Mohanji’s 54th Birthday Celebrations Touched the World

Mohanji sharing the cake - Happy birthday - Delhi 2019


After Mohanji’s birthday celebration worldwide, He wrote a letter of gratitude. However much we try to express our gratitude to Him by living His teaching, He always gives more. Read another pearl of wisdom from the timeless ocean of love:

“My dear embodiments of purest love,

I am deeply grateful. While I write this, I am filled with gratefulness to each and every one of you and your families for taking me to your heart and doing good for the world on my birthday and beyond. My heart is full because, at least on this day, so many people of various species slept peacefully, with food in their stomach, a clean cloth around them or slept peacefully feeling and understanding that someone out there cares for them. Your kind gesture fills me up. The most precious wealth that I have earned in this life is your love. My favourite abode is your hearts. I love to live there. I love it there. The “life” in your hearts is my inspiration, love in your heart for me is my food and energy. I love you and care for you more than you perhaps are aware. I work all the time for your welfare and well-being. I do not live for myself. I do not need anything more than the human basics. You are truly my family, my true family, who stood by me through sunshine and rains, thunders, lightnings, tsunamis, earthquakes, summers, winters and springs of life. How can I leave your hand ever, since you have never left mine? I am grateful.

Food, Clothes, and Shelter are the basic human needs. Health care, education etc. follows. It is the responsibility of every citizen of this world to share food, clothes and shelter with those who do not have them. Compassion is the higher consciousness that we have inherited from the great selfless masters who guided us selflessly. What you share, you have, as grace. Whatever you earn from earth, we do not have forever. Give more than we can take from earth. Share whatever you have been empowered with. Our net worth on earth is what we are able to share with the world, not what we earn temporarily from here and leave behind when we leave. Our signature on earth is the ability to share unconditionally. This is the real humanness.

My birthday is not so important. If February 23rd reminds you of your highest consciousness, where the expression of it is compassion, kindness, selflessness, unconditional love, Ahimsa (non-violence), purity in thoughts, words, actions, sharing whatever you have in abundance and caring for all living beings equally, without discrimination, I am grateful. Do celebrate it. I am not so special and nor is my birthday. I am just like you, a living, talking, eating, sleeping, working human being. I have no greatness more than you have. Yet, if you remember me as “consciousness”, and if my presence is a reminder to you of what we truly are, (that you and me are one), do celebrate. And celebration should be strictly by adding value to the society around you, in whichever way you can. Look at all the people of all the species, through the eyes of compassion, kindness and love. Serve them. Love them. This should be ideally a consciousness day, not a birthday.

We have been talking about the reason for us coming together here on earth, in this space, now. It is perhaps the urge of our souls for liberation, as well as experiencing a full and complete life, while we are in the body. This needs consistency in practice. Consistency is not easy, primarily because of the pressure of memories or impressions of past pleasures of life, including relationships, spaces, events and materials. It is not easy to detach from them and focus on completion. Karma demands natural fulfilment. Fulfilment is its completion and culmination. Then why is it getting repeated? The answer is memories, impressions of pleasures or pains that keep re-appearing to bring us back to the terrestrial path of wishes, desires and fulfilment. Combined with our inherent instinctual ownerships (me and mine), we get trapped again and again in the cycle of karma, which means re-births and re-deaths as bodies. If we have come here, come together at this time, for the sake of stabilising this awareness and moving beyond it together, as one family, you need to have consistency, conviction and compassion.

Ego is a silent killer. It kills the beauty of relationships without us being aware. And so are our ownerships. The medicine for ego as a disease is humility. If we consciously practice humility, we will certainly have a good life. Likewise, one of the projections of ego is social importance. This is a silent enemy too. It walks with us and makes us dissatisfied with what the society offers us. The medicine for this is practicing insignificance. Humility and practice of insignificance will give our lives immense stability and satisfaction. Along with this, if you also learn self-acceptance with all your weaknesses and strengths, you will add to your stability. And finally, of course equally important is your ability to expect less from the society and environment around you. The less the expectation, the higher the satisfaction. So, this year, let us consciously practice these as part of our higher consciousness. Humility. Insignificance. Self-Acceptance. Less Expectations. Once again, contentment per second is a clear sign of spiritual stability.  So,

Ego X Humility

Self-Importance X Practicing Insignificance

Insecurities X Self-Acceptance

Disappointments X Less Expectations

Thus, let us practice positivity, totally ignoring negativities of life. If people love you, be grateful. If you get help, be grateful and reciprocate. Always give more than you receive, thus maintain your inner richness. And do not misuse or waste any materials or means that you get to handle. Be life always, consciously. Live your highest consciousness.

We are experiencing various kinds of dense energies which are causing much confusion in many minds around the world. We have to be aware of the dense energies. But, we must definitely handle those situations with maturity, calmness and perfect awareness that whatever comes to you is indeed food for experience, whether we like it or not. Acceptance. Acceptance without expectations. Look at it calmly without emotions and allow the storm to pass without ruffling your inner space. Not everything in life will be palatable always. Sometimes we have to live with bitter stuff too. This is part of life. Accept it. Allow it to come and go. Do not resist it and prolong it.  When you are unaffected, everything vanishes spontaneously sooner or later. When we resist and fight it, it stays longer.

Once again, immense gratitude for your kind gestures, including positive actions, words, expressions, thoughts, calls, messages and everything else. I love you and am always with you. Wish you and your respective families, good health, wealth, abundance of love, happiness, peace and spiritual bliss.

Much Love Always



Devi Mohan, the ambassador of Mohanji Foundation

“How to wish a Happy Birthday to the one who has everything and needs nothing… – may your golden presence, the cup that overflows, reflect back at us the beauty of liberated existence, the beauty of service, the beauty of togetherness dedicated to the higher purpose of leading others into the Light brighter than the thousand suns. The greatest, most transforming moment of my life was the moment when I wished to serve the world together with a living Master…
Only Love is real and on this Golden Path we have been truly blessed to realize that.
Blessed to enjoy Your rare physical presence on this special day. May it be the birthday of endless joy and inner fullness to many.
Love eternal, Devi”






Mohanji’s followers from around the globe (India, Croatia, UK, Serbia) celebrated His birthday with delicious vegan cakes! Check them out! We’re all looking forward to know the recipes!


On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, Mohanji application for mobile phones was officially launched. From now on, you can get instantly updated with Mohanji events in various cities, daily teachings and practices with a single click! Mohanji App can be now downloaded for Andriod and iOS. We thank all our donors, volunteers and supporters in making this possible.

Mohanji App for Android and iOS


Conscious Walking


Representatives of MYC visited Mohanji’s school for supplementary education in Jammu, India. Youngsters aged 4 to 18 visit this school every afternoon for additional education in English, mathematics and other skills. Very talented for creative work, they presented their wonderful creations to their visitors, and recited their stories. The winners received medals for their extraordinary work. We enjoyed dance and drums played by the young boys who made their drums out of old paint boxes. Barbara addressed the senior youngsters, inspiring them to take the free classes for computer skills and English language, providing them the opportunity to become part of our global community.

Mohanji Youth Club and Mohanji School of Supplementary Education for the Underprivileged






The celebration began with serving tea and lemonade. Then we chanted Mohanji Gayatri mantra 108 times and spontaneously we opened the hearts with the meditation Blossom of Love. After the meditation we expressed gratitude to Mohanji through Aarti. The celebration ended with reading messages from Mohanji, a vegan cake and a tasty vegan food.

Belgrade, Unity Space - Mohanji's birthday celebration


The celebration included chanting, Blossoms of Love meditation, reading an excerpt from “The Power of Purity” book and experience sharing by Stasa who just came from India and enjoying delicious raw vegan cakes.

Novi Sad - Happy birthday Mohanji


Vrsac - Mohanji's birthday celebration - love and gratitude

ACT Srbija had 4 actions. First, they donated school supplies, products for personal hygiene and cleaning to children and youth shelter in Novi Sad.
Second, within the organization Humanitarian Ball of Novi Sad, ACT Foundation collected money for children with cancer.
Third, 53 kg of fruits and vegan sweets to the shelter for adult and old people in Belgrade. And last but not least, 96kg of food for dogs and cats was distributed in Vrsac.

ACT Foundation Serbia ' Happy birthday Mohanji



Macedonia - Mohanji's birthday celebration - meditation and food donation

Mohanji Macedonia celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by organizing Food Seva for the homeless delivering 66 freshly cooked vegan meals, bread and fruits; donating food, toiletries, hygiene items to a socially needy family, and feeding birds and animals from numerous Mohanji’s devotees. 

We marked the day with a program on which 20 people attended and we chanted 108 times Mohanji Gayatri, meditation “Bliss of Silence”, Mohanji Aarati, and we finalized the evening with home made vegan cake and sweets made with so much love by the devotees.

Donation for Snezana

Donation for Snezana - Mohanjis birthday celebration in Macedonia - charity

Feeding birds

Feeding birds - Mohanji- birthday celebration - Macedonia


With a lot of joy and gratitude Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated in two cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Bijeljina and Sarajevo.


Mohanji team in Bijeljina visited an unemployed single mother of three children, brought them some food and supplies and spent some time with them. Food was as well delivered to a dog shelter which meant a lot to the lady who takes care of many dogs living there. After that, everybody gathered for meditation and satsang followed by treating with a yummi vegan cake.

BIjeljina - Happy birthday Mohanji - Bosnia and Herzegovina


In Sarajevo the gathering started with an intro on who Mohanji is and how important it is to have a living Master in our lives because some new souls joined us on that occasion. We read Mohandji’s birthday message out loud which left a deep trace in the hearts of all those who were present. After the cleansing meditation “Power of Purity” we also purified the space through Arati which was something new and unusual but also interesting for the newcomers. The energy transfer has never been so strong and intense. We continued our gathering with conversation, laughter, experience sharing and some great vegan food.

Everyone in the group contributed to the good atmosphere and pleasant socializing, which we are especially grateful for. Photos certainly can not convey the real energy that wore us on the wings of ease, gratitude and peace.

Sarajevo - Happy birthday Mohanji - Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mohanji’s birthday in Croatia was celebrated in three different cities. In Split we had a three day program. On Saturday we were delivering food to poor families, on Saturday we were feeding birds and fish and donated food for the cats and dogs and on Monday we cooked for the homeless people. On Mohanji’ s birthday our wish came true in a way that two more cities (Rijeka and Pula) started with ACT activities. In Rijeka we visited a family with seven children who lives in poor conditions and in Pula we were feeding birds and fish. The days spent in serving filled our hearts with immense joy and happiness!


Happy birthday Mohanji - Split - hranjenje ptica - pomoc obitelji

Pula and Rijeka

Happy birthday Mohanji - Pula i Rijeka- hranjenje ptica - pomoc obitelji


UK family cherished Mohanji’s birthday event celebration with a powerful, devotion filled and joyful evening. Devotees not only from in and around London but also few from as far as Wales, gathered at the venue and were soaked in this event.

The event started with Mohanji Gayatri chanting then flowing to Paduka puja (offering gratitude at Mohanji’s feet symbolised by the Paduka) and then filling the atmosphere with incomprehensible devotion through Bhajan singing.
Mohanji showed His presence not just with the energy flow amongst the gathering but also through some impromptu additions such as Hanuman Chaalisa chanting and then everyone getting into the joy of dancing while Mohanji’s favourite “Govinda Madhavate” started playing. Everywhere it was only joy, everyone was in bliss.

United Kingdom - Mohanji - birthday celebration

The little children present in this event very excitedly cut the Vegan Cakes made with love by devotees and MYC volunteers.

The vegan Kerala Sadya (Kerala special food) and other items lovingly prepared by devotees, filled everyone’s heart too!

The event made all devotees feel Mohanji’s presence amongst them and all felt the joy exactly how they feel when Mohanji is around.

This event was not just an ordinary birthday celebration, “Presence without presence” was very much the highlight of the event, that even continued for the next day and some devotees who had travelled from far, stayed on and the effect of Mohanji’s presence continued with Mai Tri healing sessions and satsang. This was true Mohanji style with love, compassion and feeling of true family!

We offer our gratitude to Mohanji for filling our lives with so much love and joy.

United Kingdom 2- Mohanji - birthday celebration, aarati, offering

ACT Foundation UK

To celebrate the 54th birthday of Mohanji, the founder of Mohanji ACT Foundation UK, MAF volunteers took on various service activities in many parts of the world, UK (London, Milton Keynes, Windsor), India (Arunachala, Kolkata, New Delhi, Gurgaon & Jammu). The activities have taken place on various days across this birthday week!

Below are the details with photos of these activities.

1.Mother Teresa House and Mother Teresa Missionary in Kolkata, 20th February 2019:
To serve the 140 abandoned children, desperately needed baby food, health drinks clothes, blankets and toiletries were provided by our UK volunteers visiting India.

2. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, New Delhi
Our visiting volunteers in India took this opportunity to feed animals at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center by providing above 80 bags of required food bags.

3. Food Seva at Gurgaon:
Our volunteers present in Delhi took the opportunity to get healthy and delicious food ready and packed and distribute at a slum site in Gurgaon to distribute to needy persons and children. About 300 food packets were distributed on this occasion.

4. Supporting Arunachala project of Ammucare India
As our endeavour to support the seva activities to the old and needy sadhus in Tiruvanamallai, as part of the Arunachala project that Ammucare India is actively executing, ACT UK is providing funding for two projects, providing a special wheel chair and making a special wardrobe that will store all medicines etc. Ammucare Arunachala team has purchased the special special wheel chair and the inmates started using it. The wardrobe project is in progress.

5. Support to Mohanji School of Supplementary Education to under privileged children, Jammu
a. ACT UK is providing some needed items for the children such as winter clothes, shoes, art and craft material and a music instrument “Dhol”. Our visiting volunteers have already got some materials blessed by Mohanji and on their to Jammu for handing over these items at the school.

6. Food distribution in Bangladesh
Our volunteers facilitated food and cakes distribution to underprivileged children in Bangladesh on Mohanji’s birthday.

7. Dry food donation to Food bank in Milton Keynes
Our volunteers in Milton Keynes donated the requested dry food – Rice, Pasta, Peas and corns etc.

8. Feeding Homeless at Mother Teresa Home, Southall:
Our volunteers were at Mother Teresa Home, early on Saturday Morning (Mohanji’s Birthday!) to cook and serve food to 40 odd homeless people. All Men in actin, Mohanji’s energy was apparent in the joy in the service.

Mohanji ACT Foundation UK volunteers wish Mohanji a very Happy Birthday and deep gratitude for the opportunity to serve Mother Earth through this platform.

Love and Light,
Mohanji ACT Foundation UK Team

ACT Foundation UK - charity for Mohanji's birthday


Happy appearance day Father.
We all are extremely grateful for the precious opportunity of having you in our lives, connecting to the Mohanji Consciousness.

Denmark - Mohanji - Happy birthday


Mohanji - Happy birthday - Hungary




Although he usually withdraws on some peaceful place away from publicity on this day, this year Mohanji was in Delhi, because he happened to attend Peace Pledge Project there.

Mohanji started his birthday with a visit to the Bangla Sahib, the famous gurudwara (literally Guru’s doors) – the temple for the Sikh faith – in Delhi. He attended a reading of the Guru Granth Sahib (the scripture of the Sikh faith) and then donated dry rations for the langar (consecrated offering) served all day to people of all faith. Love poured in from all corners of the world with wishes, blessings as well as sea activities being conducted around the world.

Happy birthday Mohanji - Delhi - visit to Sikh - at Bangla Sahib

The event celebrating His birthday started with the Freedom meditation followed by a lovely bhajan session with a global cast – Jyoti Bahl India, Natesh Ramsell USA, Sanjay Acharya (Camdada), etc. Mohanji had a delightful satsang and took time to answer all questions. He also permitted a lot of the time to meet people in person. Truly a wonderful day of bliss and happiness. We wish our beautiful Master a wonderful birthday and a awesome year ahead!

Melting the ice in the heart of man. Both Mohanji and Uncle have that mission.
Uncle Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, a shaman, healer, storyteller from the Eskimos in Greenland celebrated Mohanji on his birthday. He has a mission making people around the world aware of the consequences when we do not honor water and our Mother Earth.

Happy birthday Mohanji - Delhi celebration

Brahmarishi MOHANJI’s birthday was celebrated on 23rd of February with great joy and fervour across various centres of India.
In Kerala Birthday celebrations of Mohanji were conducted at Thekketara, Kottekad ,Palakkad. The celebrations started with a Blossoms of love  Meditation followed byMohanji Ashtothram, Satsang and Arati to Mohanji.
Kerala - happy birthday Mohanji
MOHANJI’s Birthday celebration at Chennai center comprised of Gurupaduka Puja, Mohanji Astotaram
and Arati.
Chennai - happy birthday Mohanji
Mohanji Mumbai team celebrated MOHANJI’S birthday by chanting Mahamritunjay jaap 108 times followed by a  session of Power of Purity Meditation. After that there was an intense discussion and sharing by everyone about their experiences with Mohanji.
Mumbai - Happy birthday Mohanji - meditation


Ammucare - happy birthday Mohanji - founder, mentor


Mohanjis Birthday Celebrations, Shirdi – They say, when grace comes a knocking, it pours, it is a flood. Father’s birthday, 23rd Feb 2019 was a spectacular one, celebrated by Ammucare Mumbai Team, at guess, SHIRIDI.
The morning started with a darshan of Baba, after kakda aarati. A Vegan cake was taken into the temple, after taking permission. The priests touched the smadhi with the cake. Ammucare Mumbai Team Mrs. Savitri and Mr. Hanes were there.
As they came to the Gurusthanam, the priest asked them “Are you not going to cut the cake?”. And lo and behold, soon the cake was cut and distributed. The icing being, all the people at Gurustanam started singing “Happy birthday Mohanji”. Father, pardon us for disturbing you. It was Shiridi and a spontaneous outburst of cheer.
In the afternoon Ammucare Mumbai Team Celebrated Father’s birthday at Jilla Parishad School, Sakori the day was celebrated with devotional fervour. As Mohanji’s disciples, the day’s event was distribution of school bags for 150 children of the school. It is to be noted that the children are all from very poor families. Mrs. Savitri from Ammucare Mumbai team with Mr Jnanaeshwar, from Shiridi, who volunteered for seva were there. The birthday cake was eggless and weighed 10 kgs, well, 150 children. The Panchayat President of Sakori took part in the event. Mr. Lokhande, MP of Shiridi was a sudden and surprising visitor. After all Father’s will or sankalpa. The photos attached tell you the story.
It was at the request of the School that Ammucare Mumbai team has taken the onus of supplying Educational tabs. Initially 20 tabs are proposed to be given. This would make the village school at Sakori get into niche rankings. Children would not carry, nay lug bags full of books. Reach home and homework would be in the tab. Father bless us.
A day cherished, with blessings from Baba, the holy land of Shiridi and Sakori.

We would like to thank the ACT UK team for sponsoring the bags to the kids.

Thanks, Father for willing all this. We are but clay and you the Master potter. Jai Mohanji.


Mohanji Birthday Celebrations – On the occasion of Mohanjis Birthday, both Gurgaon and the UK Ammucare volunteers distributed Muffins , milk , biscuits, raw rice , juices and samosas at Gurgaon location where more then 200 people were fed!!!

Ammucare and ACT UK - Happy birthday Mohanji - Gurgaon


Ammucare Cochin volunteers were blessed on Guruji’s birthday to give annadan to 265 daily wage workers of Cochin metro. It all happened when Anila Devdas, Ammucare volunteer saw a dream in which she saw us serving homely food to daily wage workers of metro on Guruji’s birthday.

All of us were amazed when all the food packets were distributed to needy in just an hours time and the workers ate the food ravishingly and thanked us wholeheartedly.

Such a blissful and blessed day… our heartfelt gratitude to Guruji for making us instruments for spreading the light n love that our beloved Mohanji stands for… Everything was made possible only due to His grace.

Eternal gratitude at Mohanji’s lotus feet by Devadas AC, Anila Devdas, Savithri Vasudevan, Vasudevan Namboodiripad, Rajan Namboodiri, Anitha Rajan, Parameswaran Namboodiri, Nandini Parameshwaran, Sreehari, Devika, Gauri, Divakarakrishnan, Bhavan Kizhanallur, Shivanandan, Vishnu Gopi, Shalini, Deepali and Sreeja.

Ammucare - Cochin - Happy birthday Mohanji
Day 2
On auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s Birthday, Ammucare Kochi, thought of restarting the food distribution on streets. This used to be our weekend ritual in previous station .We use to get food packed from small vendor for distribution to street dwellers.
This year again we distributed food to street dwellers . “I find this is the most spontaneous and fulfilling way of serving and it always fills me with emptiness and peace.” – says our volunteer Deepali Bias.
Ammucare- Cochin - charity - Happy birthday Mohanji

Volunteers in Chennai ushered in Mohanji’s birthday with Annadhan.

Volunteers prepared & distributed packets of food everyday during the past week.
Bananas were distributed to sadhus in Thiruvannamalai.
Animals and birds were fed throughout the week.

Besides the above, on 23rd February, about 175 packets of food were distributed for lunch and for dinner to street dwellers in various parts of the city.

Ammucare - Chennai - Happy birthday Mohanji



Mohanji, as a guardian of ‘Sanathana dharma’ makes all of us work towards protecting it. As a humble step towards a a greater cause, team Ammucare Wayanad conducted a one day training program on Parenting on 16th February 2019. Unnikrishnan Ernakulam came to give a wonderful session here. Her merged real life stories, puranas and values to make the parents and kids aware of their moral values. The report is from a local daily in wayanad. The class was conducted in Vidya Niketan school Tonichal.

Ammucare - Wayanad - Happy birthday Mohanji -


Ammucare Wayanad conducted ‘Painting Competition’ at Vidya Niketan School, Tonichal, Wayanad. There were 65 students there and most of them are facing financial constraints for education. We could gift them small toys, crayons and bigger smiles!😊 They promised us to study better and join us for any further activities. The teachers works here for a minimal salary of just Rs. 4000 a month and they are showing utmost dedication to children. Truly blessed to be there!

Ammucare - Wayanad - painting competition - Happy birthday Mohanji -


Mohan ji always mentioned about giving food as one the best way to serve humanity. Ammucare Wayanad could provide food to 15 rescue home and orphanage kids in Pazhassi Balamandiram, Wayanad. To add on we could give them yummy Payasam (Kabeer) to bring back their smiles. All of them are really co-operative and started to tell us “We are Mohanji’s kids”.

Ammucare - Wayanad - food seva - charity - Happy birthday Mohanji -


Ammucare, Wayanad was truly blessed to be with the Angel kids of Snehabhavan in Meenangady, Wayanad (Kerala). We got connected with them today afternoon and it was all a surprise! We got 25kg of rice and ladoos as donations from two wonderful souls. As Goonj had helped as before some buckets and little other things were left with us. We could give them 15 buckets and mugs, 20 umbrellas, 15 bedsheets, 10kg Dhaal etc. There were 11 kids altogether and they were really nice to sing songs for us!

Ammucare - Wayanad -angel kids - charity - Happy birthday Mohanji -


On the occasion of Mohanjis Birthday, Ammucare volunteers in Jammu distributed Rajma Chawal for 50 needy people.

Ammucare - Jammu - Happy birthday Mohanji


Project Arunachala – We have been working for providing some basic needs for an old age home in Arunachala which is being managed by Ramana. Arunachala has around 40 inmates who are old sadhus abondoned by their kith and kin in the most needed times of their years. Among one of the necessities, wheelchairs was one of the most needed. Today Ammucare was able to gather funds for the same from our ACT UK angels who were generous enough to contribute for this noble cause, and the joy on the inmates face was priceless.

Thanks ACT UK team!!!

Ammucare - Arunachala - happy birthday Mohanji


We are celebrating a Week of Unconditional Love as part of, our Founder and Chairman, Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday celebrations.

The celebrations were kick-started at Hyderabad on 19th Feb.

Day 1

The Fridge initiative

Food for divine souls sponsored by us for Animal Savers group.
We thank our GMCH for providing us fridge with a helper to clean the fridge daily. Fresh food is stocked for any person who is in need or hungry. The quality check is done by the helper and is then stocked.
Also, 52 upma and rusk packets were distributed thereby appeasing over a 100 plus souls.

Day 2

Hyderabad: Vanasthalipuram orphanage

Distribution of 100 kgs of rice bags, gram flour, oil and snacks for 300 kids.

Day 3

Feeding of birds and animals.

Day 4

Distribution of sarees, LED torch, toothpaste and sugarless snacks to 20 underprivileged senior citizens.

Ammucare - Hyderabad - Happy birthday Mohanji -

Day 5

On 23rd Hyderabad team of Ammucare volunteers spread to a different zone with the mission of love and peace.
The day started with distribution of sarees at Madhapur for underprivileged ladies at Hitech city by Dr. Rachana. Sowjanya collected fodder for Gowshala.
Nanda feed the street dogs and cats, Sarala and Aditya offered dinner to Chavadi Orphanage, Krishna Murthy, Rajshekar, and Neena was at Baba’s ashram for food distribution after prayers to Mohanji.
Jaidev completed snacks distribution to the daily wage workers was completed.
It was a day of celebration and peace and the food distribution went on till 11.00 Vasanthalipuram.

Ammucare - Hyderabad day 5- Happy birthday Mohanji -

MOHANJI KA AANGAN (Delhi, Pune, Jammu, Bangalore)


On 24 February 2019 Mohanji paid a visit to the Delhi Aangan children. The kids were very enthusiastic to see Mohanji, showering him with a lot of love and affection which he happily reciprocated. The children were eager to show off their dance moves, and performed a very well choreograph dance for Mohanji. All the kids were fed and shared a birthday cake with Mohanji, they later on received new school supplies and were treated to a vegan ice cream.

Mohanji Ka Aangan - Delhi - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji

Mohanji later visited the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center, which is home for thousands of rescued animals of different species. Mohanji with ACT angels distributed rice – 50 kgs, dalia- 50 kgs, bajra- 50 kgs, oats- 30kgs, milk – 60kgs, fodde r- 20kgs × 108 bags jaggries – 10 kgs, soya beans – 10kgs fodder – 2160 kgs. Mohanji toured the whole compound, and expressed interest in increasing the role and commitment of ACT activities at the center.

Ammucare - Delhi - charity - Happy birthday Mohanji -


Mohanji’s birthday celebration, with great fervour and fun, was carried out at Mohanji Ka Aangan in Pune. Kids of both the Aangans were brought together at one place, with 55 eager participants waiting to know what was in store for them. It was indeed an amazing funfilled time for both: the kids and the members of the M family, with cake cutting, mantra recitation and performances by the kids. The icing on the cake was the magic show. Most of the kids had never witnessed a magic show in their lives and neither had their parents. It was so heartwarming watching, not only the kids laughing and clapping, but also the parents of the children thoroughly enjoying themselves. The program culminated with lots of goodies overflowing from their plates: burgers, cakes, wafers, biscuits and of course ice-creams.
The show stopper was their vibrant attire which Father had desired and approved. Each Aangan student had donned his or her new pink coloured t-shirt and all of them looked so adorable. The program was attended by Dr. (Mrs.) Jaswant Minhas, a retired principal from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, who had worked as Commissioner (Scouting) in Jammu region . A very active and a loving lady who also enthralled the kids with her engaging and endearing personality. Father’s grace and guidance was felt throughout. All gratitude to Him that we can be meaningful in every small way.

Mohanji Ka Aangan - Pune - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji


On the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s birthday at Mohanji ka Aagan Jammu we organised dance party for children, along with the cake cutting and Burger Party…
Finally we distributed card board pens and pencils for the examinations… Kids really enjoyed a lot…

Mohanji Ka Aangan - Jammu dance party- Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji

With the grace n blessings of Father…Birthday celebrations continued for the second day at Mohanji ka Aagan Aagan…school shoes n slippers distribution for Mohanji ka Aagan children..along with Ice cream party n bhangra party on dhol…..
Children really enjoyed a lot…

Mohanji Ka Aangan - Jammu - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji


Mohanji Ka Aangan celebrated Mohanjis Birthday with great fervour and enthusiasm with the Aangan kids. Its our great pleasure and honour, that we had Mrs. Vandita Sharma, IAS Officer, Principal Secretary, Government of Karnataka, as our Chief Guest for the occasion.
She belongs to the 1986 Karnataka Cadre of Indian Administrative Service and has served in various departments such as Tourism, Education, Women & Child Development Department, Rural Development, Agriculture, Horticulture, etc. We also had to our utmost pleasure and joy, Keshavan Namboodari, Chief Advisory for Ammucare, and also Mohanjis Father, and Smt, Sridevi Namboodari, Mohanji’s mother.

Mohanji Ka Aangan - Bangalore 2 - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji

The event started with a welcome speech inviting the guests on stage and honouring them. Post which Smt. Vandita Sharma spoke a few words, of how happy she was to see such a project being undertaken by Ammucare. She wished Ammucare and the kids the best, and also extended her full support in any which way for the betterment of the kids and their future. She emphasised on overall and holistic development of the kids which she feels will go a long way in making this world a better place to love in. There were various cultural programs by the kids which included singing, dancing, showcasing their yoga skills too.

Finally we cut a cake on Mohanjis Birthday, and distributed cake, icecreams, juice and snacks to the kids and all those who were present on the occasion. The kids were given Aangan Tshirts which they gleefully accepted and would be wearing the same for all future events.

We all left the venue fully satisfied for this beautiful venture taking shape in a most profound manner. We wish success to all the kids of our Aangan and may they grow to be responsible and self sufficient generation to come.

Mohanji Ka Aangan - Bangalore - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji



Mohanji School of SUpplementary edication for the underprivileged1


“The kids enjoyed Mohanji’s and Rahul’s birthday cake yesterday! There was like a mini stampede, at one point, they literally fell forward like dominoes for that tiny slice. Yup, we should have bought two separate cakes like last year. We shall return… photo credit: Aaliaa Srishti” says Mata Ji.

Happy birthday Mohanji and Rahul by Mata Ji 2019 - charity



There was a lot of excitement in the air as we prepared to decorate the altar to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday. This year, some Sathya Sai devotees joined us to celebrate the occasion.

The celebration started off with the chanting of the Sri Rudram and it flowed soon into Bhajans. Not only were these two items a surprise, we realized that the young people in the group are very talented.

As the Sri Rudram was being chanted , there was an energy surge in the atmosphere and presence of masters was felt very much.
This was followed by Paduka Puja and we had sumptuous prasadam which included a birthday cake, all homemade by the ladies of the group.
The first session of the day ended with Shivakavacham and Aarti.

Malaysia - Happy birthday Mohanji 2019

Thereafter, later in the evening we proceeded to Ann’s Care Centre which is a nursing home for food seva. Delicious vegetarian food was catered by Sai Ananda Café, Selayang, Kuala Lumpur.
There are about 50 inmates and 6 caretakers at the centre. We spent time chatting with the inmates and helped to feed them. It was sheer happiness to see the smile on their faces and them enjoying the food. The caretaker also shared with us stories of how the inmates ended up at the centre.
As one of our family members stays very near the centre, we proceeded to his house from the centre and had a little satsang at his house sharing stories of various masters and also how some of them met Mohanji and how Mohanji had made a difference in their lives.
Mohanji’s birthday this year is truly a day to be remembered as it brought so much joy, laughter and sharing and bringing the family closer.

Jai Mohanji !

Malaysia - charity, kindness- Happy birthday Mohanji 2019


Singapore - Happy birthday Mohanji



South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji

In celebration of Mohanji’s birthday in South Africa many more people joined in selfless service on Saturday.


105 meals served in Pretoria to small children.

ACT South Africa - Pretoria


Stanger team distributed baby vegan toiletries to Youth Care Center.
Lunch was served at children’s home as well.


200 children received special lunch in Shumbashaba and celebrated with cupcakes and singing.


Children in Ivory Park received vegan cup cakes after lunch.


In Durban 300 homeless people received a cooked meal.
After team visited Hope House for orphaned children and donated nappies, toiletries and food.


Centurion Center served and vegan lunch to 50 people in 2 locations.


Our big ACT Birthday charity on 23rd February 2019

We prioritized the hungry street dwellers and car guards in the Mayfair areas of Johannesburg with our Food Seva.
The night before a very severely heavy thunderstorm lashed areas in and around Johannesburg.
The storm affected the power grids which cut off power supply to several areas. Our Mohanji Centre was also affected.
The blackouts continued into Saturday – our big celebration day at the Centre!
There was still the food to prepare for our afternoon Seva.
However Mohanji had it all under control.
By 4 pm Mrs Julie Reddy miraculously produced a huge piping hot pot of rice, lentils, potatoes, and variety of vegetables – all gently cooked together and liberally spiced with Mohanji Love. It was a healthy, aromatic dish and so gratefully accepted by those we served – especially after the thunderstorms.
The Mohanji family that gathered at Randburg helped pack the food into containers for easy distribution on the streets. We also had to ensure our volunteers were safe too as things can get rough in the blink of an eye in our part of the world.
But Mohanji is always with us and has us covered.
Some 115 containers were stacked in crates and loaded on a small truck and off we drove to Mayfair.
Two very dear people with the kindest hearts who attended a Mohanji event for the first time joined us wholeheartedly in the Seva. They unhesitatingly helped load all the packed crates onto the back of the truck and drove with us to the distribution points.
Volunteers followed in convoy in three other vehicles.
We parked our vehicles at the first point and waited just a little … they came, and despite their unimaginable hardships they respectfully lined up in a queue and gratefully accepted the welcomingly hot meal, with ‘Thank you. God Bless you.’
A few came back about three times!
We made two other stops and our volunteers additionally handed out carefully wrapped peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches, dozens of rolls… and Easter eggs!
They were so happy.
All thanks and gratitude to You Beloved Mohanji

ACT South Africa - Randburg


Foos was distributed in Mayfair area of Johannesburg

ACT South Africa - Randburg 2 Mayfair JHB

ACT was honored to have our seva and to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday so aptly in the home of Mahatma Gandhi  the embodiment of Satyagraha which He gifted to the world “ the Act of non violence and truth” , we catered food for 150 young and a feast of cakes and gave out gifts to all that were there. We addressed the youth on the teaching of Mohanji and were invited to please come again and address the community around there on the His teachings by the Facillitator at the Computor learning center. Thanks goes to Ela Gandhi granddaughter of the Mahatma for allowing us to serve there.

We also gave out lanyards and a few shirts & bags which Ela will hand out to the volunteer trainers who give their time free to tutor on computers at the center♥️

ACT South Africa - Mahatma Ghandi's home - Happy birthday Mohanji


Mohanji Centre of Silence Mauritius started the day’s celebration with mantra chanting, Power of Purity meditation with energy transfer, gurupadh mantra and aarati.  Everyone felt a wave of energy while offering flowers at Mohanji’s feet. Emotions through tears and dancing were released. One of the participants could see a glimpse of the shadow of Shiva and one of his Ganas. We are so blessed to have a guide and guru. Happy Birthday Mohanji

Mauritius 2 - Happy birthday Mohanji 2019

The day’s celebration continued with a program for needy children in a shelter in the centre of the island. Volunteers of the Mohanji association prepared a nice entertaining program for the kids. These included quiz competition, charade and mimics, light exercises and dancing and singing. The kids also enjoyed Musical chair.
The children have been joyfully participating in the entertainment.
Mohanji association offered a dinner and gifts to the children including shower gel, sanitary pads, nappies and cereals.
We ended the night with the birthday cake cutting.
Our deepest gratitude and thanks to Mohanji for giving all of us this opportunity to serve.

Mauritius - Happy birthday Mohanji 2019



MohanjiUSA Family members located in different parts of the country celebrated their love and gratitude for Father by offering seva in a variety of ways on His Birthday!

Here are the highlights from M family in USA celebrating Mohanji’s birthday. 


The cold and frigid temperatures in Eastern USA did not dampen the excitement of Mohanji’s birthday!

Virginia, USA started the day with HSTY yoga session and then came out to the nearby park for Conscious Walk despite the frigid temperatures.

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - Yoga, Conscious Walking

Along with Yoga, CW, volunteers cooked hot vegetarian meals and brought a cake in honor of Mohanji to a local shelter where it was distributed during afternoon meal.  Most people who come there are homeless, disabled, hungry, or unable to cook for themselves.  They thoroughly enjoyed the delicious home cooked meal along with cake! They thanked us profusely and wished Mohanji for his birthday.

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - cake 1

Evening started with heavy rains and despite that the planned event at a local retreat center turned out to be special.  Mohanji’s loving presence was felt throughout the program.  POP Meditation was done along with some new comers.  During the POP, MET was offered by Mohanji Acharya (Lata Ganesh), and one of the recipient said as follow: “I felt Mohanji all the time during the evening and especially during MET, hands over my head were warm and when it touched my crown chakra I felt like the sky was in my head – as if all the electrons were buzzing with energy like network and in the end it felt like our beloved Father Mohanji was patting me like we do to a child.  That night I slept straight for 10 hours, but normally I only sleep for 5-6 hours.”  She also said that she could sense the tension in the air with other people prior to the meditation; however, after the POP the room transformed and the positive energy of Mohanji was felt deeply throughout the night.

Special songs including Bhajan by Anu and Lata, a Native American Prayer by Laurie, English song composed and rendered  by Andra and a Sanskrit Bhajan composed and sung by Jyotsna.

Lastly, to conclude the beautiful evening, a vegan cake was cut by two lovely children and everyone joined in to sing a birthday song and expressed their heartiest wishes to Mohanji. It was a lovely evening filled with joy, laughter, love and peace in everyone’s heart.  All the gratitude surrendered at the lotus feet of Mohanji for making this day special.

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - cake 2


Sedona is a high energy center with powerful vortexes.  Thea Ivie’s home which she fondly calls an Ashram is dedicated to Mohanji and Nath gurus where meditations, healing, and charity is an everyday thing.  On February 23rd, Mohanji gayatri was chanted all day by two devotees.  Food was donated, rent was paid for people who had difficulty in paying, and group healing was also done on behalf of Mohanji.  All this was surrendered at the lotus feet of Mohanji.


Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated for the first time in Texas.

The idea came to one of the volunteers to have a vegan cake as an offering after the meditation as a prasad.  Upon searching, one store carried the last one in stock. It was held for the team for a later pickup.  Later, an idea also came to feed the birds.  Since the store to pick up the cake was near a lake, it would be a great place to feed the birds as well.  With this intention, the two volunteers drove to the venue and were met by the ducks who flocked to get food from their hands.  This was something special because animals don’t generally take food from strangers like that, so this indeed was grace making it all happen.

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - feeding birds in Texas

After satisfying the hungry birds, the cake was picked up and one of the volunteers (Padmaja) who is also a Mohanji acharya drove to the mediation hall.  She was very tired and had difficulty driving but kept on going because she needed to be at the venue at the scheduled time.  The cake was cut followed and Bliss of Silence meditation was conducted.

During the meditation, MET was offered, and amazing experiences were felt by all.  One of the attendees Anu writes: “”Attended Bliss of Silence meditation and it was one of a kind of experience.  I felt very refreshed and positive vibes were felt all through my body by energy transfer. Looking forward for more such lessons. Thank you Padmaja and Lakshmi for the initiative.” 

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - cake 3

Not only the attendees, even Padmaja was refreshed and felt full of energy and was able to drive home safely.

Its indeed true that when we have a strong desire to serve, Mohanji always makes a way for us. Thankyou Mohanji for giving us opportunities to serve at your Lotus Feet.

Feb 24, Conscious Walk and Mai tri healing was done.


In the sunshine state of California, there was a wild bird party on the feeder at home.  Every being experience hunger the same, as Mohanji teaches us. And what wonderful way of celebrating that by serving the tiny birds around the neighborhood.

Food (pasta) was cooked at home by the devotees for the seva at the women’s shelter close by since there is no kitchen on premises.  Pizza, garlic bread, vegetables and cake were also picked up to serve up to 60 people.  Serving at this shelter was not a coincidence but a blessing by our dear Mohanji.  Normally the volunteers drive an hour to a different shelter where they cook food themselves.  However, on Mohanji’s birthday, serving at this shelter nearby made things easier and more memorable. Later, the day POP along with MET was held at local Sai temple.

On Sunday the 24th, extra 30 sandwiches were offered at a shelter by a devotee.

Along with with extra 108 food packets were prepared and distributed in California.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Mohanji for forever fulfilling our wishes even on his special day 😊

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - feeding birds in California and pizza distribution

Once again, since we are so far spread but our love for Mohanji expressed in so many unique ways.


In Florida, it was like a big wedding party where kids and moms got together and prepped up food bags consisting of granola bars, oranges, apples, peanut butter sandwiches, and chips.

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - Florida - food distribution to the needy


304 sandwiches, fruits, bananas, apples, clementine, water crates, cookies/biscuits were delivered to a local soup kitchen.  This state doesn’t allow cooked food to be served, so the volunteers did the best in this option is to donate healthy food in remembrance of Mohanji.

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - Connecticut - food distribution to the needy


In New York, New Jersey and LA, birds were given food, pantry supplies were delivered to a local soup kitchen, and Power of Purity meditation was done.

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey - feeding birds and food distribution

Along with the seva in the United States, Mohanji family took the seva to INDIA as well. 

150 food packets were distributed to the kids of Mohanji ka aangan in Bangalore.  200 meals in Shirdi and 200 meals in Katra (Jammu), and mass food seva at Sanjay Gandhi animal shelter (included cattle, horses, geese, monkeys and birds) were also conducted by the USA Mohanji family.

USA - Happy birthday Mohanji - Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey 2 - feeding birds and food distribution

Mohanji’s grace poured in for his 54th birthday celebration. It seemed like grace poured in from every angle.  New venues, new experiences, new ideas, blogs, inspirations took off.  Few of the members were also able to attend and be in his presence for New Delhi satsang.  Along with all this, one blog and a bhajan was also submitted at the lotus feet of dear Mohanji by Lata Ganesh which you can listen here.


Even though we are a small group here in Perú, the blessings we are receiving are beyond anything we could have imagined.



Heartiest and warmest birthday greetings to our blessing in the form of Mohanji!
The Canada family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday with four events. It started with a blood donation drive on 21st February where the devotees donated blood to the nearby Canada blood donation centers and expressed their gratitude by helping others.
This day was also marked through inauguration of our Shri Sai Baba’s visit to devotees home to bless them, spread HIS teachings and awareness about our Ashram . On 23rd February morning, after having the Abhishek (bathing) Baba started HIS beautiful and divine journey of Sai Palki to his ardent devotees Gaurav & Seema Kaushal’s house ( ‘Sai Dham’). This house is graced with Sai’s divine energy, it also has a replica of the Shirdi Dwarkamai in its basement. Shri Sai Baba was welcomed with love and devotion. In order to spread Shri Sai’s teachings the devotee was encouraged to read a chapter from Shri Sai Sat Charita book. After reading, Shri Sai was worshiped by chanting HIS 108 names under supervision of our Ashram priest, followed by food offering and Aarti. This was followed by gifting a Sai Sat Charita book to the host with a bhav (feeling) that they will inculcate a habit of reading on daily basis. Our Datta Tapovan Ashram pamphlets containing activities and other details were distributed to all the people present in there.
Happy birthday Mohanji - Canada - Shirdi Sai Baba idol - Shri Sai Satsharithra reading
After bidding farewell, Shri Sai Baba visited second home of Neeti and Ranjan Rhode. The house was beautifully decorated and the entire path and staircase was ushered with Rose petals. After completion of Sai Satcharitra reading, Puja (worship) and bhog (food offering), the host surprise everybody by expressing their desire for celebrating  Mohanji’s birthday by cutting a cake. Baba, then set out for his last visit to Bhupinder & Nina Garg’s home. After  completion of all 3 rituals, a very lavish lunch was prepared for all the devotees present in large numbers.
Happy birthday Mohanji - Canada - Pada Puja - petals on stairs
Baba finally headed back to ashram. At ashram, all devotees offered Paad  Puja (worshipping Mohanji’s Lotus fees) by chanting 108 Mohanji’s name followed by meditation. A birthday cake was cut followed by kirtan and dance singing glory of our Mohanji.
Since food offering to the hungry is very dear to Mohanji, a food drive to the homeless and needy was offered on 24th February morning by the Mohanji Canada team.
Happy birthday Mohanji - Canada - cake - dancing


This year in Australia, Mohanji’s birthday was marked with meditations , homa and charitable activities in Melbourne and Sydney. The day started with a powerful homa in Mohanji’s name. Power of purity meditation was conducted in Melbourne . Blossoms of love meditation was held in Sydney followed by cake cutting.
In Auckland, New Zealand, a ‘dhan’ was done at a temple in Mohanji’s name.

Mohanji - happy birthday- Australia and New Zealand - meditation

Mohanji - happy birthday-homa - Australia and New Zealand - meditation


Birthday wishes to Mohanji – part 1

Birthday wishes to Mohanji – part 2

On this joyful and auspicious day, we have put together the greetings and thoughts of  devotees on what they cherish about Mohanji, the enigmatic and loving Guru!

On this occasion, along with the expressions through words and poems, we also present a devotional song “Guru Mohana,” available to watch on YouTube link. ( The video is at the end of this blog).

With deep reverence and gratitude, we offer this blog post as expressions of love from devotees across the globe as ‘Pushpanjali’ (offering of  flowers) at Mohanji’s lotus feet.


V.Subramanian, Bengaluru, India

Subramaniam with Mohanji

All mountains soar but one soars above the rest. So too are my experiences with Mohanji. Let me record the most cherished one. “More than 40 years back, I had the unique privilege of being initiated into japa yoga by my Guru who was an exalted master. He told me very clearly, “if you stay loyal to this path and tread steadfastly, your Parama Guru will come in search of you.” Little did I realise then, the significance of this powerful message. But in the course of my journey, I used to reflect on His words often, praying and hoping that the Parama  Guru that He talked about may come in sukshma  (subtle) and not sthula (physical) form. Even after coming into contact with Mohanji, I didn’t realise this until recently that my eternal Parama Guru has indeed arrived! True masters’ words never fail.

With Anantha koti pranams at my Parama Guru’s feet


Dr Harpreet Wasir, India

Harpreet Wasir with Mohanji

A Soul who has no Birth and no Death is unshakable as a Guru,  whom we all have in the form of Mohanji.

Birthday wishes to dear Father Mohanji who is there for all of us always, every moment. On this auspicious day, I wish that may He keep on guiding us on the golden path, our thoughts and actions always and for ever.

Happy birthday Father Mohanji.

Dr Harpreet Wasir, India


Steven (Raj), London

Steven Sohal with Mohanji

Dearest Mohanji,


Wishing you a very happy and memorable Birthday! Just wanted to express my gratitude for all you have done and  continue to do. It’s much appreciated, I am glad you came into my life!

Thank you for always being there for me and may you always be my guide.


Steven (Raj), London


Lakshmi Nair, Houston, Texas

Lakshmi Nair with Mohanji

Dear Mohanji,

My sincere Pranams. With deep reverence and love I wish you a very “Happy Birthday”  and a big “THANK YOU.” Please keep your grace on us always and let us rest at your lotus feet eternally. Every single day is an experience for me with you and I know you are watching us and I have no words to describe my gratitude for all that you have given us. There are times when I fall back and I don’t do things as you have said, but I have always felt you pull me back and put me on track .

I have composed a small poem in your memory dear Mohanji. Please allow me to give it to you on this happy occasion .

Journey in time 

I was a wandering soul until we met

The time stood still as our eyes met

I felt the divine in you as I wept

Day and night as I slept

I couldn’t describe love before

But you showed me  love and more

I didn’t know what I was meant to be

But you sent people to help me

I went up and down as days passed by

You gave me strength and asked me to fly

I was lost in thoughts most of the time

You showed me how my doubts were as bitter as lime

Then, I realized we are one

Until then this “I” was just on the run .


Luke Edwards, London

Luke Edwards

Hi Mohanji.

I met you in London a few months back. My sister was getting married that weekend and you gave her your advice and blessings. Thanks again – the day went wonderfully and they’re now happily married.

Have a wonderful birthday celebration with all the love and attention you’ve more than earned.

If you ever need anything I can help with, you need only ask.

Love and kind wishes.
Luke Edwards, London


Mala Vijaysekaran, India

Lord Krishna was Arjuna’s charioteer in the battle of Kurukshetra. The Parthasarathy.

Blessed are we to have Mohanji as our divine charioteer in this lifetime. Surrendering the chariot of life to him, handing over the reins, we do the things we have to do, meet the challenges we have to, love and share, fight our battles, group and depart, just the way life wants us to. Harmony outside, harmony within, liberation a reachable goal with Yogiraj Parahbrama Mohanji holding the reins and leading!!

Pranams Guru. Immense Gratitude dear Mohanji.

Happy Birthday!!

Mala Vijaysekaran.


Sunita Madan, India

Mohanji with Sunita

Pranams Father. Wishing you a wonderful birthday. May you be blessed with good health and happiness always. Thank you for holding my hand when I thought all was lost. You gave me a purpose to live post retirement. Deep gratitude for everything. Love you.


Sunita Madan, India


Soma Seal, India

Soma with Mohanji

Pranam Father,

Wishing  you a very happy birthday.  May You be blessed with good health and happiness always .Deep gratitude  for being there  and holding our hands. Love you  beyond all words.

Soma Seal, India


Kannan Varahan, Mumbai, India

Kannan with Mohanji

It brings me immense happiness and at the same time my heart is overflowing with gratitude for your coming into my life, and I have reached a stage that every breath of mine exhaling out is only because of your utmost grace.



Kannan Varahan, India


Sudeshna Saha, Chennai, India

I cherish his friendship the most. I have never called him “Father,” nor will I ever be able to, like most people do.

I cherish the way he explains the most complicated things in a simplistic, hilarious, story telling method. Being in his presence, we learn to shed our ego and open our hearts in acceptance.

He is probably the most ‘peoples’ person’ in the Spiritual Genre, with no frills and tantrums. His “Down to Earth” persona, breaks the common perception of a modern-day Guru, who people identify with a particular dress code or a particular mannerism. As he always says, “I am You,” and one can perceive the depth of these three words, when one surrenders with absolute faith.

Sudeshna Saha, Chennai


Trishla, India

Dearest Father,

Humble pranams at your lotus feet. Wishing you a very happy and blessed birthday and a year ahead. Immense  gratitude for everything that you have done and are doing for us.  Pray we live up-to your teachings, your grace and protection always be with us and we never leave your hand.

With gratitude and love,

Trishla, India


Eric Elbers, Canada

Eric Elbers

Dearest Mohanji,

How can we ever fully comprehend the infinite blessings of being connected to a Sat Guru of your stature? How can we ever feel enough gratitude? How can we ever qualify ourselves to assist in your mission? It is only with your grace that we can even make an attempt. It is a great blessing and  privilege to be connected with you and I wish that your birthday, which we cherish and celebrate, is just one pearl in a long string we are allowed to witness.

Congratulations and may your mission grow in the world as well as in our hearts ️

Baraka Bashad – May the Blessings Be

Eric Elbers, Canada


Saraswati Callikan, India

Mohanji, a few words is not enough to describe You. However, to sum it, I will say that You are God’s  gift to humanity in general but especially to those who want to know the truth of existence. Your sincerity, simplicity and selflessness are really signs of a true Guru. Jai Mohanji.

We are really blessed to have You in our lives.

A very happy birthday to You.

Saraswati Callikan


Livia Jakovljevic, Netherlands

I enjoy more and fear less. I witness life occurrences with more faith and compassion and less (negative) emotions. This was only possible through your deep and clear teachings and more significantly, your example! Dear Mohanji, for your birthday I wish you joy and peace and in the years to come may many more honest seekers find their way to your light!

With love and gratitude,

Livia Jakovljevic, Netherlands


Sathya Shivakumar, Bengaluru, India

Sathya family with Mohanji


I see You as the Superstar of the spiritual world. Just as the stars are self illuminating and can light up the sky even in the darkest of nights, You dispel the darkness in our lives by leading us in the path of light and love.

On this auspicious day Mohanji, I would like to offer You my deepest gratitude in few forms:

  • A blog of my experience sharing
  • A devotional song (written by Devadas) “Guru Mohana”. (The link is at the end of this blog)
  • A poem inspired by You. (as below)

Thank You for all Your grace and blessings.

Lots of Love,


A poem inspired by Mohanji 

Shine! Shine! Oh bright star!

It is your own light after all!

You shine beyond barriers, beyond boundaries in the vast night sky

when one can see your true glory.

You came to declare, “Fear not the darkest of the nights, My light shall dispel it!”

Shine shine, Oh bright star!

How magical are thou!

You reveal what you are when the world is in slumber,

but there are a few in number who find you for they cannot sleep until they see you.

From you Oh star, the universe has emerged.

Into you it shall  dissolve and your divine command is

“Shine like me in pure light and love until you merge in me”

Sathya Shivakumar


Arati Bhate, India

||Jai  Gurudev Datta||

Jai Mohanji. You held my hand tight and took me on the path of truth, awareness and  to my original destiny. In every second, You are with me. Now I just can’t imagine my life without ‘My Mohanji.” You are my true Master. Long live Mojanji. Pranam.

Arati Bhate, India


Shyama & Jay, UK

Shyama Jay with Mohanji

Dearest Mohanji,

Your presence in our lives is something that we cherish and value beyond what words can express. Your thoughts fill us with joy, innocence and gratitude. Your teachings give us purpose and clarity. We have experienced that love and faith in You gives us contentment and stability in life. We are eternally grateful for Your love, grace and blessings, today and always.

Wishing You a very happy Birthday!

Lots of Love,

Shyama & Jay, UK


Shivani Sanganeria, Kolkata, India


Happy Birthday Mohanji! My life has taken a total turn with Your presence. Instead of fears and sadness, there is an indescribable joy in my heart. Thank You for showing me the way to light and holding my hand at every step.
Love always and forever.

Shivani Sanganeria, Kolkata


Vidya Iyengar, USA


To put this into a few words is not at all enough. I feel so blessed to have You Mohanji in our lives. I don’t know what I did in the past to have the grace of You. I cherish You in my life because every time I get bogged down by negativity or negative thoughts I remember You and feel extremely lucky to have You in my life. You are the constant positivity in my life. You are my path and You are my destination. Thank You is a small word, I love You so much Mohanji.

Happy Birthday!

Vidya Iyengar, USA


Biljana Vozarevic, Serbia

Biljana with Mohanji

Happy birthday to You who lead me beyond the duality

Take me into the true, permanent, full-oneness reality

And save me from the see-saw of happiness and sorrow

Beyond space and time, yesterday, now and tomorrow

The birth-less, deathless cause of all worlds, source of bliss

Who helps people to cross the ocean of the worldly abyss

My spiritual eyes were blind until You opened them wide

And filled me up with sacred knowledge as the inner guide

Biljana Vozarevic, Serbia

(Please visit my blogsite to read my experiences with Mohanji)


Neelu, India

Dear Mohanji,

Neelu with Mohanji

Expressing in words Your grace and presence in my life would be like lighting a match stick before the mighty sun. Still I will try to put it in a few words.

You are everything and everyone for me. You are my Praana (life force), my Atma (Soul), my Paramatma (God).

You are the only reason that I am alive today. It’s only because of You that I will be liberated in this lifetime and be at Your lotus feet forever.

Maalik, Hamaari Umar bhi aapko lag jaaye..Aap Jiye Hazaaron Saal.

Wish you a very Happy and Blessed Birthday.

Neelu, India


Radha, India


You are my Appa. You are everything to me.

Happy Birthday!





You have changed my life on many levels, You gave meaning and freedom to my soul. Thank you Baba for everything.

Happy birthday



Monika Balenovic, Serbia

Monika with Mohanji


Your presence in my life is,

Maternal unconditional love and father’s powerful protection,

Fire that burns all the old patterns of behavior, inertia, fears and concepts,

An example and an inspiration how to live this life – committed, selflessly and with a clear purpose – that each activity is directed to the welfare of others.

A hand that holds me firmly and leads to the eternal ocean outside of the earthly existence.

Love You Mohanji.

Happy Birthday!

Monika Balenovic

( I would like to share my recent experience sharing on my blogsite!)


Devadas, Palakkad, India

Dear Mohanji,

You  know our inside & outside. Your presence will take us to Moksha, the ultimate liberation. Thank you for being in our lives.

Wish you a very happy Birthday!


(I would like share the link to my blog site where I share my experiences with Mohanji.)


V K Murthy, India

Dear Mohanji,

You are the greatest Master who is very simple, down to earth, crystal clear in communication and the firm hand holding us at all times once we surrender to You.

Thank you Baba for everything. Baba I bow my head at your lotus feet and pray, be with us all the time.

–        V K Murthy


Hanumatananda, Macedonia

Hanumatananda with Mohanji

Happy Birthday Father!

I cherish you in my life as the pillar of my existence. You gifted me a higher purpose, and you are transforming my life to blossom in its fullest potential. At Your Feet Always!

Your child,



G K Shyam


You are my anchor and you give me the reason to cherish every moment I live.

Wish you a very happy Birthday.

Love You Mohanji,

G K Shyam


Gayatri Jayashankar, India


You are the dispeller of darkness, the Lord of Compassion and Unconditional Love.

This is the transformation which happened in my Karmic family, for my dear husband, children and myself. Dark forces bled our happiness for several years. Light and Salvation in the form of Mohanji did away with our trauma. No words can describe the Feeling. Kriya and Your Path to Liberation …

With Deep Gratitude and Humility I bow at Your Feet. Jai Mohanji Baba.

Wish You a very happy birthday!

Gayatri Jayashankar, India


Vijaya, London

Dear Mohanji,

I cherish You in my life because I can see Sathya Sai and Shirdi Sai in You to whom I am deeply connected. I see God in Your physical form. I see All in One Master i.e. Mohanji. I can feel Your love and the transformation which is slowly taking place within me. I love being in Your presence and listening to Your Satsang. I enjoy the Power of Purity Meditation which I consider a big gift You have given us and it gives me an opportunity to see You often during the meditation.

I wish You a very Happy Birthday and may You always be with me wherever I am.

Vijaya, London


Reshmika Chaithram, South Africa


You are my Truth. You empower me to be myself, to live truthfully and freely. You are always Near. I am thankful for all that You do for the Universe and for Us. We love You, we cherish You. Have a happy and blessed birthday Babaji.

Reshmika Chaithram, South Africa


Collette Evers


I cherish Your presence in my life, because whatever You say, just resonates with me and You explain things simply, for everyone to understand. Mohanji, You exude love, kindness and compassion and it makes me want to be a better person, while striving for liberation!

Happy Birthday, Mohanji!

Collette Evers




You have brought my husband and me, under one guide, one mission and have aligned our purpose. We are so distinct yet complementary now. You have given my body, our marriage, our material belongs a purpose, which is happiness in Sewa.

Happy Birthday Dear Mohanji!



Sabyasachi Rath, USA

Dear Mohanji,

Unconditional love, compassion, selfless service, purity, faith, awareness, acceptance, gratitude and liberation were mere words till You made them a reality. You make life lighter. Thank you for making our lives so beautiful.

Wish you a very happy Birthday.

Sabyasachi Rath, USA


Elham and Farshad, USA

Elham with Mohanji

Happy birthday to our beloved Guruji. Thank you Father for coming to this world and made our lives meaningful. Thank you for being with us all the time even when we are not aware. Thank you for leading us through this journey. Thank you for holding our hands through life. Wish you long life, happiness and peace.
Love you so much for ever our beloved Father

Elham and Farshad, USA


Hems, India

Hems with Mohanji

Dear Mohanji,

I cherish your presence in my life for only this to be a reality in due course of time … ,

“Mohano bhutva Mohanay Yajet” – To become one with Mohanji

With Much Love and Gratitude,
In Your consciousness


Mina Obradovic, Serbia

Dear Mohanji,

I cherish Your presence in my life because I am a completely different person after meeting You! I have never had more understanding, more peace, love, patience, compassion, happiness, a mind clear of heaviness. I have never had more knowledge on what I can do, understanding of my natural self before meeting You. I have never had such STABILITY in my life than after meeting You. I am not swayed away with every wave of life that keeps changing from bitter to sweet and from sweet to bitter. Waves of life are the same, but my inner self is not. I care lesser and lesser about bitter & sweet, and I care more and more for the happiness and stability of all beings of this world.

Thank You Mohanji for keeping me with You every moment.

Wish You a very happy Birthday!



(Here is the link to my blogsite where I share my experiences with Mohanji)


Priti Rupee, London

Mohanji eyes

Mohanji’s eyes in the Deepam!


I cherish being with You as Your teachings expand my awareness, warming my heart. You are ever-present even when doubts cloud me. Sitting outside the Ramana Maharishi Ashram in front of Arunachal, my monkey mind questioned if You are with me and lo and behold there was a clear sign. Mohanji’s eyes, nose and beard appeared as clear as day light to say “I am with you always.” This picture says it all!

Thank You for being me all the time, every time, Mohanji.

Wish you a very happy birthday!

Priti Rupee, London


Rashila, London

Rashila with Mohanji

Happy Birthday Dear Father.
Thank you for coming into my life.
You made it so much more meaningful.
Love you always.

Rashila, London


Mataji Sharma, Philipines

Mohanji for me is an unknowable vast consciousness yet an incarnation of a tangible force of compassion and a determined compass for liberation.

We are deeply grateful that Existence has sent Him to us, like a lighthouse, a family and a friend – never a stranger. We pray that Mohanji be continued to be blessed with excellent health and boundless energy to fulfill what He has come to do. Though the consciousness is the alpha and omega, we deeply celebrate His divinely blessed coming in body to walk amongst us all. We are grateful. We are blessed to have His presence so palpable in our lives.

Happy Birthday Mohanji!

– Mataji Sharma, Philipines


Judith and Andreas (and Vinu), Switzerland

Judith Swiss

Dearest Mohanji

You only show us love and kindness. You never ask anything from us but only give. You are always there for us and with us.
Please accept our deepest love and gratitude. Our lives are at your feet.
Love you.
Judith and Andreas (and Vinu), Switzerland

Rekha Murali, Chennai, India

A very Happy Birthday, Dearest Mohanji!Rekha Murali with Mohanji

Mohanji, you are my Viswa Mitra,  a friend for lifetimes. What I cherish most is your humility and the unconditional love that you have for all beings with absolutely no discrimination. Your ability to make everyone feel comfortable and happy is so admirable. You speak to each one of us at our level of maturity, helping us understand the most complicated things easily. In your presence, it is a no thought stage with no desires and total bliss!
Lots of love and hugs! Help me stay in your consciousness now and for ever.
Rekha Murali, Chennai, India

Padmini Ravi, Dubai

Dear Baba
Wishing You a very Happy and wonderful Birthday. Your coming into our lives is like a rebirth in this lifetime. Ever grateful for Your presence in our lives Baba. Your guidance and love has added fragrance to our lives. Our wish for you.
Pallandu pallanu pallaayirathaandu pala kodi noorayiram…

Loves n hugs
At your feet,
Padmini Ravi, Dubai


Usha Narayan, Chennai, India

Usha Narayan

Many happy returns of the day Father.  Thank you so much for being a part of my life, leading me from darkness to light. I  am eternally grateful. Wish you a very long life and may devotees follow your path and teachings without deviation. Love and Regards.  Thank you so much for all you have given me

Usha Narayan, Chennai, India


Geetha Suryanarayanan, UK

Many many birthday wishes dear Master. I cannot believe that I have been so fortunate as to meet you in physical form in this life. Eternal gratitude at your lotus feet.

Geetha Suryanarayanan, UK


Ravindran Visvnathan, Malaysia

Dearest Father

Wishing you a wonderful Birthday celebration with lots of love and joy. My deepest gratitude to you for coming into my life.
Ravi, Malaysia
PS not too much sugar

Kishore & Revathy, Chennai, India

Kishore Revathy with Mohanji

A thought about “Mohanji”
A glance of “Mohanji”
A name “Mohan/ji”
I cherish anything and everything when it relates to Mohanji. I am indebted to Him for His loving presence in my life.

It is meaningless to wish You a happy birthday as You have no birth or death. But I still love to see You in this form which I think connected me to You. I love You Mohanji. Wish You a lovely birthday and wish every heart turns out to be Your beautiful residence. May they cherish Your stay and fill themselves with unconditional love.

Jai Mohanji.

Kishore & Revathy


Priti Yadav, India

Priti Yadav

When a child is born it’s said that, “It’s a rebirth of the Mother,” as she undergoes that immense pain to give birth to her child.
Mohan Ji gave birth to us. We wish more power and strength to Mohanji.

Tvam-Eva Maataa Ca Pitaa Tvam-Eva |
Tvam-Eva Bandhush-Ca Sakhaa Tvam-Eva |
Tvam-Eva Viidyaa Dravinnam Tvam-Eva |
Tvam-Eva Sarvam Mama Deva Deva ||

Priti Yadav, India


G Srinivas, Chennai, India


Dear Mohanji,

Happy Birthday Gurudev. You are the stable emotional anchor of my life which was being swept away by situations and emotions like a rudderless boat.

Gurudev kindly be present in my breath and thought like a guiding light.




Lata Ganesh, USA

Lata with Mohanji

Dearest Mohanji,
Wishing You a very happy birthday and many more to come! Wishing You a very healthy and long journey touching lives far and wide. Thank You for proving again and again that the physical trappings are but ephemeral. Ever so grateful to You for awakening the divine consciousness in me and merging it with the Divine Consciousness that is YOU.

Love and Gratitude,



Vince & Annabelle, UK

The Master who brought divine light in our lives.

We met Mohanji when he came to the UK I think 2012. Since then we have an affinity and Love for His teachings and Q&A answers- articulated so simply and to the point. Then with His subsequent visits to the UK, we grew fonder of Mohanji, who gave us incredible confidence and unconditional LOVE.

Vince_annabelle with Mohanji

Mohanji has certainly shown His true self and His power. I felt that His energy has expanded to show people how to Love and serve the needy, including the animals and divine souls who have taken birth for whatever reasons.

Mohanji has given us a great blessing by initiating us to Consciouness Kriya.  Back in year 2000, the Naadi predicted that would happen to us as per previous life.

We have been to Master’s retreat twice and what I have witnessed and seen I cannot write, but Master had confirmed this.

His Birthday is on the 23rd of February and we will celebrate it in awe and Love, and trust there will be many more where we could be in His physical presence. We are sure He will be with us.

We both wish Mohanji a very happy Birthday.

With Love

Vince & Annabelle


Shene, UK

Happy Birthday dearest Mohanji.

Shene with Mohanji

Before Mohanji came into my life every breath every moment was painful, as if stepping on glass and swallowing fire. Nothing made sense and I had no reason to keep living. The spark of divine presence, beauty and compassion that is Mohanji gives me a reason to wake up each day.

Being with Mohanji I feel love for myself and others, something I never dreamed to happen in this lifetime.

How can I begin to express my gratitude for finding me and showing me myself.

Jai Mohanji!

Shene, UK


Aishwariya, Bengaluru, India

Aishwariya with Mohanji

After I lost my father who brought me to this world, God came to me as my father in the form of Mohanji. His unconditional love, compassion and caring guidance to me and above all accepting my service to Him and the mission, has completely transformed the Aishwariya before meeting Him in this life.

How can I thank You enough Mohanji for what Your presence means in my life and I cherish this beyond my own existence.

All I can pray to God is that let my Father, Mohanji’s hand be on my head till I exist.

Wish you a very happy Birthday Mohanji.

Love You.



Vijay Ramanaidoo, London

Vijay with Mohanji

Dearest Mohanji,

I wish You a very happy birthday! On this auspicious occasion many beings will  benefit by the service of Your followers. You have inspired and supported many of us to achieve things and go to places we could only ever dream of! You have brought so much love and light into this world and I pray that as our gift to You, we can continue to follow Your practices and teachings to spread even more of Your divine love and light to every corner of the world!

Wishing You lots and lots of love,



Harish & Subhasree, London

Dear Mohanji,

Harish and Subhasree with Mohanji

Wishing You on Your birthday is not just another opportunity to convey our gratitude to You for being in our lives, as we cherish Your presence every moment, every breath. Your grace in our lives, not just the two of us and our two sons, rather on our families is unfathomable, incomprehensible and we remain grateful for the rest of our lives.

While wishing for Your long life and good health (for Your physical form), we wish to continue to be Your instruments in accomplishing Your larger mission and serve You eternally with our utmost conviction, faith and surrender.

Happy Birthday Mohanji.

With Lots of Love,

Harish & Subhasree

(Please visit Subhasree’s blogsite to read her experiences with Mohanji.)


Madhusudan & Preethi, Mumbai, India

Madhu & Preethi with Mohanji

Mohanji’s presence in our lives is the biggest blessing we could have ever asked for. Awareness, purpose, gratitude, kinship, compassion, fearlessness – words cannot do justice to describe the lessons we learn from him every day and every moment. He is a constant reminder of what we can truly be, if we get away from the mundane thought processes. Our whole family is grateful that we are able to connect with him and revel in the security of grace that encircles us at all times.

We wish You a very happy birthday, dear Mohanji!

Love, Madhu & Preethi


Nilesh Bhimjiani, London

NIlesh with Mohanji

Happy Birthday dear Gurudev Mohanji.

Thank you for your divine grace and thank for being in my life.

May I be at your lotus feet always 🙏

Nilesh, London


And Finally…from the Testimonials team

February 2018 is when a new testimonials team commenced their seva with Mohanji’s blessings. Since then there is a growing awareness of the true value of sharing experiences and that has certainly kept the team busy.

Adding value to society in any form or shape is our biggest dharma and what better way than to be able to spread the divine leelas  of Mohanji. Through this process we are slowly realising that each experience is not a mere coincidence but a piece that fits into the larger canvas of our individual paths. “Guru Leela” the book of testimonials shared by devotees is one of our offerings at the lotus feet of Mohanji. This was only possible with Mohanji’s grace and it is continuing to spread the vibrations and energy of Mohanji.

Dear Mohanji,

We are eternally grateful to You for being with us every moment initiating every thought, flowing through every word and implementing every action.  You play with us with amusement and love but you are ever watchful and protective. 

With Your grace, we place our intention to carry on with spreading Your divine leela being Your instruments for ever till every soul in this world is able to see, feel and breathe your divinity.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more to come!

And last but not the least, here is the devotional song “Guru Mohana”, the cherry on top of the Birthday cake (Vegan and sugar free!).

Jai Mohanji!


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