Divine Calling and Meeting in Toronto

Written by Manjari Deepak Parekh

Sadar Pranam to Poojyashree Sri Mohanji,

We take this moment to write few lines about our presence with Divine Existence Poojayashree   Sri Mohanji.

2012-08-10 - Mohanji - USA (14)

It imparts great rejoicing and enchanting sensation to share our little experience of HIM, with our beloved brothers and sisters who crave perpetually to be with Poojyashree .

We know this write-up is possible only with His Grace and Kripa (grace) and we dedicate this to His Pious Lotus Feet.

We did not know about Poojyashree before HE arrived in Canada. We had glanced at his visiting card sized photograph shown by His ardent devotee Neha Parekh to whom we are grateful that Poojyashree decided to be with us in Canada. All Divine Plan.

All encompassing hug, all encompassing Love.
All encompassing hug, all encompassing Love.

When we went to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Scarborough as usual in the morning, we felt the presence of Mohanji in the Mandir (temple) and in moment it flashed that Mohanji is offering Kakad Aarati to par Brahaman Sri Sai Baba.

A few days passed by, and Mohanji arrived on Monday, August 25 2014 in Toronto. Neha conveyed to us that Poojyashree has conveyed a feeling of having Darshan of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba at the Scarborough Temple to perform Shej Aarati. We just got ready to be with HIM at the temple. We were about to leave when Neha called and told us that today it will not be possible as Poojyashree needed rest to get over the jet lag after a long flighl from India. Instead Prabhuji will be there for Kakad Aarati on August 26.

Connection, devotion, unity
Connection, devotion, unity

Listening to this message from Neha, tears started flowing and we could not believe it. We were reminded of that momentary glimpse which Poojyashree had shown us a few days ago before his arrival in Toronto….

This remains our first experience of Divinity in HIM and even though we had not had his physical Darshan, HE gave us the message that I am Here and Now.

Our hearts filled up with Joy and we were in tears, craving for his Darshan the following morning. We finally arrived at the moment of having his Darshan at Sri Shirdi  Sai temple. We had a message which conveyed to us a feeling that Sai is happy to embrace Poojyashree’s presence in the temple. We relayed this feeling to Nilesh Parekh and requested him to pass it on to Poojyashree. It had been revealed to us by Sri Mohanji  when we were with him at our residence on September 4, that HE listened to our voice and conversation of August 26. This had been our other enchanting experience with him. We felt that he is beyond time and space and He can be with us if we sincerely connect to HIM.

During HIS presence in Toronto, we felt him with us every day at the temple, while performing Aarati, while doing Pari Kramma around Sai Baba and while offering Archanam and flowers.

Finally, the moment arrived which we had been craving for. Poojyashree accepted our invitation to be with us at our residence on the evening of September. On that day, in the morning, we had glimpses of Poojyashree merging with  Sai-Baba. This was after Abhishekam was performed to Sai and  garlands were being offered to Baba. WE just could not hold ourselves back. Tears started flowing, we felt helpless. What can we offer to the Divine? Everything belongs to Supreme Divinity even our soul is HIM…

There is no Scale to measure the Grace that YOU Shower! How can I express my gratitude?
There is no Scale to measure the Grace that YOU Shower!

Poojyashree told us quite affirmatively that He had been listening to all talks which We had with Baba at the temple during his stay and away from temple at Neha’s residence in Toronto.

WE do not know. We cannot comprehend what had been happening to us. While writing this, we feel that He is guiding us, we were supposed to share these moments of ours with everyone but Divine had a different design in delaying too…

We had been to Pittsburgh at Sai Mandir and Lord Venkateshwar Balaji on September 16. While praying at Sai temple in Pittsburgh we felt his presence too.

When I pray, it is  a merger of consciousness
When I pray, it is a merger of consciousness

We could not hold ourselves back. Words may not be sufficient to express the feelings but it gives us immense joy and bliss to share the feelings and experience we had with Baba and Mohanji with our brothers and sisters who are seeking divinity through our revered Guruji Poojyashree Mohanji.

May Sri Mohanji Bless us all with the Bliss of Purity and Perfection in every sense of Divinity and Piousness.

Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti

We bow down to Lod Dattatreyaji

With utmost Humility and Honesty we offer our sadar pranam to you all

Sai ram Sai ram Sai Ram

Manjari Parekh


Joy in my Father's house
Joy in my Father’s house






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