Blessings, Hidden and Revealed on the Way to Kailash

By Biljana Vozarevic

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When we left Katmandu, we went to the Hilltake Resort and Spa where we admired the world’s tallest Shiva statue in Nepal, also called Kailashnath Mahadev. It is 44m high, made of steel bars, concrete, zinc and copper. It  exists since 2010 and it took the constructors seven years to build it.

The worlds biggest Shiva statue in Nepal

In the morning Mohanji gave everyone vibhuti putting it on the top of the head, on the crown chakra, and in the right hand to take it into our mouth. It was a blessing for the Kailash trip, for successful completing and inner transformation, for removing all obstacles along the way. This vibhuti came from Nath temple Vajeshwari near Ganeshpuri which a two- hour- drive away from Mumbai. It was given to him by Vasudevan, a man in his 80s who lives in the temple. He is a Nath guru – a Nath master and is very powerful. When he utters the name of a god, that god himself  manifests. So powerful this master is.

Mohanji and the Avadhoota of the Nath temple
Vasudevan with Mohanji, masters’ love is unfathomable
Mohanji putting sacred vibhuti on Biljana Vozarevic at Kodari
Blessings of vibhuti, Mohanji putting it on our crown chakra and into the hand, to take into the mouth

On our way from that place we were about to go to Kodari border, but we couldn’t. There was a sudden huge landslide which blocked the road. What would we do? All the groups were sent back home, but our group of 85 people stayed along with one more small group of 13 people. All other trips to Kailash were cancelled as it is impossible to drive there. Reports suggest an entire hillside came crashing down due to heavy rain, leaving scores trapped.

landslide in nepal 2

In a few minutes on Mohanji’s suggestion Sumit organised helicopters to take us to Kodari border. We were not to go back. We are here to go to Kailash and it could be a test whether we were blessed by gods to remove all obstacles along the way.
Could you imagine how long it takes to organise buses for 85 people, with all their luggage? It took a few minutes to organise 85 people with all our luggage. How could helicopters be organised so fast, without much fuss?

Kailash with Mohanji. Helicopter

Kailash with Mohanji. Helicopter 1

An eagle appeared when we arrived by bus to be picked by a helicopter. The eagle circled many times before it flew away, as if it deliberately wanted us to notice it. Other birds were flying randomly in many directions. Only this eagle circulated and circulated, so that we had enough time to take out the camera and take a picture of it as well. Here are Zoran’s photos of it

eagle 1,3 eagle 4,6

Kailash with Mohanji - eagle in Nepal, Mohanjis guard

Was it a higher master manifesting itself to bless Mohanji and the group? It must be some Mohanji’s guard. Gods are with Him. He is one with them. Later Mohanji confirmed that he has his guards who from time to time manifest as birds, dogs or other seemingly ordinary earthly fellow beings. I am grateful that He is always with me.

I realised later, what I thought was a Shiva’s test, was actually a big blessing. It usually takes about four hours driving on a tough road to reach there by bus. It took us 20 minutes to reach there smoothly by helicopter.
Our duffel blags were rolling down the hill into the football pitch which was improvised into heliport from which the helicopters were taking off. One helicopter could take only 5 people at a time. So, two helicopters flew over the Himalayas to Kodari and back 7-8 times each. It was surreal, like a google-map alive. Or a simulation ride with the click of a mouse in a video game.

For people stuck in the landslide it was not fun at all. There were more than 300 people missing or dead. The police immediately withdrew the helicopters for rescuing operations. Fortunately, we had all already reached Kodari. As the border office closed by the time we all got there, we decided to sleep there, at Himalayan Eco Spa Resort and continue the next day. And while I am writing this, a fast mountain river is running down fast and is giving an ambience sound and landscape background, that many people would gladly put as their cover facebook page.

Himalayan Eco Spa Resort - river

I enjoyed meditating outside on the terrace, on the beautiful, soft, thick, neatly and lovingly maintained grass, along with the loud murmur of the river…

Bilja Vozarevic meditating at Himalayan Eco Spa Resort


How many changes along the way, on the path of Shiva. We had plans, but it turned out that we had to spontaneously adapt the plan and make new one. How human is helpless in front of the outraged nature!  We were at first helpless after hearing the news of the landslide due to the heavy rain. Yet not only we survived, but we were also not delayed much in our trip. If there had not been delays due to visa issues, we would have left earlier and probably been stuck in the landslide under the heap of the mountain stones. I joked how it was nature’s cleansing – heavy rain, water as the symbol of washing away and removing the dirt, and the landslide – the mountain shedding its weight 🙂
What we thought was a hindrance, was actually god’s blessing. How could we know? I can only be grateful for this god’s grace to carry us so smoothly through all this, on the way to Kailash…

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