Krishna – The Beauty and the Truth

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Dear All,

This is an experience of Bharati Kapoor from Delhi about her aunt Asha Mumma, her illness, her life, her values, at the end her liberation, and Mohanji’s blessings…

A true experience, written lovingly straight through heart…

Bharati, please accept Bless The World Family’s love and tribute to Asha Mumma


A Beautiful Karmic Journey

“Long Life is not important. ‘Life’ in our life is very important.”~ Mohanji.

This is a beautiful karmic journey of my massi, Asha Mumma (my mother’s elder sister). This small write-up was guided to me by my Master Mohanji, even though I never verbally communicated with him on this. I am an instrument to pen it down. The experience of God Almighty has magnificently proven me that HE is being in and around me and in all HIS creations.

Birth till becoming a mother

On 2nd May 1945 a divine Soul, a girl was born to Late Shri Sardari Lal Mehra and late Smt. Satyawati Mehra in “Guru ki Nagri” Amritsar (Punjab, India). This beautiful girl was named “Asha” who personified love. She was brought up with all simple grounded moral values by her parents. Her father was into SHRI KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS. Being an ardent follower of Shri Radhe Krishna, she grew up with good value and education, certainly different amongst all brother sisters. She was full of life, chirpy, bubbly and a spiritual girl. As a teenager, she was everyone’s delight. All use to look upon to spend time with her. At the age of 22, on 6th “June” 1966, Asha Mumma was married to a gentleman with simple living, high thinking, well grounded Shri. Prem kapoor; Son of late Shri. Nathu Ram Kapoor and late Smt. Champawati Kapoor. They were staying at Ludhiana.


Getting married into a big Joint family brought one lifetime change in her. She never lived for herself after she stepped into Kapoor Villa. Being an elder daughter-in-law, she always tried to make up to the expectation of all elders and youngsters at home. She was always available for all and never said no to anyone. She was an epitome of love and Selflessness. She brought so much pride to her parents that her parent-in-laws were always indebted towards her parents to have her in their lives. She became a proud mother of three sons who always looked upon to her as a pillar of strength in their life.

The big Kapoor Family

In the journey of life, she must have made lots and lots of sacrifices and compromises but she was always a contented human being. She served, cared, responded with equality to all, always smiling and made everyone smile. While all was going on in the Karmic journey of life terrestrially fulfilling her Dharma and Karma; her soul was always connected to Shri Krishna.

Cancer detection

In the year 2010, one day in the month of June, she went under some discomfort. Soon, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her family became her pillar. Her husband, her sons and daughters in law (who meant more than daughters to her) became her strength. My courageous maasi who had will to live life fully; fought back and underwent treatments in Mumbai till March 2011. Her complete faith and surrender to Shri Krishna, revived her back. Her health was improving. It is all GRACE. In 2012 in the month of October; she started complaining of some seasonal cough and cold, and underwent some treatment in Delhi with the best of Doctors.

I request all the readers to kindly understand her beautiful connection with Shri Krishna.

“Enlightenment is being-ness, the soul keeps going up and down…its wisely said you only get what you deserve and not what you desire. This is one of the fundamental laws of existence.” Mohanji

Asha Mumma gets connected with Mohanji

9th Nov 2012 is a very special date for me and our Bless the world family also. It is celebrated as Ammucare day. Ammu, Mohanji’s daughter (Krishna consciousness) left her body as a child; so this day is dedicated to Selfless Seva acts. On this occasion, we had organized Mohanji’s “Power of Purity” meditation and Food Seva at Aricent Technologies in Gurgaon. After this meditation, as promised to Asha Mumma, I went to meet her at her house at Gurgaon. The Grace would have been on her in all her past lives but what happened on 9th was all her soul needed and that was merging into the Krishna consciousness.

We both sat together and started talking about our experiences of Lord Krishna. She insisted that I should make her learn meditation one day. Very enthusiastically she learnt all breathing exercises. But Divine didn’t let us do the ‘Power of Purity’ meditation on that day. With a smile and a hug I promised her that very soon I will come to Ludhiana and do meditation with her there. She kept asking me about Mohanji and how HE or any Master operates from higher realms and change the purpose of one’s life and how time flew, after nearly 3 hrs of our Satsang, when I was about to leave, she asked me how can I connect with Mohanji. To my surprise, I found an Eye card of the Gracious Mohanji in my wallet. I guided her on how to connect to HIS consciousness. Then, I left with a lot of love and positive energies around her.

Mohanji’s spiritual card that Bharati gave to Asha Mumma to get connected with Mohanji’s eyes

Next day, I got a call from her that she was really getting connected with Mohanji’s consciousness. The dream that she narrated was not just a dream that came true. I felt  it was the reality of life. It was not a surprise to me. Her soul’s food had started energizing her. This could be felt by those only who are connected to Master’s consciousness and not at the terrestrial level. Her words in Hindi “Bharti mere liye tou yeh Mohanji nahi hai, yeh tou Krishnaji hai..Naam tou ek hi hai .. inohone mujhe wo shaanti di hain jo shayad maii kab se talaash kar rahe thi, yaddi tum mujhe naa milne aatii , tou shayad se mai appne Krishanji kabhi mil naa paati .” ….

Meaning “Bharti; Mohanji is not Mohanji for me. He is my Shri Krishna. Name is also similar! He has blessed me with inner peace which I was looking for ages. If you would have not made me meet him, I would have never met my Shri Krishna in this lifetime.”

I as Bharti here was talking to Asha mumma but our souls were chanting in the higher realms.  I am blessed to be graced by my Master, who showed me that HE is a human activator giving relieving many searching souls.

She left for her hometown on 15th Nov, rejoicing herself with the utmost grace on her soul though physically in a lot of discomfort. She spoke to me several times sharing her experiences that happened after that and the white light she was floating in. She felt liberated in herself.

Asha Mumma’s revival

On 8th Dec, I came to know that she is in the hospital under the medical supervision. The instincts in me showed me how one’s connection leads to path of liberation but I as a human body entangled in the terrestrial attachment saying to my masters ,”She being such a divine person should not suffer so much. She doesn’t deserve this.”  My Master answered.. “Dare not interfere in her karmic journey, just let her get liberated, she deserves to be at her best, the pain she went through in the last 2 months, physically or emotionally trashed her karmas.” I wanted to visit her but couldn’t make as all in the family thought this might not give her comfort. I knew she was sinking every day. Finally we managed to reach Ludhiana.

As I landed there, I was told to that may be, these are last few minutes of her life. I rushed to meet her in PCCU in the hospital at 1.30pm. I held her hands and hugged and wished her. She gave me a broad smile. I was constantly reassuring her and talking to her. She kept giving me either the divine thankful or sharp frightened look. She collapsed and became unconscious. With few pats on her chest, she revived. She looked at me and said I am ok and then the grace started flowing at its peak.

I was guided to give her Shaktipat. I saw the improvement in her sustainability. I was inside for nearly 2 hrs, realizing that she is being responsive. The chanting was on. All the human binding chords were losing strings. She asked me for holy water Gangajal. I put in her water bottle which she was consuming as she deserved. It’s well said by Masters “You get only what you deserve not what you desire.” She was getting best of the treatments but when it’s the time to go back to your actual home. Nothing would work then.

She was a fighter

Asha Mumma’s first Power of Purity Meditation

On the 28th late evening, I went to meet her again. The most beautiful times of her life; she experienced the white light merging into her. Tears were rolling her eyes when she hugged me. She said, “Beta tu itni door aayii hai mere ko mediation karrane. Yaaddi Delhi karra deti tou apna ghar choorh kar yahanm na atai”..

meaning – you have traveled so far to give me meditation! If you would have done this meditation for me in Delhi, then leaving your house, you would have not come to my house WoooW!! see the connection. Amazinggg… I was not seeing Asha Mumma there, but the beautiful liberated soul. Amazing experience!

In the hospital, when she was conscious, she asked me to chant all the Beej Mantra’s, all Krishna chants, Gayatri Mantra and we chanted for 3 to 4 hrs constantly. She chanted all along raising her hands to the sky while smiling and seeing all divinity in front of her. Amazing it was. Suddenly I asked her about doing meditation and she said, “Yes” please do so if possible. I was just not me. Felt some supreme power engulfed in my body, the oozing energies out from me to her were beyond explanations. I plugged earphones into her ears to listen to the divine Power of Purity meditation. As it proceeded, she was in a different world. Smiles with tears rolling down her face, she was glowing with gratitude towards HER Krishna..!!! Shaktipat (An energy transfer from the higher realms of consciousness) was graced by Mohanji. Her body had pain but she was at peace with her soul. The chants after that, really led her to the path free from bindings of earthly relations.

Never in life had I witnessed such a truthful and pure communion between Self and Soul. “She was conscious enough to say that her next karmic journey is in Vrindavan and the new sets of clothes for her soul are ready to engulf her.” Thrice she left her body in a stone state but revived back.. .. that was a divine experience for her body..!!!!

By nearly 1 am I felt that she was in a very relaxed state and fell asleep. Next day As I asked her to take leave, she smiled with tears and asked me not to leave and said “tum tou mere ko Thakurji se milaane aaiee ho, yaddi tum gayi tou meri gatti kaun kareaga..” This meant she asked me not to leave, if I leave who will make her meet her Krishna. That was a blessing on her.. the grace which rare of the rare people are blessed with..!!!! I cancelled going back and stayed there for another day, spent all my time with her chanting and doing satsang. The grace was constantly flowing.

She was so grateful towards her husband

The last breath

She was conscious till the next morning 8am i.e the 30th of Dec. I fed her some food. She and I were alone in PCCU. All others had left for home to change to come back to hospital. Suddenly she started pouring out her  heart regarding the simplicity of her husband. She had utmost regard for her husband. She praised him and always blessed him.  She blessed her adorable sons and daughter-in-laws, her grandchildren, all her relatives in this terrestrial world.

NOW, the actual journey started. I could so find her in very different mode. She insisted on Power of Purity meditation despite of the doctor’s visits, she again insisted. As per inner guidance, we started the Power of Purity meditation and she was in the realm of HIS consciousness. Amazing facial expressions, some moments in life can’t be explained.
After the meditation, she asked for Tulsi leaf and water, as per her guidance, I gave her both. She thanked me for making her meet all her Gurus, her parents and all the parted souls and thankful towards every single element in this world.

The moment I hugged her to leave, she actually held my hand and sank. I could not gather the message there that she didn’t want me to leave. I took the hug as ‘good bye’.. ..  … when I left, she sank into unconscious state and had merged into the consciousness of white divine light..!!

The calls I got at 2.30pm, while going back to Delhi, had signaled that she is not on this earth any more, but yes she is here with all we loved ones.

I sent my write up to Mr. Prem Kapoor, Asha Mumma’s husband. He wrote back, “Well done my daughter. You have made a good article and well deserved tribute to the departed Soul “my Asha”. I am very much moved and impressed by your thoughts about her. She was very much devoted to Lord Krishna- I know it; and the way she was chanting RADHE RADHE, due to your efforts and the blessing of Shri Mohanji- its’ really releasing and a memorable thing.

Woh kehte hain na- (It is said that)

Guru Godind dono khare, kis ke lago pai,

balihari guru aap ke jo gobind diyo milay”


When at the time of death , When Satguru (Master) and Para Brahma Govind (Lord Shri Krishna) are standing in front of you, to whom shall I prostrate?

I shall Prostrate to My Satguru ( Master), because of HIM , I have met Para Brahma (Lord krishna)

Whatever Satsang you did with her or whatever meditation you taught to her and with the name in her heart and blessing of Mohanji, I think she left the world. I wish someday I go to Varindavan and lookout and to find her there. Please pray for me.

Long Life is not important. ‘Life’ in our life is important. -Mohanji.

My life has changed after this all. I request you all to please forgive me, if by all means any write-up has made anyone upset.

Asha mumma’s last wish was to have you all understand and connect to any Guru, off course not leaving your present life and dharma.

Unconditional love you all
Stay blessed
Love and light to you all


5 thoughts on “Krishna – The Beauty and the Truth”

  1. Dhanvat parnaam in the holy feets of departed great soul and lot’s of blessings for a real krishna bhagat. God bless u bharti ji.

  2. It is past 1am on a working day but something kept me awake and fully energized… I opened my Inbox and saw this post – after I read the first couple of lines, I understood…Read it blissfully,with an expanded heart, in a sacred space way beyond the mind… – felt the Shaktipat u gave thru my spine while reading. So beautiful, so ultimately sacred… Thank u dear Bharti for this precious sharing, for the intimate experience of Asha Mumma – pranaams to her eternal soul.. Mohanji’s smile in the last photo says it all…. Love always, only real, Biba

  3. Dear All,

    Pranaam to all,

    Bharti kapoor was,is and till the time in body form shall always be an instrument of HER MASTER’S grace..Love and Light

  4. Dear Bharati, the experiences you describe of your Beloved Asha Mumma, encapsulate the epitome of Guru and Grace.
    What a beautiful, touching tribute.
    Thank you for the sharing.

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