Dana’s Shamballa Experience – from Nov 2008

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in the previous blog post about Dana’s experience of facing the fear head on, I mentioned her Shamballa experience after connecting with Mohanji’s third eye. 

This happened more than a year ago (in Nov 2008), when Dana hardly had any inner experiences with Mohanji and was far from Shaktipat initiation. Since many of you joined BTW subsequently, I decided to share it once again because it truly is extraordinary – reaching Shamballa, the most subtle vibratory plane of the Masters, is close to impossible for any sadhak (and can be achieved only through grace of the Master(s) and/or good ‘poonya’ from the earlier lives).

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Dana’s Experience, Nov  2008: 

 For the last one year I have been living in Nepal and so far didn’t have a chance to experience Bless the World meditation. However, my connection with Mohanji has been strong and consistent and it is getting stronger now that I’m “making the best use of this life for higher evolution, which is the only meaningful purpose of this life”, as Mohanji explained to me recently. 

I don’t have any BTW experiences to narrate, but would like to share with you something that happened to me few days back, for which I am deeply thankful to Mohanji. 

Dana in Gratitude - NAMASTE to the Existence

 Following Mohanji’s advice to visualize his eyes during my meditation, just before going to sleep I wanted to do ujjay breathing with mudras. During the first ujjay breath I connected with his eyes, but after 3rd breath I was suddenly stopped by somebody’s strong presence (the message that I got was something like “You don’t need to do these breathings any more. You can meditate immediately. No time to lose”)… And I really couldn’t/didn’t need to breathe any more at all (like what happens in deep meditation) and felt that I already reached the stage of expanded consciousness. 

At that very moment I saw myself in a cave and the man who’s presence was so divinely radiant has cleaned it a little bit – I sat there, feeling such a strong energy of the place (I have never experienced something like this before. It was like place of the “spiritual Knights of the Round Table”… actually, I don’t know how to describe it, but the energy of the place was so sacred and strong, like all the Masters meditated there). 

I didn’t recognize the Master immediately, but by looking at the long hair and slim body, I became aware that the Master was nobody else but the great Mahavatar Babaji!!!… Oh Lord, how powerful and rigorous he was!!! No other living Master that I ever met in this life (and I was blessed to meet few) has ever had this kind of authority combined with love oozing out of his very presence (I wish I had appropriate words to describe it all!!!). 

The Great Immortal Yogi - Mahavatar Babaji

The only thing that I was able to express verbally to him was my gratitude, but he was not bothered…  My mind tried to analyze and remember what was happening at that moment, but I knew that I just had to let go… And the only thing that I remember was that I was one with the Master, I felt that my body was only bones and skin… But my consciousness… Oh God… So expanded… 

My dear friends, so many Masters work through Mohanji (all of you have different, but strong experiences)… And the experience that I had is a re-confirmation of Babaji’s grace in him, as Babaji used the path of Mohanji’s third eye to access me and take me to Shamballa. This kind of experience changes one forever. Nothing is the same any more… 

Two months back, Mohanji told Biba that I will soon reach the path of Shiva… Now he tells me that I have already reached and started travelling on it… I’m so thankful to him… Well, my dear friends, now that I have found the gateway, I’ll keep travelling for sure… 

But, as I can see, I’m not the only one who has found it and that makes me so happy and even more grateful. It’s such a grace to travel on this path with the wonderful companions like you… 

All of us will have different experiences on the path, but the final destination is the same… Journey is one to be enjoyed… So, PLEASE, keep on sharing your experiences on this group mail, since knowledge and happiness can only increase while sharing… 

Dana - With a Bubbly Smile and Flowers From Nepal



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