Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 207 and 208

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 207 – There is no journey (spiritual)

One paramount understanding from my time with Mohanji and his core teaching is that on the spiritual path – there is no journey. There’s nowhere to go – which was difficult to comprehend at first. Mohanji shares, “There’s nowhere to go; there’s only to be – be what we originally are because we already are that. We already are what we’re looking for.” 

 I understand that our essence is beyond our form, character, habits, likes, and the inside push and pulls that happen with our mind as we interact with the world and its variety. That it’s the energy (inside and outside) and in all beings – this was quite confusing as I was always orientated on practices – such as yoga and breath techniques, of learning more. I’d always believed I could gain something through more such practices. And so I’ve travelled worldwide, looking to be with specific teachers for certain practices, thinking that that would bring something. 

But what Mohanji has shown is that, and also through his life example, the teaching that ‘You are that’. We already are what we’re looking for; we’re unique in what we are. We can also reach the highest by contemplating on what’s inside. We have to be. He said, “For that, we need silence.” 

With silence, I’m starting to scratch the surface of a new understanding; I wouldn’t be able to say I’ve entirely grasped it as I was very stuck with the concept that silence is the external sounds, you know, “the world of noises”, you hear Mohanji say. For me, those were actual sounds – hearing with my ears.

 But after a conversation with Mohanji, I realize it is more the inner sounds. I’m learning that this silence is more than the external sounds the ears can perceive. It’s also the silence from the internal push and pulls of desires which can rule a large part of our lives. In response to all of the world’s external temptations (sounds), some louder and others, some being more aware of, some less aware of, and others having more intensity and less intensity, now I am starting to observe those and also being able to remove myself from them. So, it feels like the cusp of an understanding – I’m sharing just an open dialogue here. 

Mohanji shares, “It’s through deep contemplation, concentration, discipline and determination how we can experience and reach that place of silence and be what we truly are.” That’s carefully moving in the world, discounting and discarding everything we can consider silence not to be, so that, “I am not this, I am not my thoughts, etc.” 

This has been one profound teaching and understanding from Mohanji, which will require a bit more time to contemplate that there is actually no journey – We are already there. We need to be.

Day 208 – A caution of the times

Today I share a message which is – A caution of the times. 

Mohanji has shared that the current times, the configuration of events, tensions, and even the planets (Saturn and Mercury Retrograde) are creating a fertile ground for disharmony and conflict in our lives. During this time, misunderstandings, confusion, conflicts, and cross-communication can become more serious. As we can never be sure what the inner state of people is, it’s good to be careful with our interactions and handle relationships with care.

It’s a good reminder because, at such times, many people are like a tinderbox, ready to ignite. And once a fire begins, it’s difficult to stop. Emotions can spill over into anger and then into actions which can bring guilt and regret. That doesn’t mean situations can’t be turned around. We can diffuse many tense situations through discussion, respect and by listening more than speaking. Prevention is obviously better than the cure. Be mindful of this. 

I’ve noticed that Mohanji is incredibly good at handling situations which have reached the igneous stage and need to be turned around. And he says there’s always a potential that if something’s happened, it can be turned around. There can be a reconciliation made, usually through discussion, respecting each other, treating each other well, listening to each other, and sharing views and opinions without judging or giving any real view on what has to happen.

Just letting people speak, letting people be. It can defuse a situation. So that’s the question in the message today.


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