Mohanji: an Experience of Attributeless Existence?

Written by Yashik Singh

There are two stories that have always fascinated me. One is that when a photo was taken of Shree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, nothing appeared until his permission was sought. The other is the fact that a camera could not catch the image of Shree SaiNath Maharaj, until his permission was obtained. These stories gave me faith about the divinity of these Masters and how special they are. How extraordinary they are. I mean, bending the laws of physics as we currently understand them…..who but someone of their caliber can do it.
Mohanji called me to his room during his stay in Durban. He explained that we needed to take an image of his feet and send it to India. Ok…so it’s a simple task right…..I like to think I can use basic technology, so my first thought was to use a scanner and scan his feet.
Very pleased with myself, I brought the scanner to the room and connected my laptop. I gently placed Mohanji’s foot on the scanner bed and used Adobe to create the scan. Of course in my mind I said to myself I have this aced….how efficient am I!! Hahaha hmmmmmm….
The scanner began to scan, the lamp moved through its cycle and I looked eagerly towards the laptop to see the image…..The Adobe software opened the document made, and….It was BLANK!!! Nothing had scanned!! The light of the scanner did not catch any image!!
Of course my logical mind said, well maybe it’s your computer that’s not working. So we used the copy option on the scanner itself. Confident this would work, I pressed the copy button. I could see the page come out of the paper tray, I could hear the printer do its thing, but again NO image came. Mohanji laughed and went to the living room to meet some guests.
What was going on?….I tried to copy my hand by pressing the same button on the machine….and it worked!! An image of my hand was printed out as expected.
OMG….oh my Guruji!!! What was happening??? Wow!!! My mind raced to the stories of Shree Ramakrishna and Shree SaiNath Maharaj.
So I called Mohanji and this time I decided to use sindoor to create the image. But this time, I prayed first hahahahah!! I prayed to be allowed to take the image of his feet and to allow the image to be imprinted on the paper…….and that everyone must be able to see the image. ..hahaha. ..I wasn’t taking any chances lol.
Mohanji knew what I asked and he just laughed hahaha. And with lots of joy, we applied the sindoor and he pressed his foot on the paper…..and after getting his permission, the image of his feet was caught.

I have been thinking about this amazing incident for many days since Mohanji left. Yes, it shows the caliber of the Master that is Mohanji. It shows how blessed we are to have a Master like Mohanji in our life. However, this gave us two important experiences which did not even dawn on me when I read about Shree Sai and Shree Ramakrishna.
The first thing I realised was the experience that Mohanji is not a body, but the Gurutattwa. How can the guru principle be caught on a scanner? We read all the time how Mohanji is not the body, but for the first time I felt it. For the first time it dawned that Mohanji is not just Mohanji, but he is the entire Nath and Kriya sampradaya. When Mohanji speaks, it comes with the energy and authority of millions of Gurus from our tradition. It comes with all the tapasya and penance of all the gurus and saints of our tradition. Mohanji is a tradition, Mohanji is a sampradaya on his own…..
The second thing that this experience made me understand, is that we too are not the body. The thing I love most about Mohanji is that he makes you experience yourself. It is not about how divine the Guru is (and he is lol), but it’s all about how divine we are. There is no difference between our body and Mohanji’s. They both are made of the same DNA, the same nucleotides. Our minds are the same, well at least in a physically structural way. Our souls are made of the same material… why are we different?…..and then it dawned on me……”you are already limitless, you just place limits on yourself”. This one line of Mohanji’s suddenly made sense and I realised this is the entire Vedas explained in one line!!! We are perfect as we are now. We are free as we are now. We are divine as we are now. We just need to remove the limitation of duality from us. Merging with the divine is not becoming something different, it’s becoming what you are.
These realisations only come from the grace of the guru. These understandings themselves are the guru. This one amazing leela of Mohanji was not to show us his stature, but to show us our own stature. To remind us of the truth of the Vedas, to remind us that “you are self-sufficient. There is nothing lacking in you”
Nirguna padda sharanam prabadyai
I take shelter under the attributeless feet of Mohanji

Edited by Caroline Moscato

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