Lessons living with Mohanji – days 41 & 42

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 41 Lesson – Round-up of the 41 days – If there’s a transformation, it’s worth it 

Good morning, everybody. 

Today is day 41 of the ‘Lessons Living with Mohanji’ series. Firstly, I wanted to say thank you so much for everybody’s support and the private messages that have been sent. I didn’t have any expectations on how far this would reach people. I’m really happy to contribute to our global family in this way, especially if it’s helping with the connection to Mohanji and our purpose because we have a lot to do in the world. 

Mohanji reminds me of this constantly: what more can we do? How can we improve everything? We have great platforms, and each of them has its vision, purpose and objective in the world. How can we use them to reach more people? 

Mohanji gives clarity and guidance for this constantly so that raising awareness and the collective consciousness of the world can be achieved. He said before that he’s here to bring Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, to Earth. In satsangs and here in the house, he’s clarified a few times that actually Satya Yuga already exists. It never left. It’s a frequency, a higher frequency we can connect to. For this to happen, we collectively need to start living the highest potential of human existence – kindness, compassion, unconditional love. 

This is a potential inside us all. Mohanji is available to take us there. But as I’ve mentioned before, he says that it’s for us to walk; he can only guide us, but he’s holding our hand on the way. 

Over the past days, I’ve spoken about the beauty of the Mohanji platforms as opportunities for our purification and for giving back our skills to the world, which benefits us and our entire lineage. What we invest in now will serve us and the future generations to come. I think it’s worth it. 

I’ve also shared many messages about the operating stature of Mohanji as I experience him. There is no nonsense; there’s only today, no postponement, no delay, no procrastination – it’s now. Also, before being spiritual, he’s more practical, and he doesn’t rest. It is a fire in the house: we either move and transform, or we get burned. There’s no “Okay; maybe I’ll be doing this”. It is being fully committed, or maybe it’s not the right thing for us. 

I’ve shared some overview of the house, daily life, interactions with family, his parents, and all the beings around the house. There’re also some extra dimensions of his work, which aren’t completely perceivable to me, but I know they exist. They are becoming more apparent; the longer I stay here, the more I can observe. 

As today marks 41 days, I wanted to focus on transformation. This is probably the main lesson I’ve been able to take from my time here and from my life generally. Since I’ve been connected to Mohanji, there’s been a transformation in my life for the positive. Sometimes there have been big turbulences and quite challenging situations. As soon as I connected to Mohanji, lots of things started to shift in my life. But what I found is that by keeping steady, understanding what purpose I set for myself, accepting situations as they come, riding with that flow of life – there’ll always be a positive outcome at the end. 

Now, I would say that I’ve come from a relative depth of unconscious existence. I used to spend the majority of my time just crashing through life, from one experience to the next, chasing them. Many of them have been drunk, unconscious states. But now, there’s much more clarity and contentment in my life. I hope that listening to these messages would have helped me share that transformation with you all.

Mohanji has been open about this, too. He said that unless there is a transformation for you, it’s not worth being here. Especially in regards to me staying here, he said, “If it’s going to become too much for you and it starts to become a burden and suffocation, then maybe now it’s not the time. I don’t want to make people crumble; I want people to have a happy life. But if you’re willing to transform, then I’m happy to take you to the highest, or wherever you can reach”. He also said that he’s not here to make followers; he’s not interested in collecting more followers. He’s here to make masters. So, it will be our own progress that will be a benchmark of our connection, conviction and our alignment with this path of liberation. 

He also mentioned that transformation doesn’t have to be dramatic so as to become enlightened straightaway. Even if we’re shifting from a lethargic and no-movement state to one where we have purpose and are taking small steps, it’s worth it. Even if it’s about becoming less angry or less affected by situations of the world, it’s worth it. 

So, I’ll end the recording today with an open “Thank you” to Mohanji for all he’s done for me personally, for the opportunity that I have to speak with you all, and for his kindness and friendship, for the time that I’ve been here with him in Bangalore, as he’s looked after me so well—even with the basics, providing shelter, great food, and deep companionship. 

I had intended to conclude these sessions after 41 days. I didn’t intend to carry on. But as there are people here willing to listen, I’ll keep sharing and keep speaking until it’s no longer useful for people. If you have any specific questions about what it’s like to live with Mohanji, I’m really happy to answer. Feel free to make use of me as I have the opportunity to be here. I’m happy to answer any questions, no matter how small or trivial you think they may be. 

The final “thank you” goes to my office team; they do such great work supporting this, especially the one who’s transcribing all of these recordings. I won’t share the name because maybe they’ll get embarrassed. 

As I’ve mentioned in one of the last messages, we’re looking to extend the team, too. So if anyone reads this and feels a calling, write to me, and we can discuss. 

Have a great day ahead, and I wish you a happy day.

Day 42 Lesson – To serve Mohanji is to live his teachings 

Good morning, everybody; I hope you’re doing very well. 

I was thinking back this morning of the reasons why I started these messages. It was to share with people what it’s like to live with Mohanji because I understand that it’s a unique situation to spend this much time with him here. Also, we have an unprecedented situation (COVID) where people cannot meet Mohanji physically, which could potentially get worse as we see a new strain in the UK. It really is an unprecedented and unpredictable time. 

I also know a number of people would like to serve Mohanji personally, e.g. prepare his food, clothes, administer any medicines, and generally help with personal duties. When he’s travelling, this work is greater than when he’s at home. But now, since he’s here, it’s mainly about preparing meals and making sure that everything is well arranged for the live video events, this type of thing. 

But what I’ve come to know, actually, is that he’s more than capable of looking after himself. He’s very independent and a very private person. He’s spoken in public many times that he’s an introvert by nature. He likes having personal space and time to himself, which is why I try to keep my best focus in the meetings we have in the morning. Then, he just updates me in the evening, so we use his time efficiently. 

Also, I understood that he allows everything from people; whichever way people would like to connect to him, he allows. There’s a lot of people who feel compelled to serve him, and he allows that because they gain satisfaction from it. But I sometimes think that it might be easier for him just to do the tasks himself. However, he’s fantastic in allowing everybody who desires to serve him to do so. 

More recently, it’s been a bit more difficult, and I really appreciate Mohanji’s response to the people who have asked, “How do I serve you? What is the best way to serve you? I’d like to spend more time with you”. He gives them a simple answer, which I’ve heard many times before, but it’s a great reminder for me and for others too. He said: “The best way to serve me is to simply live my teachings, bring brightness to the world, and share with the world your gifts and your talents, and especially help the helpless“. That means he’s happiest when others are happy, when they are looked after and cared for, especially when all beings have been fed, and their bellies are full. This is sometimes why, when I’m speaking to him in the morning, he can suddenly stop, and he will ask me, “Have the birds been fed? Can you hear them?” because he’ll hear the birds chirping away or making noise. I’ll check, I’ll go outside, and I can see that they haven’t been fed. So, I’ll feed them. But it means that he’s felt their hunger. 

So, to serve Mohanji is simply to live his teachings. This is the best service we can give. The best ritual he advises to people is feeding the hunger of all beings because that helps us, and it helps them. 

Before working closely with Mohanji and staying here, I had my own experience of understanding this. It was over a year ago now, when I’d recently become an Acharya. After the training, he sent all of us an email, which was really, really kind; it really touched me. He was offering assistance. He said if there’s anything he could help with at all, we could write to him and ask for help. Then he would do his best to fulfil that.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the kindness which he showed because he had just given us so much during the Acharya training. I thought, what more could I ask for? That night, I thought to myself that I would just like to have something really ordinary, something very human and basic, a human experience with Mohanji, e.g. to share breakfast, a Dosa breakfast. Then I went to sleep and had a dream with Mohanji; it was a very vivid dream, where we were at a Mohanji style retreat. I was packing, but it looked like I was going to be late and miss the bus that was going to take us from one location to another. Then Mohanji came into the room and said, “Don’t worry, you can travel with me to the next stop”. On the way, we stopped for some food; it was breakfast time. We went into a café, and that was my chance to have a Dosa breakfast with Mohanji. So I ordered Dosas to eat with him. I ordered two and had just enough money for those. One was ready, so I went back to the counter, collected it, took it back, and gave it to Mohanji sitting at the table. Then I went back to collect the other Dosa from the counter, when, in a flash of an eye, the cashier turned into a homeless person or a beggar who simply asked me for money, “Do you have money?” I didn’t have any because I had just bought the Dosas. I asked if he was hungry instead. He said yes, so rather than sitting with Mohanji, I sat down with him, and we split the Dosa in half, and we ate it together. I must have woken up then and remembered that. 

That was profound for me because I clearly understood that having breakfast or feeding the hungry and the helpless was the same as having it with him. That stuck with me. 

I didn’t know that I’d have a chance to eat Dosas for breakfast with him after this, especially here at the house. 

So today, this is the message that to serve Mohanji is to very simply live his teachings and help the helpless where we can. When we do this, he actually feels it, and he knows. 

Have a great day ahead.


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