Only grace is the answer

Written by Revathy

First of all, I am grateful to my Guru, who is a gift from God. We know we have so many opportunities to show gratitude to our parents as they brought us to this beautiful world. But what about our Gurus (teachers, the Guru Tattwa, the supreme consciousness)?

There are so many teachers whom we will meet in our life journey. Some of them shower their blessings upon us silently, which we realize over a period of time. As we realize these fragrances of love, we become more connected with our Guru and have that feeling of gratitude in our hearts with full warmth and happiness.

Today, I am sharing my blissful experience which happened this morning. I don’t really know how to explain it or what to say. It all happened with Mohanji’s blessings. My family and I had been longing to see Mohanji for quite some time. We were so excited to hear about Mohanji’s visit to Chennai (last week). The satsang was on 24th November, evening, however due to the flooding in Velachery we could not make it. We were upset as our craving to see him was shattered. While I was lying on my bed on the afternoon of the 24th, my mind was full of grief and there were so many questions. At that time, a call came from Preethi Gopalarathnam’s mobile, it was Mohanji. He told us to take care and that we should not risk coming out. He also said that he would visit our house every week during meditation, hence we needn’t worry about coming and meeting him on that day.

Mohanji Leela.png

We had printed out the ID cards for the Chennai Satsang. Yesterday, Devadasji (Devettan) had asked us to send the eye cards of Mohanji to Palakkad. This morning, while I was busy in the kitchen and my husband was counting the eye cards for distribution, he suddenly called me in a very excited voice. I went over and saw that there was VibhutI (sacred ash) sprinkled on some of the cards. Among a pack of 1000 cards, Vibhuti had appeared on several of them!


How did it happen? Only Grace could be the answer to that. Thank you Mohanji!

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