Parabrahma Shiv Roopa

Written by Neha and Nilesh Parekh


It was the evening of Monday the 24th of August, just 2 days before Mohanji’s departure from Toronto to India. All of us were very sad and emotional that Mohanji would be leaving us in a few days. Some expressed it, while others effectively concealed the tears of their heart. A few close devotees came over to see Mohanji and bask in his presence, and thus the evening developed into an informal instant Satsang for that evening. It was around 7.00 pm that all arrived and settled down. People kept coming. One of our close team members who serves at the Sai Baba temple and to whom Baba speaks constantly, was fasting without food on that day. Mohanji gave her something to eat and she readily accepted. How did Mohanji know that she was fasting? Mohanji was in a very different mood that evening. Upon my asking if we could do His pooja, He immediately said “Not today, today it is story time” J Leelas of the Divine.

One by one He started telling us stories about many Divine encounters from the lives of various saints and also from His own life. He talked about Bhagawan Nityananda Swami, Vittal Babaji, Sai Baba, and the Guru – disciple relationship. It was an exhaustive list. Each and every Leela had a hidden message for each devotee, without being asked. J That’s Mohanji, without asking He answers our doubts and queries.

All of us consider ourselves as true devotees. We believe that God hears our prayers. When God is within you, and He himself is running your show, how and why does he hear you from outside? Mohanji kept reminding us of the basic fundamentals which we have forgotten in our mundane existence. He reminded us about the ego that separates us from truth, and even gives us the audacity to judge and criticise our own parents and gurus using our fundamentally limited awareness. He kept repeating that the name of this incarnation is Mohanji, that it will die as Mohanji, and urged us not to think of him or connect to him as somebody else. He said “I am not Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Shiva or Sai. This incarnation is called Mohanji and will die as Mohanji. Connect to me as Mohanji with all the pluses and minuses attached to this incarnation, then we will have a long relationship. If you come to me thinking or imagining that I am someone else, then you will have disappointments when you realise this personality does not match with that of a past incarnation which you had in mind. If you connect to me as what I am now, it will stay”. He also asked “What is Baba for you? What is Shiva for you? What is Krishna? Are they the images and forms that we see outside of us? They are all reminders of who you are. You are the same. All the forms outside are reminders of your true form which is formless. Every form has a reason and purpose. This awareness is vital and important.” He cracked jokes about various situations of life to prove certain points. He reminded us, “What is the root cause of our sorrows? Expectations. Where are expectations seated at? Mind. So, when your mind is ruling you, you will always remain a slave, like a cow tied to a pole with a rope. It cannot walk beyond the diameter that the rope permits. We all are like that. We cannot walk beyond the diameter of our own mind. We are heavily handicapped. Then we deny all that is beyond. Denial or inability to accept truths binds us further. The liberated ones have no mind to bind. They are unchained. Their operating platform is freedom and unconditional love. They live in the moment. They are free from within. And when they express this freedom, the bound society fails to understand. This is why society killed masters like Jesus, Socrates, Prophet John, Osho and many such great masters. They continue to crucify and kill even as we talk.”

Mohanji 1
Whenever you hoard, store or hide things, stagnation happens and it leads to further bindings in life. When you share more, more comes to you. Sharing is the secret. Share and grow.

“What is the best gift you can give to your guru? Live his teachings. When you spread love and happiness in the name of your guru, you are walking the path of salvation. When you spread awareness, you are being more aware too. When you share what you have, you will grow beyond. Whenever you hoard, store or hide things, stagnation happens and it leads to further bindings in life. When you share more, more comes to you. Sharing is the secret. Share and grow. You have what you share. You do not have what you hoard because a material becomes meaningful only when it is useful and experienced. What you have not experienced is not yours as yet. “

“Why do we give everything for free? Because what we give is priceless. Freedom is priceless. Liberation is priceless. We are explaining paths to reach there. Kriyas are powerful only if used and practiced with patience and devotion. Everything is effective only as per our usage. When we use anything with reverence, gratitude and full awareness, it gives maximum benefit. If things are used absentmindedly, they become totally wasted.”

“If people want to support me, my work or our activities in any way, they are welcome. But they should not support it as a favor towards Mohanji or with certain expectations of reward. We are self-sufficient. We are rich inside. Outside materials are only for a certain purpose of gratification. They change forms and flavors with time. They are inconsistent. Support should not be out of compulsion either. It should be out of sheer unconditional love without ANY expectations. If there is no bhaav (attitude of gratitude), one should not give anything. I do not accept or give back things that come without bhaav. When we accept anything from anyone who gives it without bhaav, it becomes a burden. If people associate with me because they love it from the heart without expectations, I welcome them wholeheartedly. I make my home theirs too. I give everything to those who need nothing from me. I give myself.”

“If you make a promise even to a beggar or someone who you think as insignificant, or even think that you should give something to somebody, you should definitely fulfill that promise to yourself. A thought can potentially create destiny. Undelivered promises always become our destiny. Nothing is ever wasted in this universe called consciousness. ”

“Never judge anyone. You have no right. When you judge, criticise, let alone scandalise, you are falling deeper and deeper into the black hole of compulsive destiny which infinitely delays liberation and ensures a torturous existence of confusion and depression. Never walk that path. You are free to gracefully detach from the path that you do not enjoy walking. But judging and abusing anybody is seriously dangerous. Beware.”

Mohanji also told us about the importance of sharing experiences and testimonials. He said, “This will help other people understand the dimensions of an incarnation. Today, we know the phenomenon called Baba through Sai Satcharitha. The Bible consists of teachings of Jesus and events as told by his disciples. Firstly, it is important to share experiences with the contemporary so that they also may get an opportunity to connect to the consciousness that we are connected to. Secondly, it will help the future generations. Thirdly, it will also be a reminder to us when our mind brings and wears cloaks of doubts and uncertainties. This will also prevent us from deviating from the path. When the mind doubts and objects, the words will come to your rescue. Every teacher has his own flavour. The flavour is the initial attraction. Then comes the consciousness. Miracles attracted many to Baba but only a few could penetrate into his consciousness. Consciousness is our abode. The rest amounts to illusions. So, when you share an experience, you re-live it, re-establish it and also re-affirm it. This will make your path and journey more stable.”

We decided to eat dinner by 9.30 pm. The Dinner was simple and short. Devotees did not wish to spend much time on eating as they were hungrier to hear the Divine Leelas and advice disbursed by Mohanji. At close to midnight, one of the devotees noticed a Trishul (trident) then a Shiva Linga on Mohanji’s third eye, and that was it…..another saw a Snake, Vasuki snake, another saw the moon on Shiva’s head and all saw the trishul. The sign of AUM was apparent all the time. All the signs of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu started displaying on Mohanji’s third eye; all of us assembled there could see it with our own naked eyes….OMG Could we really be experiencing this Divine Leela???

Mohanji Forehead

We were astonished. Mohanji sensed the devotees gasping at this, His true form or Swaroop, and started smiling to make the environment in the room calm and normal. We were all ecstatic. By now all were around Him, some at His feet, some holding His hand, some watching with awe from far and away. Everything was and is in him, he was and is in everything. Some started taking pictures, but no camera can capture it unless Mohanji wills. None of the photos could catch what each one of us saw with naked eyes. It could not have been an illusion. How could everyone have the same illusion at the same time?

This was a display to quench our thirst. Some may have had doubts about Mohanji. Some may have thought of him as just a teacher or another guru. Some may not have understood him. Hence spontaneously he displayed his true form in the form of symbols of trinity and made us understand who was sitting in front of us. This was perhaps essential for our unity and unification too. “When there is clarity, there is unity”, Says Mohanji. So, he materialised this to give us clarity. He has always been unassuming and never ever pretended or tried to impress anyone. He has often been blunt or aloof from everything too.

I was sitting on a chair diagonally opposite from where Mohanji sat.  Suddenly I felt glued to my chair and did not wish to get up, nor did I wish to get closer to this divine darshan. I felt totally melted. My heart was so expanded with love and gratitude for Mohanji that I felt it would burst open. I felt in my heart how much he is suffering and compromising on our behalf. A stream of salt water was felt running down my cheeks. Was this happening to me? What has God given me? GOD HIMSELF IS SITTING IN FRONT OF ME!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! My husband Nilesh called me a few times to come close and have this divine darshan, but I could not move. Who is sitting here???? SHIVA, VISHNU OR BRAHMA???? LORD DATTA HIMSELF IT WAS! Mohanji decided to give this divine darshan to all that were sitting in the room. I know very well that he always plays down his powers. He never displays anything. And even if he does, unless eyes to see its splendour are gifted to us, we see nothing. He then said that this room will become a temple and whoever comes here will want to meditate. TEMPLE!!!! God has given so much I could not even dream of. A few days ago during one of the house visits of Mohanji, a devotee requested him eyes to see the truth. Mohanji smiled and said that at the right time, it will happen. This darshan was the deepest wish of a devotee and he fulfilled it today. Even God has to prove himself!

Mohanji was in a very expanded state and much beyond the human form. His energy was so intense that he denied a devotee’s request to give Shaktipat in this form. It would have burned all the meridians and veins.

Mohanji 3

Just like Sai Baba says in Sai Satcharitra, people ask for things that are so small and petty. When I am sitting in Dwaarkamai to give you much more, why would you ask for little. Mohanji often says if you bring a small cup I will fill it up, but why would you bring something small when I can give you much more. Later Nilesh took me to Mohanji and all I could do is fall at HIS Divine Lotus Feet and cry my heart out. Wash His Divine Feet with the love flowing through my eyes. MY LORD, MY PRABHU, MY DIVINE GOD IS SITTING IN FRONT OF ME AND TELLING ME THIS PLACE IS A TEMPLE! My heart knew no emotions but to drench my whole being in this Divine feeling.  SO GIVING, SO LOVING ….FULL OF GRACE IS MY GURU GOD MOHANJI!

When God is happy, He decides to give more than we can imagine. When God loves, He drenches our being. When His grace flows, we dissolve within. Are we eligible? Do we allow it to happen in our lives? Does our ego permit an unconditional acceptance? Mohanji always says “Be empty and I will fill in. Shower love and I shall fill your heart. Give more and you will get more. Share and grow rich inside.”

Love all Serve all,

Neha & Nilesh

Edited by Caroline Moscato

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  1. BEAUTIFULLY written. This touches the soul so deeply.

    Thank You dearest Neha Di and Nilesh Ji for sharing this with us,

    ” If people associate with me because they love it from the heart without expectations, I welcome them whole heartedly. I make my home theirs too. I give everything to those who need nothing from me. I give myself.” Oh Gosh..YES. That is spot on.

    Only love and unending gratitude.

  2. So beautiful and important to transfer to all other devotees! Thank you Nilesh and Neha for such a powerfull writing! Keep walking the path! Much love, Milan

  3. Babaji Mohanji is omniscient and omnipresent beyond this mortal work yet there are these who still don’t realise who the Supreme Consciousness really is! Jai Mohanji Jai😍😍😍😍😇😇💞💞💞🙏💙💙💙💙💙

  4. Jai Mohanji dear Neha and Nilesh,
    Thank you for a Heart-melting blog.
    It is impactful, intensified by the power of Shiva’s Radiation.
    What an utterly Blessed experience in the Beautifully Graced Temple of yr home!!!

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