Impossible Parking

By Biljana Vozarevic

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These are the pictures that Preeti Duggal from Bangalore posted on Facebook today:

Outside Swamy Govindgiriji's Ashram Shri Mohanji parked the car as Mr. Sethu, (Devika's Father) could not do so.
Outside Swamy Govindgiriji’s Ashram Shri Mohanji parked the car as Mr. Sethu, (Devika’s Father) could not do so. Shri Mohanji did it in one go. A treat for the eyes.

Mohanji parking a car - impossible maneuvering 2


These pictures reminded me of my similar experience in May 2012.


In May 2012, Mohanji arrived in Serbia and we had programmes in Novi Sad and then in Belgrade. We were supposed to meet Zoran S. from Macedonia and his wife. After looking for the way to the hotel „Moskva“ in Belgrade, Rajesh (Vijay Ramanaidoo) from UK, Mohanji, Biba and I were in a car. I was driving. In the middle of the crowd, in one narrow and steep street I found a parking place. What a relief, when I found out there was no need to keep an eye on prolonging the parking each hour… It was away from the parking zone. The meditation and satsang went well, people were curious or eager for spiritual nectar. Some of them pulsated from the energy which they absorbed and which was yet to settle.
On the way back, I noticed Mohanji’s steps were so light as if he was walking on the clouds. Somehow carefully, as if he was paying attention not to touch the concrete too hard. He always tended to have his hands fee, he avoided carrying anything. He wanted to have freedom of movement. Yet his attention is always 100% on. He may joke, but is always aware what is happening behind, in front or in some other parts of the city, even remote parts of the globe.
After we arrived to pick up the car, there was a surprise. Another car stood exactly behind ours and I was terrified at the thought of parking out of the space narrow like a box of matches!!! And furthermore, it was steep, I would have to go backwards, I would surely slide down and the car was new and let alone that there were Mohanji and others. I thought we should wait for the driver to move his car, which would be a reasonable but helpless decision, and we had to go back to Novi Sad, it was late in the evening.
Mohanji immediately knew what the problem was and saw my desperation and decided to park the car out himself. No human apart from the few best professionals in the world could do that, believe me. It was so tight that one millimeter slide down that slope and it would scratch on the wall at one side. The other car was preventing maneuvering. Simply stuck. Even a bicycle would find it challenging to get out of there, let alone the car. But slowly and gradually, with some incomprehensible inner sensors Mohanji smoothly got the car out of the claws of that place. And it was even the first time he got into that car, he wasn’t even used to the commands, the feeling of the steering wheel or the clutch or the accelerator. Furthermore, it had not been long before when he had been in completely expanded state talking to people and giving answers , then shaktipats, healing and cleansing energy blockages. This was a totally different situation, non-spiritual, but no-mind state obviously makes wonders in any situation. He showed such a perfection! As if sunshine and butterflies filled me when I saw it. I was so humbled and ashamed. Instead of me serving the master, hi did it… I didn’t know where to disappear. So there it was. We entered into the car, I continued driving and we arrived home safely.
While growing up, there was no time for Mohanji to waste to finish the karmic journey.. he soon taught himself how to drive. He learned to drive the car, the scooter and motorcycle by himself. He had no instructor per se, just like he has never had a proper guru in his spiritual path.


Mohanji parking a car - impossible maneuvering 3

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