Navarathri Celebration at Datta Tapovan

By Swami Mohana Bhaktananda Bharati
Dattatapovan has been having pujas everyday to celebrate Navarathri. Friday was a very special day for us. Everyone at the ashram participated in a very special prayer to Shree Lalitatripurasundari.


We all individually worshiped the Shree Chakra according to the navavarna puja technique. Everyone patiently offered sindoor and rice to various points in the Shree Chakra.


During this evenings pujas at Dattatapovan. Devi Durga and Lord Ganesha on her lap, siting on a lion appeared in the flames. During this evenings pujas at Dattatapovan. Devi Durga and Lord Ganesha on her lap, siting on a lion appeared in the flames.

12095290_10153035619067161_5595065790647704516_oWhat an amazing evening. Today we did Durga Saptasati homa. It was really such a blessed evening. Mohanji showered his grace upon us all. So so so blessed. Devi make her divine presence known in the flames of the homa. Thank you Mohanji for such blessings.


Power of Purity in Newscastle

A Power of Purity mediation was held in Newcastle earlier this month. I can’t begin to explain what an amazing experience it was. Because it was pithar pak, I did not expect many people to come. But I knew, who was meant to be there would come. Mohanji says he always does his job, and he definitely did. Through Babajis grace, 45 people attended the meditation. I was so touched by the love and respect everyone showed towards Mohanji.

Babajis grace flowed and his presence was definitely felt. During the short satsang, I could feel him walking around and he blessed each person there. So many people had visions during the mediation. One participant felt a strange sensation over his body and he opened his eyes. He actually saw a dark cloud move out of him, leaving him feel light and empty. Mohanji answered many participant’s personal questions without even being asked aloud. This left everyone in a state of complete surrender.
Babaji you touched so many lives in Newcastle. On behalf of everyone, we would like to say that we are so grateful and thankful for your blessings.

e about Devi Lalita, her meaning, the meaning of her yantra, some philosophical aspects of Shree Vidya and chanted her shodasi mantra.

Thank you Babaji for such a wonderful experience. Everyone had such a good time because of your blessings.


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