Born Again – Experience sharing from Croatian retreat – Part 1

Note: All participants shared their experiences addressing the audience or Mohanji


  Milos Pavlovic

 Milos Pavlovic and Mohanji

Before all, I want to thank our Father Mohanji, then I want to thank a certain group of people who made this all possible. Many of you do not have any idea what challenges they were going through. It was going on for months and it was not at all easy. I had a chance to experience the retreat when I was not a part of the retreat and now when I am a part of it. I thank Spahovic sisters, Maja and Sanja. I also thank those who assisted me, Brane, Matija, Martin, Bilja, Spomenka, Nina, Monika, thank you all.
Audience: Thank YOU.
Milos: Thank you Sanjay.


As for my experience, briefly, I felt something like this on Andrevlje in Serbia, in Bosnia and here, too. It is difficult if not impossible to go through this at home with various practices. I am grateful for having given to us this self-realising mantra, Om….etc. It is an unbelievably deep technique for me. I really did my best while I was doing it. At one moment I lost the feeling of my body. I had a feeling I was levitating. After that, some unbelievable emptiness and peace. Also unity – I really felt deep unity. At that moment nothing from the outside could touch it and I still keep feeling it. Of course, I had various reactions along the way, sometimes I was a bit louder, sometimes quieter. Anyway, it is very important that each moment I felt deep peace and deep connection with myself. People would say,“You are irritable now.“ Yes, I expressed this, but it was all on the surface. Each moment of my anger I was deeply connected to myself and stressful situations could not touch me. Also, at the moment of deep peace, deep emptiness, that tremendous space that is within us… I think my heart chakra exploded! It was a huge hole, or how else to call it. I think this is my eighth or ninth retreat and each retreat I am born again. Each retreat this is new Milos, new Milos, new Milos. Unbelievable. It is such a tremendous power when you can flow through life in such a way – that whatever happens on the outside cannot touch you.

Of course, there may be disagreements, but nothing can touch you because you are deeply connected with yourself within. Absolutely nothing. It is an unbelievable power.

satsang (167)

Jai Mohanji!

 (Transcribed and translated into English by Biljana Vozarevic)

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  1. My incredible family. I love you beyond words. You 2 light up my life. Both so inspirational. Love love love you

  2. Thou art all merciful and awesome beloved Adiguru! Born again what an experience for this beloved Atma. Your grace is unconditional😇🙏🙏🙏🙏😘💞

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