Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6 – “He who knows His children’s needs”

In our series of Mohanji Satcharita Chapter 6, we bring to you another beautiful experience of divine protection, shared by Sonia Mayur from Muscat. When we surrender to a Master, He keeps us safe under His protective umbrella! We need to be aware of this every moment and understand that no event occurs by chance, but it is all His leela, through which He delivers what is in our best interest! This experience by Sonia Mayur shared below, highlights this beautiful protection woven around us!

(Please feel free to read the earlier story of MS – chapter 6, here.)

He who knows His children’s needs

By Sonia Mayur – Muscat, Oman

When He says, “I am there! Main hoon naa”…. Undoubtedly, He is with us.  In such a situation; time, place and His physical state becomes insignificant.

Recently, Mohanji added me to the “Mohanji Global Family” group on WhatsApp. I felt truly blessed and overwhelmed to be a part of His global family.  It is such a blissful state to see how He is touching so many lives around the world.

I am soon to become a mom, so like other moms, I always wondered what would be a perfect gift for my baby, when she opens her eyes in this beautiful world. It was also to show my gratitude to her for choosing me to be her mother, a gift that is beyond value and words.  It was August 18th 2018 when I received an answer with His grace, on Mohanji Global Family group.  There was a message from Manu who is part of the USA team, Divine M Heritage, which introduces Mohanji Protection Bracelet, Mohanji Protection Pendant and Mohanji Vibhuti box to all.

And here you go!! I had my question replied to in the subtlest manner by Mohanji …. without wasting even a minute. I emailed Manu that I would like to order all three products. The email bounced back and I immediately messaged Manu on the group giving him the correct information. He contacted me separately to further assist with the shipping details.

My parents were in USA at that time, so I preferred all the products to be shipped directly to them. My mom planned on joining me in November for my delivery, so this way I would have the products well in time before my little angel arrived.

My parents received the products on time, and they flew back to India in late September.  The protection from the products was with them all through their journey and it was made possible with the blessings of Mohanji and sincere efforts from Manu.

On October 8th, just few weeks after my parents arrived back home, I received a message from my mom, “Teerath got arrested for false signature.” Just to give a background to this statement, my parents were fighting a court case against both our tenants (who rent 1st and 2nd floors) to vacate the house. They not only weren’t vacating but were harassing my parents all these years. The court case has been going on for almost 10 years now. Teerath who lives with his family on our 1st floor, produced some forged signature stating that he had purchased it from my dad a few years back. Since then my dad has been battling in court to prove his innocence and has been trying to get the property out of these people’s hands.

Within 2 weeks of their return to India, their tenant had been found guilty and is now behind bars for forged signatures.  Also, all his efforts are failing to get a bail and his family has tried all sorts of things, including threatening people who stood by us, but nothing is working.

After some time, I kept thinking how come it took the law 10 years to figure this out, and how things just fell into place.  Then suddenly, I wondered if someone waved a magic wand here.

One day while driving back from work, I was like, wait a minute, it is Mohanji who worked all this out. It was His leela that made me think of ordering the protection products for me, but the intention was to help my dad who needed His blessings more than anyone else.   He silently worked all this out magically without even asking.  I immediately messaged Mohanji to tell Him about this and wrote all in the message. As an answer, I received one message back that said it all, “Blessings Blessings.”

There was nothing else required….. all questions were replied, and such is a Guru’s blessings for His kids.

the bracelet of protection

Now the bracelet that I ordered for my angel is being worn by my dad.  Mohanji knows very well, when, where and what is needed …. we are too small in front of His work to even understand how He makes all this happen for all of us.

No words are enough to express my love & gratitude to Mohanji. All I can say is that my loved ones and I are truly blessed to have a Guru in our lives.

Jai Mohanji

Pranaam at your lotus feet

With Love & Gratitude




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  1. Wow. Beautiful experience and thanks a ton for sharing this. It proves that all our problems will be solved soon🙏

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