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Anonymous Mohanji follower, USA

I came to know about Mohanji in 2019 through a Mai-Tri Method practitioner (now a very dear friend). After a few Mai-Tri sessions, she asked me if I wanted to be added to Mohanji WhatsApp groups, and I gladly agreed. My parents and my husband’s family soon started getting involved in various meditations offered by Mohanji Foundation. Things just happened so quickly that when I look back, it all feels very magical (well, what else do you expect when you are in Mohanji’s protection/grace) and orchestrated.

I want to take a moment to reflect on my transformation. I don’t think I am the person I was last year – I am more ‘myself’, I am more ‘genuine’, I am more the original ‘me’. Though I am devoid of words to express all these, I want people to understand that Mohanji works on us internally, subtly to be more genuine. When you trust and surrender to him, he takes over. From my experience so far, I have realised that I just surrender to him with my heart whenever I have any issues. He is a magic genie who absolutely knows what to give, when to give, and how to give. So I don’t have anything to worry about.

Let me narrate some personal experiences that helped in my above realisation.

I had two major issues in my life that I was trying to cope with. A very close friend of Mohanji’s suggested Mohanji Transformation Method (MTM) with Subhasree, and I instantly contacted her. And what happened after that opened my eyes completely as to how Mohanji’s healing energy works beyond our imagination. Let me tell you in detail.

I have a daughter who is seven years old, who was diagnosed with a health condition from birth. Doctors had clearly said this condition is irreversible. Though I got to know about her condition right after her birth during the newborn screening, I didn’t have the courage to take her for testing even once after that. The fear in me kept growing as my daughter was growing. As she was growing, her condition was adding to my stress as it was more visible. I was worried about her future as to how this issue would impact her day-to-day life. However, the fear was inside me so much that I was constantly declining further tests to avoid having any further therapy or aids etc. As a mother, I was devastated and hated myself for whatever karma I might have carried over that could have brought this condition upon her. My despair was rising day by day. In spite of the physical condition, my daughter continued to be cheerful and carefree, confident in her day-to-day activities. I wanted to ensure that the condition doesn’t impact her personality or be an obstacle to her success. Hence, I tried to look for any alternative paths that could cure her.

This was when someone suggested the MTM sessions for her that Subhasree did in February 2021. A lot of clarity came through the MTM sessions, and she recommended a few different processes that Mohanji guided her with during the session. I followed all the processes sincerely.

In April 2021, two months after the MTM session and continuous practice based on the guidance given by Mohanji, when a call for her test came, I was ready to go for it this time. I took my daughter for the testing all by myself. I wasn’t a bit tense. Whatever the outcome would be, I knew Mohanji would be taking care of this. I had a brief chat with Subhasree, and she also suggested that I surrender to Mohanji and go for the test without any fear. “Mohanji hai na!” is her favourite statement, and I also believed in the same.

A miracle was waiting for me! The test results showed a 40% improvement from the previous test (done when she was born). I was ecstatic to hear this because the doctors had said that the condition would worsen over time, but this was just the opposite. After I shared this with Subhasree, I received a very positive blessing from Mohanji. I now know in my heart that my daughter will come out of the issue in due time.

A few weeks later, we had a specialist for speech who came and assessed her. She said it’s only a miracle that her speech has no impact in spite of the issue she has. I had tears in my eyes when I heard that, as I remembered Mohanji’s words which he conveyed through Subhasree during the MTM session. The message from Mohanji was that while this particular issue is there, it won’t affect my daughter’s other abilities or block her potential in any way. I was witnessing exactly that! My earlier fear and worries about my daughter’s future was fading. I have no words to thank Mohanji for his grace on all of us.

Another incident that I want to narrate has to do with my marriage. My husband and I were having many misunderstandings, and things weren’t working out between us, and we were on the brink of a divorce. Things started to worsen day by day, and he left for India without telling me if or when he will be back to be with us in the USA. I grew more and more despondent, and it was a very pathetic situation for my daughter.

Again I went back to Subhasree for an MTM session for myself this time. After the session, miracles started lining up, which I understand is only and only Mohanji’s grace. In a matter of 2 months after the MTM, I noticed an immense change in our relationship. My husband and I started understanding each other a bit better each day, though we were far apart physically. Magically, both of us started becoming the people that the other spouse expected, or maybe we started to notice the hidden qualities in each other that we expected! For example, my husband has started showing a lot of care, which I expected, but I am learning to be more and more patient with him.

A few weeks ago, he came back to us as a surprise. Not just that, he suggested that we look for a new house for us to live together and is ready to hit the restart button! Mohanji has definitely brought both of us close and has provided a secure and safe family for my daughters to grow up in. Of course, we have now found a new home, and my small family is together again, which seems like an unachievable dream! From a family on the brink of breaking up to being back together! I don’t know how to explain the ways Mohanji works – but it’s unique and subtle. If it wasn’t for Mohanji’s guidance through MTM, I had lost hope and almost walked out of my marriage!

Too many miracles have happened in these past four months for me to comprehend. However, I want to spend a few moments to express my gratitude to a lot of different people that I have come across in the Mohanji family in this entire two years’ journey. The amount of unconditional love that they show to people leaves me dumbfounded each time.

A special thanks to Bhavani Nair (my dear Bhuvi), Shubhasree Ji (I seriously wonder if Mohanji extends her day beyond 24hrs), Lata Ji (my Kriya mentor), Jaya Di (always smiling), Surya Sujan (genuine/a very beautiful soul inside and out). For me, seriously, Mohanji comes in the faces and words of all these angels.

I hear them talk about Mohanji’s presence without his presence! I can see how Mohanji has saved my marriage, removed my fear about my daughter’s future, improved her health situation and overall, transformed me from the state I was in – to a much lighter state now.

Thank You for everything Mohanji’s family has provided to me.
Jai Guru Deva – Jai Mohanji.


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