Celebrating Mohanji

Written by Swami Mohana Bhaktananda Bharati

Dattatapovan 2

We had an amazing week 18-25th November at Dattatapovan. So much has happened and there were so many experiences of Mohanji’s love.

Last Thursday we spent the day packing the seva goodie bags. We made 120 bags that consisted of sweets, chocolates, oranges, apples, buscuits, chips, and juice. It was a festive party pack.


Puja was done and it was offered to Mohanji.


On Friday we had an evening of bhajans and satsang.  Bhaktas were all in bliss. One devotee felt a fire in his muladahara and this fire rose to his third eye where he could feel if moving. A picture taken of him at that time shows a small bright light on forehead.




It was amazing. The bhajans blew my mind. So much of Bhava and so much of dedication. It was a night spend in praising the Lord and satsang. By the middle of the night the ashram was overflowing with people.

Saturday was an entire days function. It consisted of inverted pyramid meditation, heart opening affirmations, homa, satsang, seva at a home for mentally challenged adults, satsang with Mohanji, an explanation of the glory of Mohanji’s yantra, and arati.  So many people had experiences, from time vortexs, visions of Lord Shiva with eyes open  to intense inner cleansing.

Sunday consisted of a beautiful Conscious Walk (CW) at the beach. 34 people walked as a single consciousness in glory and gratitude for Mohanji.  So may people had experiences. One devotee had visions of shree Dumavati and Lord Shiva. One devotee felt bright light spurting out of his third eye, and this was captured on camera. It was an amazing CW, with lots of our M family joining. It was the biggest walk we have had so far in South Africa. Many new people did the CW for the first time.

After the Gap breathing, the bhaktas felt like innocent children and ran towards the water to play. Thank you to everyone that was apart of this CW. Amazing to say the least. This was on of the biggest CW held in SA, Lets continue this momentum.

After the Conscious walk, we watched a movie at the ashram. We watched a movie about Shirdi Sai. After that, we had live Darshan of Shri Sainath at Shirdhi and did arthi.

Dattatapovan 3

It was such an amazing experience. Everyone left as changed people.

Newcastle did their weekly meditation on Sunday. It was a beautiful meditation.  MFSA-Newcastle offered gifts to everyone that attended the celebration. They made fridge magnets for everyone with Mohanjis picture and gayatri mantra.

Power of Purity meditation was held at the other KZN centre.

This Tuesday we had a wonderful pop meditation at the ashram. About 25 people attended, with 7 new people. People felt the presence of Mohanji and felt him walking during the meditation.

Dattatapovan 4

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