Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6 – “True Transformation”

The testimonials team is happy to share our third story in our series on Mohanji Satcharita  – Chapter 6 in Mina Obradovic’s words on her powerful transformation. For many of us, the moment we met Mohanji was a turning point in our lives. From that moment, many changes start to happen within, positive changes which elevate us in awareness and consciousness. As we connect to Him more and more, negative qualities drop off and we become truly human, serving the world to the best of our abilities and making it a better place for all beings. Mina shares with us beautifully, the transformation which has changed her in many ways, since meeting Mohanji. 

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Just be. Just be natural. Just be kind. Just be real all the time. There is nothing to prove in this world. If you want to prove something at all, prove that you are truly a human being, by being kind, considerate, compassionate and genuinely good at heart. Be a human being by making the world a better place.” –  Mohanji

True Transformation

By Mina Obradovic

Lesson learnt Mina

I met Mohanji in 2017, at a time when I was struggling with myself the most. I had fears, anxieties, insecurities, anger and jealousy. I was judging myself at every step I used to take and I was judging the outer world as well. My happiness was in the past and future. I never used to live for the now. I couldn’t face myself and I couldn’t face the world. After meeting Mohanji, I came to know about true acceptance. He accepted me the way I am, He never judged me, never asked me to change nor ever asked anything from me. He never called me to come, nor did He ask me to leave. I decided that I will never leave His hand in this life and that I will wholeheartedly follow His teachings until I am no more.

From day one, Mohanji only kept giving. This is where I discovered the true Master in the body of a human. From the day when I connected to Mohanji, I have been experiencing all the above mentioned emotions disappearing from my system. One by one, they kept falling off. I was becoming lighter and lighter. I started gaining back my confidence. Faith in myself and God has increased, which led me to the removal many blockages from my system. My insecurities vanished. Fears reduced 95%. I was ready to live again.

Mohanji on faith

I discovered that my path in this life is selfless service to all beings of this world. Something within me opened up when all the animals of this world took a priority place in my heart and I decided to fight for their freedom from meat, egg, dairy, fashion industries and others who exploit them daily. I became vegetarian in January 2016 after which I became vegan in March 2016. By wanting to serve my guru Mohanji, I started serving these helpless animals whom I consider Mohanji in other forms, as we all are soul-wise ONE.

Mohanji on love

In regards to my selfless service towards humans, I was initiated in Mai-Tri Healing and a whole different journey has taken place in my life.

Mohanji said, “Do not worry. You make yourself available and the Masters will send people to you for healing. Those who are meant to come will come.” 

With healing, I came to know about a whole new dimension of my inner being. With every healing I was getting healed as well. Being Mohanji’s instrument of healing clarified my purpose in this life. I can’t even express in words how much my life has changed positively.

Mohanji speaks about – the purpose of life

Days, months and years passed by and I was still not judged by Mohanji – not even for a second. My mood swings kept changing, my mind kept changing, but He always remained the same. He was always loving and accepting of all His sincere followers. All who are with Him, including me, started believing in themselves again, they started shining with selflessness and purposefulness. Every single one of Mohanji’s sincere followers was taken care of by Him. Seeing hundreds of lives across the globe benefiting from one “human” made me realize that this is not an ordinary human.

With Mohanji, I learnt how to live for the world.

With Mohanji, I learnt to love and share without expectations.

With Mohanji, I came to know about love without judgements.

With Mohanji, I learnt to consider myself equal to everybody else.

With Mohanji, I accepted myself, I believe in myself and I am ready to face life as it comes, without complaints.

With Mohanji, I don’t fear anymore.

With Mohanji, I put others’ happiness above mine.

With Mohanji, I can call myself ALIVE. Before meeting Him I was not living, instead, I was surviving. Now, I actually live.

With Mohanji, I am myself again; I can express my true nature. He led me towards my heart and today I am doing what I always wanted to do.

With Mohanji, I am ALIVE.



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7 thoughts on “Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6 – “True Transformation””

  1. Ganapathy G.Srinivas

    So succinctly said ! And nothing is left unsaid. As they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating !

  2. Gayatri JayShankar

    JaiMohanji Baba 🙏 ❣️🌹..True to every word..Yes He gives the courage and silently moulds us..Thank you..Be Blessed dear..💗

  3. Wonderful testimonial! Did she not meet him before 2017? Possible typo? At any rate, the sense of peace and purpose that Mohanji’s presence has brought to Mina is felt deeply by this reader. Thank you for displaying this.

  4. Amazing, Mina I felt as if I am reading my own journey. M Ji transformed me, my life the similar way. He’s the one to whom I will be indebted forever. He’s given a shape to the heap of soil and made it beautiful.

    God Bless Subhashree 😍 love you for the beautiful work u r doing

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