All His Grace (Part 2)

By Narinder Rohmetra (Mamu)

This is a continuation to my last post “All His Grace“. I have included a few more of the anecdotes and learning from Mohanji in this post. This and my last post are my humble offerings at the feet of the Master. I also offer my immense gratitude to the Master for showering immeasurable grace on my being and for choosing me as an instrument in His mission.

My Connection with HIM

During retreats, there are one-to-one meetings planned for the participants with Mohanji. As mentioned in my last post, I had exhausted all my queries about spirituality in my very first meeting with Mohanji in July 2011. From then on, I never had any questions for Him. So I never availed of any one-on-one time with him at the retreats. However as time moved on, a question kept cropping up in my mind every once in a while. I mentioned this in my last post as well. Why was I the recipient of all this grace? I could not attribute it to anything in my current life. I hadn’t been following the designated path of spirituality. Then why? This question kept gnawing within me.

In the Wayanad retreat, I finally decided to request for an appointment for a one-on-one meeting. When it was my turn, I entered the designated meeting room without any agenda. He smiled and asked me “What do you want to know now?” I asked him, “What is my connection with You?” Mohanji said, “You  had done intense sadhana of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in the last five lives. In all these lives, I was taking care of you. But we were destined to meet physically only in this life.” Before taking me under His wing in this life, He had been watching over and protecting me like a mother hen through all these lives unbeknownst to me. All His Grace!

A Touch of Hanumanji

After the inauguration of the Madhuban restaurant at Katra in July 2013, a trip to Mata Vaishno Devi temple was planned. The path to the holy cave temple is via a 14km trek from Katra through the mountains. To save on time, we decided to travel by helicopter but the weather was playing truant.

In the afternoon when we were planning to leave for the helipad, the weather was nice and sunny. We asked Mohanji if the flight would operate. He smiled and said, “Sure. We will go on four legs!”. We thought he was referring to the rotor fins of the helicopter. When we reached the helipad, the weather suddenly turned cloudy and all the flights were cancelled for the day. We had no option but to take a pony. Four legs! Ha Ha Ha. 🙂

We were leaving for the yatra base camp at the Banganga check post, situated at the foothills, to begin the trek. Mohanji asked me about my feeling of Hanumanji. I thought that He was referring to my meeting with Hanumanji in Ayodhya. Mohanji said, “You have met  Hanumanji. But have you felt Hanumanji?” He then asked me to feel His body. As I bowed and touched His thigh and calf muscles, I was stunned. They were like stone and had a muscular shape like that of a bodybuilder. I could hardly press them even when I applied my full force. I wondered how this could be. He never visits any gym or performs any type of exercise. People who have massaged His legs are aware that His muscles are very soft. People close to Him know that His body changes as per the requirement of the situation and depending upon the Masters that operate through Him at that moment. These changes have been witnessed by many around Him. This time, He made me feel Hanumanji in the flesh. All His Grace!

Definition Of Tradition in the simplest way

Once I asked Him, “How do we explain the path in a simple way?” He drew the picture of a house (illustrated below).


He explained the tradition as follows:

  • The Foundation is Unconditional Love

Love without expecting in return from our spouse, children, relatives, friends, society etc. Most of the unhappiness lies here as we attach conditions to love. The foundation of the building must be strong to raise the structure.

  • The super-structure has two pillars
    1. Purity: in thought, word and action
    2. Faith: When situations do not happen as per our expectations, we start losing faith and start a blame game
  • Roof slab is Bliss

If we have a strong foundation and super-structure, we will attain the ultimate Bliss.


There are numerous incidents in my life that attest to the presence of His Grace. What I have observed is that He showers His grace in such a way that it looks like a coincidence. He claims no credit for it. It requires eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to feel His Grace. Those who dismiss this as a coincidence have missed the bus, so to speak.

During my journey with Him, I have seen people blaming Him when they were either in the Foundation stage or partially in the super-structure stage. In His very first teachings, He had clearly stated, “Marry the teachings, not the Guru (physical form)”. Yet, they got distracted by getting attached to His physical form or analyzing His physical actions rather than attaching to His Consciousness. All these people had profound personal experiences of His Consciousness including travelling astrally with Him. I know about these experiences based on their own narration of it in one-on-one conversations with them. Inspite of this, they got trapped in the mind game. Our mind becomes very strong if we continue watering it. All Masters have been criticized, blamed, reviled and attacked (even physically) when alive and some have even been assassinated. Only after their death, people have realized their true worth. All because of these mind games. When will we stop operating from the mind???????????????????

With Love

Narinder Rohmetra(Mamu)

Chief Engineer (Rtd.)


11 thoughts on “All His Grace (Part 2)”

  1. Usha lakshminarayanan

    Thank you mamu ji .you have answered some of the questions which I used to ask myself.Wonderful write up. Bless you

  2. Wonderful post !The thing that I like most is there is not even a touch of false modesty .It is mind- boggling to know what it takes to come in to his contact! Jai Sai Ram !

  3. Thank you for the reminders. OM Paramahamsa Sri Mohanji I miss you – it is difficult to marry the teachings and not the guru how does one have bhakti for teachings?

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