Radhe Radhe

Radhe Radhe

(written on 21st January, 2012 by Shashank Jaitely)

Over the weekend I visited Brindavan and Mathura to be one with Bunsi Bhagwaan. Wanted to share an experience with you all.

At the Baanke Bihari temple, the crowd had poured in thousands due to the auspicious day of basant panchmi. It seemed a struggle to get through the crowd to get a glimpse of the mohak eyes of Krishna. A bit overwhelmed by the crowd, I sat in the corner of the temple, leaned against a wall, closed my eyes and started praying while waiting for the crowd to settle. I thought to myself that every brick has krishna in it so it was fine to be anywhere in the temple. The whole atmosphere was so colourful, intense and psychedelic. The colours thrown around and the chants of radhe radhe, baanke bihari kee jai, were adding to the energy of the place. It was so mind blowing that I cannot express in words.

I almost went to sleep (or trance, not sure) and there was a tap on my shoulder and a middle-aged man, dressed in white, put a garland around my neck, put a basant flower behind my right ear and smeared sandalwood paste on my forehead. I almost felt like Radha!

Before I could react or ask him what he was doing, he asked me to come with him. I hesitantly followed him. He pushed through the crowd with such ease and we landed at the door step of the sanctum sanctorum. I could not believe that I was there and was ecstatic. I turned around but that man had vanished. I looked around but could not find him. At the same moment, the aarti reached its crescendo and chants got deafening but pleasant to the ears. It was so, so beautiful. That moment can only be felt by your soul and cannot be defined in words.

After aarti finished, I went around looking for that person to express my gratitude but he was nowhere. I blessed him from the bottom of my heart for helping a stranger.

Later I tried re-calling him and remembered that he was well built, was wearing white kurta and dhoti, had shoulder length hair and beard. Then I realised that actually, he almost looked like someone we know and love so dearly…:)

Rest all to your imagination..:))

Lots of Love


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