Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 133 & 134

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 133 Lesson – It’s worth fighting for

Good morning, everybody. I hope that you’re doing very well.

As many of you might know, the past few days have been spent making sure that the incident of the extreme harassment and racial profiling that Mohanji underwent at the Frankfurt airport is brought into the open and told to the world. We’ve been writing letters and contacting every possible authority to make sure that it receives the attention it deserves. It’s an important task. Not because it’s just for Mohanji, but because the mindsets that have been indoctrinated into people over centuries, prejudices that have been passed down through societies and families, have contributed to this situation. The people who are in power on the ground, can be individually immature, or might lack the right training in ethics.

This is a prime example of the mindset of the majority of people. So then we can look at the reasons why Mohanji has created all these platforms, such as the World Consciousness Alliance, which has been founded to raise the awareness of this generation to the highest human potentials of kindness, compassion, unconditional love, bringing it up from those levels of anger, hatred, jealousies, prejudices, to something much more higher, where everybody is treated well and respected. The same goes for the Early Birds Club. These platforms are bringing people together beyond all man-made barriers, prejudices and judgments about one another, and are bringing people to a unity where everybody is respected, regardless of race, religion, caste, culture, creed, and colour.

What was experienced in Frankfurt was utter discrimination, contempt, and real racial profiling. So, it’s very, very important that we all stand up and fight against things like this. Having spent time with Mohanji, he has always maintained that, for him, all lives matter. This includes people, animals, plants, and all the species. Everything has its relevance in the world. We should meet everybody with equality and respect. Nobody’s higher, nobody’s lower. Everybody has their place. So, this is what is worth the fight.

As for me, going through these past two days, it has been a real experience and practical lesson, and making sure that we do what needs to be done now. This includes the speed at which we’re working to make sure that the right people have been contacted, and that all the letters have been checked by the relevant people. There was no time to be passive. Life presented this situation, and there was no rehearsal. So, it’s a practical lesson of acting according to the situation, speaking when you need to speak, and writing when you need to write. So, it’s progressing, all activities are moving ahead, and we’ll see what comes from this in time. But for sure, we’re taking this as far as it can possibly go.

Have a great day ahead.

Day 134 Lesson – Act at the right time

Good morning everybody, I hope that you’re doing very well.

We are still using this time very well to do what we can to raise the visibility of this deplorable incident that happened at the Frankfurt airport to the highest authorities possible. And multiple friends are now taking this forward. The purpose is not for apologies, it’s for a complete shift in mindset, wherein people are treated with respect regardless of the colour of their skin, to end this racial profiling that’s happening. Many more people are coming forward now to give support and also to take this forward in whichever way they can, which is amazing. So, it’s moving, we have momentum.

The whole effort for me, looking back on what Mohanji has spoken in all the lessons that I’ve shared, is making the best use of the opportunity that has been given. This didn’t have to happen to Mohanji, but it did. And because of his standing in the world, people will take notice. So even if a security guard now thinks twice before performing such an act, we would have helped others. The lesson that I can take away from this is that everything and everybody has their time, every situation has its time, configuration, and place. If we don’t act at that point in time, and we don’t do our best, then the rest of life might not give us the opportunity. This can be seen with many things in life. You can look at great artists, entertainers, and politicians; there was always a time when they were present, when they were relevant. In this context, today, this incident of racial profiling has a relevance now. In five years, this might not be the case. So, whilst we can, we’re using the momentum to take this as far as it can go.

Also, thinking back to what Mohanji has shared with me before, everything in life can be treated like this. This is a key lesson, which he has shared again and again. For all our activities in life, we should always be mindful that we only have this time that’s available to us now, this space, this configuration of environment. And if we give our best effort with what’s available, life becomes much more fulfilling. Whether that’s in work, marriage, relationship, or social activities, whatever it is, we can always do the best possible we can with the circumstances that we have. This way, life becomes really fulfilling, it becomes rich. And we’re living fully.

Like this incident of racial profiling, we’re doing the best that we can whilst it’s present and with us now. Mohanji shared before in satsangs, that many people are chasing something that they don’t have and are aspiring for something that is not with them now. In the bargain, they’re missing today. Or waiting for a better opportunity to do something tomorrow, “Okay, it’ll be better if I do this tomorrow. Maybe I’ll write about it tomorrow.” But then there’s no guarantee that this will come. So, whilst having goals is good, and setting a vision and drafting a plan to achieve something are also good, if it is at the expense of missing today, and under the pretext of achieving something tomorrow, then we miss what’s with us now, that opportunity for fulfilment at each and every moment. Because the future will be different. The whole configuration of the situations, and even ourselves, our personal makeup, our mindset, how we think, it will be different. So, this is why this practical thing that we’re doing, it’s a lesson that what needs to be done today should be done today, and to the best of our effort.

Have a great day ahead!

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