Lessons living with Mohanji – days 39 & 40

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 39 Lesson – Making enemies

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Yesterday I shared some observations of being with Mohanji each day; there are some changes in his body, depending on what’s been happening. For example, before and after Satsangs, or the recent Bootcamp program, his stomach swelled up to quite a large size. 

I also gave an idea of what it’s like in the morning here. I’ll normally go into the room, and if he’s busy, I’ll sit down and wait until he’s done. I’ll continue with my work. There’s rarely any chitchat; there’s no idle talk because that’s how I have a relationship with him; for others, it could be different. For me, it’s very matter of fact. We’re using the time well because there are things to do during the day; we come together, have a succinct conversation as we talk through the main points. If there are any messages or calls that come whilst we’re speaking, Mohanji takes them; I’ll sit, and then we’ll get back to talking. 

It’s very informal here. Mohanji will generally be dressed in something comfortable; sometimes, it can even be topless, depending on the state, because he can generate a lot of heat. I don’t know how many people listening have been close to him; if you have been close, sometimes you can feel the heat when he’s at work. Sometimes when I go into the room, it’s tangibly hot; there’s a lot of heat, a lot of fire there. 

We were speaking yesterday because Mohanji had some trouble with his foot in September, which meant he wasn’t mobile for some time. It’s better now. He’s keen to resume badminton in the next few days, quite excited that we will be playing again. This reminded me of one of the other lessons he shared with us when we were on the court one time. 

As I mentioned before, he plays with full commitment. There’s no playing just for fun. When he’s playing the game, he’s playing completely. Usually, we play doubles; I’ll be paired with Rajesh mostly – we are a duo, and then Mohanji and Ananth – the other duo. When Mohanji plays, he makes a joke that he’s making an enemy of us. He says that he has to create enemies so that he has the satisfaction of beating or winning, in a joking way, not so serious. But game after game, we lose many times because those two as a duo are pretty good. 

One day he gave a deeper insight into this. We were talking, and he asked, “Isn’t this what we do through in life all the time, create enemies for ourselves.” We said that we go through life, and we create our own enemies; we tend to find someone or something to be in opposition to. Then we can have that satisfaction of fighting and eventually winning. And he said, “You can see that within the whole of society and people’s lives – how people create enemies and even fight with themselves. In the mind, enemies are created, and then all work, effort, and focus are put into pulling them down or opposing them, or fighting, or being in conflict, and people enjoy this. People are proud as they have the satisfaction or the pride that somebody has been beaten, whether it is an argument, positioning, or discussions, or even something larger, such as big conflicts between countries – an ego is happy.”

Then Mohanji said that in life, there are no enemies if you look at it completely. He said, “We create them. And for what reason do we do this? Does it bring any benefit? Does it contribute to our life? We put in a great effort to create an enemy, maintain them and then defeat them. Time after time, we make new enemies, which give us the temporary satisfaction of winning.”

I understood that this was a good thought for all of us, and this question came to me this morning again – are we making enemies? For what reason? Are there really any enemies?

With the Bootcamp coming to a close yesterday, we had a recap session with Mohanji. He spoke about acceptance. If we accept life as it is, then there are no real enemies because we understand that everybody is as they are, as per their orientation. Again, I was thinking of it this morning – who are the enemies in life. Hopefully, soon we’ll be back playing this week, and we can create our enemies again, have someone to fight and struggle against whilst we play the game. 

I hope you have a great day.

Day 40 Be Alert & Be Aware to catch Mohanji’s teachings

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re all doing well.

Today I wanted to talk about the need to be alert and aware always when you’re with Mohanji and when I’m with Mohanji because it’s very difficult to catch. In the middle of a conversation, even if it’s just general about something practical, sometimes he’ll give a diamond of wisdom or priceless teachings, and it’s very easy to let these moments slip by if I’m not alert. When I asked him about this, he said he’s not interested in kindergarten or ‘feel good’ spirituality. He’s delivering substantial material, and he’s here to make masters, not to collect followers, which means we have to be alert.

I know from being with Mohanji that some people have spent considerable time with Mohanji, and I wonder what may have been lost or are still waiting because it hasn’t been recorded. So, I think it could be a good idea that anyone who has spent time with him talks about it like this, and all these diamonds of wisdom and teachings can be collated. I feel a sense of responsibility to share what comes because some of the insights he gives are real diamonds. Through these recordings, I have tried to do that, but still, due to the pace of the work and activities, sometimes, if my attention is not completely there, it can be very difficult to pick up.

Mohanji will rarely say – this is important, take a note of this, or give any detailed reasons. He’ll deliver something, and it’s up to me or the people who are in front of him to be aware and assess what it is and its value. He completely flows, and what needs to come at the time will come, so most of the time, for him, it’s forgotten because he’s just flowing!

He also really values efficiency, which is why he always looks to complete things within 24 hours, and then we’re moving forward. He also doesn’t stand any Tamas, lethargy. If I repeat something or ask a question to clarify a few days later, it’s a disaster; he would say that we’re both wasting our time. So one has to be alert with him, or one misses it. We all have to be alert and aware; otherwise, we will miss it ourselves. While we have Mohanji, and if liberation is our goal, I think we can make the best use of his time as he’s here for us and the world.

I’ll give a small example of this. And then a bigger example, too.

Once when I was speaking to Mohanji about some event we were planning, he told me to check the Rahu Kalam timings. I didn’t know what this was at the time, but this is the inauspicious time of the day in Vedic astrology. So generally, you avoid doing anything significant like starting a project, or an activity, making decisions, or signing any documents as it’s an inauspicious time. It’s set for each day in the almanac or panchang, so if you’re beginning something or you need to do something important, it’s best to avoid that time of the day, as per Vedic Astrology. 

At one time, we were planning an event, so he asked me to bring his mother’s calendar, which has all the details on there (she keeps good track of everything, in the house and outside). This calendar had dates and had the auspicious times, and he read them out for the week. I took note of that. Then that was it, the event happened, and we chose the right timing.

Then a month later, Mohanji asked me what time we should sign a document; I hadn’t realized that those timings were the same for every day of the week. I thought it was just specific for that week. So I didn’t really take a note beyond that and register it, so we could check it each day, each week if we’re planning an activity. I asked, “So each week is the same?” He just simply said, “Why do you think I told you this? Now we’re talking a month later, and we have to talk about it all again. Why are we wasting time like this?” So, to that level of detail – you might think of it as something small, but you have to be aware. This is the same for the big teachings as well.

Mohanji is always giving clarity at the time, and he says, you can ask me as many questions as needed at that time. But he’ll never explicitly say this is what you need to think about. So, in the above incident, I assumed it was only needed for that week, but it wasn’t the case. Over time, and especially the time I’ve lived with him here, I’ve attended most of Mohanji’s meetings, the Satsangs, and the programs, and he has given a lot of information. Recently in the Bootcamp, he was giving the whole roadmap to liberation, practices, and the processes to achieve the ultimate.

In one of my previous recordings, I spoke about Devi Amma, and Satya Sai Baba visited her. She was performing birthday puja for Baba when he appeared and spoke to her. He said that he is very proud of the work that Mohanji is doing. Devi Amma is also deeply connected to Sage Agastya, who told her that Mohanji doesn’t need to learn anything while he’s here. He has come fully accomplished; all he has to do over time is reveal what he’s doing all the time, that’s if we can catch it.

For example, a couple of months back, on the 10th of October, Mohanji was scheduled to implement just a 10-minute meditation which he hadn’t prepared, but he spontaneously gave an Awareness Meditation that focused on the gap or the space between the inhalation and the exhalation, and it was for 10 minutes. After he finished, he turned to us in the room (we set up the camera and sound) and said that he had just given an Avadhoota practice. If people caught it, they would reach great heights because finding that gap between the breath is the key to heaven.

Then yesterday, during the Reinvent Yourself retreat, he hadn’t planned anything – he doesn’t like to, in some ways. Mohanji connects to the energy of the group and then delivers as per what’s needed. So yesterday, he delivered a process called Chidakasha, which is incredibly powerful, and many people said they felt it. He said that this was an advanced ascension process, which masters give; an incredibly powerful process because it aims to install the guru inside us, behind the third eye, and activates the pineal gland, which opens up people for completely vast dimensions. He said people usually say to install the guru in the heart for connection, whereas this is bringing the state of the guru into you so that you merge with that state and you become it. It was the same with the second process, which was finding silence, and this could also take people deep inside.

I wonder how many people caught that. He delivered perfectly, but then it’s our job to catch it, be alert, and be aware of what’s being provided. So now, reflecting on that, I want to create a section in the office team where I can have a group of people who are dedicated to capturing this kind of information, packaging it as processes, courses, even books. In this way, precious material that comes is properly documented for now and for posterity. I start the search for that team today. 

I hope that was useful for you and interesting. And the key message with Mohanji – Being alert, being aware.

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