Living in our Beloved Mohanji’s Consciousness

By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

Every day is an adventure! When I am quiet inside, it is easy to sense our beloved Para Brahma’s energetic presence. There is no need to be in a deep chant, prayer or concentration. To my utmost joy, I have discovered Mohanji is always around whether I am aware of it or not.

Recently, our son turned Vegan after a session of the Mai Tri Method. It was not driven by a need to be spiritual but instead, it was out of his compassion for the animals that were being killed for meat. Having just turned thirteen, he has become aware of the harsh nature of this world and become deeply reflective.

Sometimes, he is downright angry. Sometimes, he can be ever so gentle too, that his heart swells with compassion for all Beings suffering in this sleek modern world, we adults are so proud of. Connection to our beloved Mohanji and his teachings are pivotal to his awakening.

In Mohanji’s loving light, his once bleak future glows brighter. Isn’t that just the most beautiful thing? A young person growing up with compassion, kindness, humility, and gratitude has already changed the world. Mohanji lovingly calls that awareness.

Children like him grow into adults who live in harmony with Mother Earth. We need to make time to nurture and elevate our children to this pivotal point of seamless integration. As parents and adults get caught up in the spiral of helpless apathy, there is less inclination to make changes that prevent cataclysmic outcomes in our timeline.

We need to wake up now. Children need to learn to live in harmony with all beings that share this planet with us. More importantly, they need to conserve and protect the manifested Consciousness that is our living planet! We are overdue for a reset.

Too much of interference has upset the balance of nature. When Mother finally resets that balance only Mohanji knows what that outcome will be. Pay attention before it’s too late. Our beloved Mohanji has already said that the years 2019 to 2022 are a mini golden period of acceleration to connecting with our Consciousness – Soul State.

inner state

So, what are we doing about it? Still living our day to day life without awareness of the momentous importance of this mini Golden Age or not? If we were paying attention to the incredible experiences of our global family, it will be easy to understand the significance and magnitude of this acceleration.

Everything is moving so fast. Time is on steroids! We appear to be moving as fast in our daily lives as the Earth is spinning on its axis and revolving around the sun! The sun seems to be getting brighter. Has anyone else noticed this?

We live on the coast, so mornings are very bright and as the sun sets the golden orange hues appear vivid for longer periods. Even when busy with simple chores, there is a greater awareness of Consciousness at work.

Mohanji light

Have you wondered why it is possible to pick up people’s thoughts no matter how far they live in the world? It feels like the wavelengths of the different frequencies we are on are becoming finely attuned. To think, we all have the ability to integrate fully with each other at Consciousness level is still astounding.

Sometimes when something appears not to work out, it is easy to understand that it’s not meant to be. This translates to lesser feelings of attachment to mere things. It is however still challenging when it comes to relationships. The closer they are, the more complex it appears to be.

Please read ‘The art of seeing rainbows in the night’ by Sandra Sankar

Sometimes the magnificent complexity of how karma works totally floors me. An incredibly vast cosmic chess game in play comes to mind. Just this small glimpse of my chosen life is enough to deliver a humbling glimpse of how blessed we are to have our beloved Mohanji in this life.

Mohanji’s life is about selfless and unconditional love for all Beings – animate and inanimate. Our Mohanji lives His teachings. I do remember challenging myself to walk in Mohanji’s footsteps during a Conscious Walk with Him. Within the first few steps, I was overwhelmed with a sense of resounding vastness and great power that I took a deep breath and faltered.

The physical form is just eight percent (8%) says our beloved Parabrahma Swaroop Mohanji. So, exactly what is the ninety-two percent (92%)? Can we handle the implications of this? Are we consistently working on speeding up our integration to Mohanji’s pure Consciousness during this golden period? It’s an opportunity that has not presented itself for over a million Earth years.

I have yet to come to the point of asking the tree for the flower before I pick it. To come to the point where every tree is treated with love and respect not just understanding that they are the ‘holy’ trees, flowers or fruit. All is pure Consciousness. Can you imagine what our beloved Mohanji sees or experiences?

The ancient tribes of the world were deeply connected to Consciousness. Sadly, modernity trapped in concrete jungles has quickly squashed out every semblance of this wisdom. Human eyes can only see a small fraction of the true light spectrum. Other Beings have more attuned senses than we do.

All too often, I do find it easier to sense Mohanji’s presence than ‘see’ it. Our son also saw our beloved Mohanji’s astral form in the colours of the rainbow. As spectacular as it is, it is only eight percent of manifested form. What else are we missing?

My humble understanding is that our purified ‘intuitive’ senses are our true power base. Seeing with our third eye allows us to interact with Mohanji on the astral plane. Causal interaction requires full integration and stability into Mohanji’s consciousness.

Then Father’s (Mohanji’s) energy hums through our Being. It feels like a multitude of buzzing bees inside you at first. When Mohanji’s energy moves through you, it feels like great waves of soothing energy passing through. Later you realise it is through all other energy bodies as well.


In time we learn to recognise Mohanji’s blessed presence and surrendering to the LOVE fills us with LIGHT. On this journey, we are subject to many tests as we become attuned to higher and higher frequencies. Sometimes we feel alone and isolated. I have come to regard them as tests.

Consistency and perseverance are stepping stones. Never give in to the negative mind. It’s so easy to slip into negativity. As our awareness increases, we recognise the mind-traps. All I endeavour to remember is that no matter what, I am never alone. Mohanji is always with me.

Even when fear transmits itself in earnest, it does not last. There is instant recognition and instant diminishment. Have NO FEAR when Mohanji is near. Actually, Mohanji is within us. We are within Mohanji. There is NO separation.

It is time to shut down the mind and its limitations and go within. Stop the thoughts from intruding. Watch them without interfering. Almost like they have a life of their own, thoughts become aware of being watched and slow down. Like naughty children! Then mind stops like a child caught doing something guilty.

It’s almost like most thoughts do not belong to us! Almost like, we are bombarded from an external source to stop us connecting to the inherent silence inside. Almost like external interference. As for ‘why’, it makes sense not to dwell on the negatives.

Mohanji on silence

Mohanji always reminds us to focus. He lovingly says we have the power to stop the noise. Our personal experiences are filled with amazing tales of expanding into Mohanji’s Consciousness. Soul State. Mohanji came here to remind us how beautiful we are. On my low listless days, this is enough to pick me up quickly.

It is becoming easier not to plunge into dark states of depression and mind deadening repetitive thoughts, belittling or scolding myself for not being good enough or accepted by others. Self-judgement is getting less and less. My egotistic responses are quickly recognised and dropped. Life prana stops draining out.

“Mind has the ability to project all good things of our life to look bad and ugly as well as to project all binding things to look beautiful and essential.” – Mohanji

Belittling things that people say do not get me down as it once did. Mohanji teaches us to flow. I feel that this humble little river is growing expansive and powerful as it flows towards full integration into Mohanji’s Consciousness. It is all Mohanji’s grace.

There are increasing periods of stillness like I never imagined possible. Silence is an exquisitely beautiful thing. All in all, I am finding a balance between my roles and integrating into Mohanji’s Consciousness. Every moment in this mini Golden Age counts. I’m not wasting one second of it.

There is an incredible sense of fearless freedom from my mind. The chinks on the shackles that once bound me are becoming looser. Again and again, our beloved Mohanji’s grace is always evident. Thank you, thank you, thank you beloved Mohanji! Ever grateful. Humblest pranaams. Surrendered at your lotus feet.

MOhanji pic 1


Compiled, Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 5th September 2019


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