A Dreamy Glimpse into Being and Consciousness

By Nameshri Chetty

With full faith, gratitude, and love I write this experience

2017 has caught us all unaware as this is the year for true self-growth. Gosh! Little did we know how deep the cleansing would be. But we have been graced by a Spiritual Master who, time and time again, has always made it known that He has our back.

Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji ki Jai!

This experience that I had was a little extraordinary, crazy crazy as I would like to say, but it also helped me to Be and grow as an individual. Anyway, it is best that I start my extraordinary story.

It was a Sunday evening. I had come back from a unit head meeting for Gauteng. I was tired as the week was rather busy. So after my evening sadhana, it was time for bed. While in bed, a random thought hit me. “We must be so loved to be given the breath of life. Imagine how much the Divine must love us that we were sent back to learn lessons so we can reach Liberation. How blessed are we that Mohanji has taught us life skills , tools and the understanding of life so we can reach liberation. How blessed are we in saying that: We should be grateful for the lessons good or bad and receive them both with love and acceptance as it is a gift from the divine. Just imagine if we all could understand and know this how different life would be!”

Gosh! Oh my gosh! That thought just floored me as I felt encompassing love, pure stillness, total presence of Being. Thereafter, I  went into deep sleep. With the lights out, I saw how Mohanji stood over the entire universe. How he created each atom, each life form, each breath. Everything had a part of him or rather he gave a part of Him to Existence. I then saw how he expanded so much to each and every life form whether tangible or intangible. I saw this, I felt all of this as if I was a feather just floating on Grace. I saw how existence is just pure energy all part of the Divine. I felt the emptiness of existence yet I felt the rapture of Grace. I understood at that moment that each and every being, atom, the breath of air, and grain of sand should and only be received with love, honor, respect and gratitude as everything is made from Shiva and that Shiva is in everything.

I experienced Mohanji standing above creation watching all with a caring and loving disposition, just watching us. With this, I felt that there is nothing to fear, as he would not let any harm come to his own. I understood that each word, thought and action should be one of gratitude, love, and devotion for all. Wow! Wow! Wow! I just remembered when I was at the Midlands retreat, I told him, “Mahadev, I can see the entire universe in your eye card”. As usual, he gave me that unassuming smile as if to say “I know not what you say.” Yeah right!.

I know it was just a glimpse for me to grow. I then saw myself expand, my heart poured love over all. I saw myself standing tall and my heart extending or covering all with love as I write this testimonial. I now understand what Mohanji did and why he showed me that dream. As you know, we have all obstacles in life and we are always afraid to show who we are. With me in particular, I have had a roller coaster life and the only way for me to grow is to extend only love to all those that have stood by me and against me – and I saw it happening.

Mohanji’s greatest teaching is, “Be love, be empty, be still, be fluid.

With that thought, I woke up with a great sense of oneness, empathy, compassion and love for all and, mind you, a swing in my step!

Mere (My) Mahadev,  Thank you! You rock 🙂

I totally surrender at your feet for your Grace is my breath!

Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji Jai! Super Awesomeness!

Ahh, I thank you

Much love always, Nameshri

2 thoughts on “A Dreamy Glimpse into Being and Consciousness”

  1. Har Har Mahadev🙏👀💛 How beautiful you are ..inside & outside beloved Namesh❤ how blessed art thou to SEE, experience & love in return. Always love

  2. Bless you dear Namesh…
    And Blessed are they who have the Eye to See … and Ears to Hear.
    Thank u for sharing your Experience with Infinity ♥♥♥

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