Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6 – “He listens, even in His absence”

A believer who chooses to be anonymous has this heart-warming story to narrate of Mohanji’s presence without presence. Mohanji has always been with her during her trying times and continues to hold her hand through her journey fulfilling her wishes. This is the fifth story of our series on Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6.

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He listens, even in His absence

By a believer

I was new to the whole world of spiritualism, the meaning of Guru-Shishya (Master-Disciple) in terms of spirituality and the role of a Guru in one’s life. Above all, I was new to the phenomenon called Mohanji!  Mohanji came into my life first through His eye-card, given to me by a friend who I now consider as my guide and philosopher.  

This friend has seen me rising from the ditch, and how Mohanji has come to the rescue every time I rose and fell. I would hold Him high whenever I was out of the ditch, but would start doubting Him again, each time I fell back into it. My friend would request Mohanji to help me out and He would say,

“Ask her to intensify her sadhana.”

Usually, people pray to God the most in their dire times and here I was, somebody who could not connect to any God in my dire times! The only prayer I would send up was – “Make me alright for the sake of my family, they need me.”

In spite of my doubting mind, Mohanji still continued to work on me, while I was oblivious to it. I recall the various tools that He sent my way through my friend: global chanting of His name, Mai-Tri Healing, chanting of the Mohanji Gayatri mantra, Shiva Kavacham, Mahamrityunjaya japa etc. I take this opportunity to recall a very recent event that gave me so much reassurance of the statement which Mohanji often tells His followers –

“I am there with you always.”

It had been a long time since I met Mohanji and received Shaktipat from Him. I was yearning to receive it once more, though I had not shared this thought aloud with anyone. It so happened that my friend invited all Mohanji followers in the city for a 360 degrees meditation. This was by far the most focused, blissful meditation I had ever done. I travelled beneath the Earth, all the way up to the galaxy, and back to the real world where I was sitting. During meditations, I usually cry or I am not focused, but this time, I was in bliss. The universe seemed to be expanding and my body with it. During the meditation session, my friend touched the top of my head for Mohanji Energy Transfer. Something changed inside me. The best way that I can describe it is by comparing it to what ‘Drainex’ would do to a clogged pipe. (Drainex is an Indian brand of chemical used to clear clogged pipes.) I could feel the energy enter my system, resulting in a bubbling outpouring of tears and breathless sobs. Slowly I could feel the pressure of the hand increasing on my head and to me, it felt like a male hand, just as in my first Shaktipat from Mohanji. The ‘Drainex’ did its job and my system was cleared: I returned to my state of bliss till the end of the session.


Though I was told that what I received was Mohanji Energy Transfer (MET) and not Shaktipat (which only Mohanji can give), it felt just like the latter. I believe He had heard my unspoken yearning and fulfilled my desire of receiving Shaktipat from Him.

There is one more aspect to my story. Mohanji had decided to not respond to anyone on Messenger (the online App). I was initially disappointed about His inaccessibility. Gradually I realized that when I had the opportunity to talk to Him, in person or online, I would ask Him questions which now seem so foolish and irrelevant. I was too new and naive at the same time. I was judgmental about His genuineness and would constantly analyze the trust that I was slowly developing in Him. Now I have no access to Him in His physical form or online, but He answers me in His subtle form through various means. This is absolutely reassuring to me, as there remains no doubt of being swayed by a physical persona. His physical absence has given me the opportunity to understand Him and His teachings better.

That He listens to you even without the physical presence is a proof of His omnipresence. Now, I don’t feel His absence, nor do I have questions!

mohanji presence




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  1. Thank u for sharing your experiences.
    I feel and so love the authenticity of your expressions, and am deeply moved by them.
    Jai Mohanji

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