Ananda with Mohanji

Mohananda Priya

Mohanji, wow, you really scared us with your turbulent airplane ride! I told Devi, “I was always so thankful that I am older than him so that I would die first.” She laughed and said, “You are wild!”

I couldn’t bear it to live without Him. He has to be alive in the world while I’m alive. I know it’s just a body and for all I know it’s a hologram and He’s located in all five planes – maybe He’s really in the Himalayas or on Sirius or God only knows where! But in my little reality, I need to believe He’s here.

I loved Mohanji from the moment I first met Him and was confused by how deeply and instantly I loved him. I didn’t understand it. I asked him, “Who are you? Why do I already know you?” 

The Past Life


I went home and got into a meditative state, closed my eyes, uninterrupted by outside distractions, switched my phones off, etc. I went down to a river to board a boat. Normally, since it is my creation I make a huge beautiful white boat but this time I was very surprised to see a beat up old tiny boat with a bent old man at the helm. I thought, who is this old man and where is my boat?

It gave me pause but I decided, that it doesn’t matter, I must just get on the boat and go. So, I boarded and the old man turned around and straightened up and looked at me and,  Oh My God! It was Mohanji! Thank God I was laying down, else I’d have fallen over in shock. I’d just met Him and He’s in my regression! 

Normally, I go slowly down the river watch the sky, the birds and get off when it feels appropriate. Mohanji was having none of this, we were off in a flash, like lightning!

Our first destination appeared to be a golden etheric structure with powerful, masterful beings walking around. He directed me to lay down and immediately people began to work on my body! He further directed me to leave my body there and follow Him.

Okay! So, now a piece of me is in this giant chamber and another bit of me is following him. I just tri-located, as I’m actually still at home in meditation too! We went to Jerusalem or thereabouts. There were no road signs so I am guessing. There was a huge beautiful garden and then a home where many women were separating and drying flowers and herbs sitting on the floor. Devi was there too, working. No one saw us. I think we were invisible.

Pic 1 - Devi smelling the flowers, Boynton Canyon, Sedona Vortexes

We went to the garden and from there instantly moved to a huge hill which looked down on a harbor full of boats. Because the boats were more modern I am guessing this was a different life. I also guessed but am unsure that it may have been Italy?

My goal had been to uncover who Mohanji was in the first life but although I understood he had been an apostle, I wasn’t clear which one. I also was unclear about my relationship. I’m sure this is due to my lack of ability to understand the subtleties. Mohanji knows for sure and we can trust our deep and beautiful connection to Him.

Sometime after Mohanji left, I came across a course on how to sing from the chakras which I delightedly took, returning to me, the part that lives and breathes life for music. 

I next saw Mohanji when we were in Yogaville and He asked, “So, how are the music lessons?” I was stunned!  How did he know about the music lessons?  I haltingly said, “You guided me to them?” He responded with a simple smile. 

My mother had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a virulent spine cancer, and I asked Mohanji, “What can I do for her?” His response was, “Whatever she asks.”

I’d rather walk naked through the North Pole. Not everyone’s mother is lovely and apparently, I chose this lifetime to work out issues with mine. I bent to His will and did as He asked, knowing there would be no time to pursue my new work. This would also cost me relationships because she was so hard on me that it destroyed my self-esteem. But, I knew without a doubt that Mohanji would tell me what was best for me and I did it without question.

She suffered in great pain for two years. She was unable to walk, was bed-ridden and cared for 24/7. Thank God we had nurses to help her. I must say that she developed an extraordinary amount of courage and lack of complaint considering that it is probably the most painful disease one can have. A few days before she died she said to me, “Of all my six children, I gave you the least, and yet you have given to me the most. How could this have happened? How could I have been so mean to you?” I dissolved into tears and ran out the door. So much pain for so many decades, so much ugliness, and nastiness only to now see the truth? Even now there are still tears.

I had asked Mohanji if he would help me help her transition to the light. The nurses called at 4:00 AM and I drove over and sat with her and it didn’t take very long, I think perhaps an hour. With her passing away, I found myself wondering, “God why on earth would I choose such a difficult relationship? What could possibly come of this?”  Finally, I realized that I had learned to love no matter what anyone said or did, unconditionally. This was a great gift she had given me and it must have been difficult for her soul to provide this gift to learn to love no matter what. So, I am very grateful to her for honoring such an extremely difficult contract that we had made.

In the beginning, when He brought me challenges when people weren’t nice or I had to be patient (He’ll laugh when He reads this); or Consciousness made a big ask, I would pull back, argue with myself and totally miss that I was being tested. Now I often catch it, “Oh, that’s a test, see if you can pass it graciously.” Often I am reminded of my humanity and my imperfections. Later in Yogaville, Virginia, Mohanji said, “One of the greatest gifts is to learn to love no matter what.” I completely and totally dissolved into tears.

M shaktipat (42)

I want to be the water that Mohanji stepped on; the air which He breathed. I received the Conscious Kriya later in a daze and canceled my appointment with Him because I could not ask for anything nor want anything more. I knew for sure I was living in His consciousness 24/7. That the work must be done by me, not Him. If I gave 10% He would reach me with the other 90%. I felt so humble, yet also so rare and precious and significant and I knew absolutely 100% that each and every one of his followers was exactly the same for Him. That all of us are cared for and loved beyond any love we have ever known before.

The Croatia Retreat


I feel Croatia is the Heart Chakra of the world. The people are SO kind and loving. All of us had an incredible experience there.  The air is clean, the water is clean, it is a pure and beautiful nation and a real treasure in a world often less pure. If you have an opportunity to visit, go!  Don’t miss this divine place with a Master.

The group was amazingly evolved and honest. If someone was angry we all knew that it was a reflection of our own dirt within and that our healthiest path was to serve with kindness and forgiveness. 

The meditations were incredible. We went into the heart and found ourselves outside in nature walking in beauty! We received and gave healing; we had amazing visions that were so intense that I cannot put them into words; we were blessed by the presence of many, many Masters. 

We fell in love with each other and made lifelong friendships. We served and were served. My roommate and I would bring each other chamomile tea at night because if we didn’t we’d have talked and laughed like children until dawn! We laughed each and every day until the tears streamed down our faces.

Bosnia, Sarajevo

The pyramids were amazing. Filled with beings from other dimensions; there was a deep reverence and a solemn inner radiant delight. 

Labyrinth of energy for purification, Park Ravne 2, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji 2017

We quietened down and entered the sacred domain with reverence and devotion. It was almost as though, they gifted us with a deeper devotion, a deeper Bhakti. 

Mohanji is such a loving friend that sometimes we forget that a giant walks among us. As He jokes and plays with us like a friend, a father, a child, a lover, a mother, we sometimes forget that the person walking amongst us is a true Master of the ages and that we are blessed. 

The world in darkness and in chaos desperately needs the joy and laughter which He so generously gave to us so that we should extend forgiveness to each and every person. Let us honor Him instead. Let us know in the deepest cells of our being that we live graced with an abundance of love and joy that most people never know because our every step is protected by a huge Avatar.

I went recently to another program with another Master who I believe knew Mohanji in another life. And, when I went to stand before Him he said, “So, how’s the Country Club?”

“What Country Club?” I replied. “I don’t live and go to the Country Club!”

He looked and said, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” I responded confused. Had I not been standing in front of a Master I would have been indignant. It took me an entire month to figure out that He meant that Mohanji protects us so much that we live in a Country Club. We do. We are protected from the worst elements. 

I’ll give one last example. On the farm we had an enormous hurricane coming one night. There was nothing that could be done as it appeared swiftly and deadly, traveling at huge speeds it couldn’t be out run, ripping roofs off of houses and smashing cars. Like everyone, we too huddled down praying for the best. At the last possible moment, the hurricane whipped around and went to the North and totally missed the farm that should have been devastated.

When I next saw Mohanji he said, “How was the hurricane?”

My jaw dropped and I know that it really should not.  By now I should know He is with all of us every moment. It is never He who lacks. It is always I who must grow to understand how huge He is and how much I still have to grow.

With a love that is deep and abiding, beyond infinity…just me, Mohananda Priya.


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  1. Loved your blog. Keep reading it because it’s so beautifully expressed in pure unpretentious love for Babaji. So much awareness of ones eternal self & awesome experiences with Babaji Mohanji 🙏 shows what a super soul u truly r. Jai Yogiraj Brahmarishi Mohanji Ki Jai 🙏👐

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