a heart attack) 

Sometimes I’ve seen Mohanji in his room in the mornings; his body seemed changed or shifted shape, which shows that something is happening with his body. Sometimes he’d grow in size and would have muscles (as if he’s been to the gym), even though he hadn’t been out of the room in months. Other times, his stomach would completely swell in size. 

There have been testimonials where people have physically seen Mohanji, even though he’s been in a different country. I’ve received some interesting experiences in the office through an email, and then I’ve also received an email of sincere gratitude, thanking Mohanji for all his help. We have a rule in the office that everything should be attended to within 24 hours maximum. Sometimes an email might arrive, and it could be maybe 10 hours before I’ve had a chance to check it. 

There’ve been two incidents where I’ve received an email about a major issue or trouble. Shortly after that, I’ve also received an email conveying extreme thanks and gratitude, thanking Mohanji for all his help. Ironically, I hadn’t spoken to him about the issue or trouble, but he’d already heard the call and did what he needed to do. 

Similar things have happened when I sit with him in the morning to talk about activities. Many people would be praying to him at that time; many would have had experiences, too, with their prayers answered. Mohanji has shared with me that he doesn’t necessarily need the body. He’s understood himself sufficiently to know that he’s not the body, and the body is kept as a reference point, a point of communication. I think he shared this in satsangs, too. Mohanji will keep the body as long as it’s required by us (the people) and the tradition, but He doesn’t necessarily need it for work. 

I also see this from changes in his presence throughout the day. During the day, there can be a noticeable change in his presence. He will be more conversational at certain times, and at other times, it’s as if he is barely there, yet he is physically there.

I know people say you should never try to understand and observe the behaviours of the Master. But there’s been enough time now to observe patterns when Mohanji is more present and when he’s less. For me, it wasn’t easy to understand this at the start, and even now, I can’t say with total honesty that I can completely do it because it’s not something I can see. From these individual events/experiences and hearing them from other people, I know that there’s much more activity taking place than what I can ever comprehend. And for that, he doesn’t need the body. We see Mohanji’s form, Mohanji’s personality, but it is one aspect – a point of communication.

Following on from the lesson yesterday, I feel this is a good reminder that there is Mohanji as the personality/form and Mohanji beyond the body – the frequency or consciousness. It’s a reminder to be aware of what I am connecting to.

I hope you have a good day ahead and we will speak soon.


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