Religions Are Many, But God Is One

Written by Rasha Oustwani

Rasha 2

 “Apart From Love, Whatever You See Will Not Remain” – Rumi

Life is a joy and we are blessed to be experiencing it. The aim for all is just to be happy. We are all one, each has his or her journey and purpose for which we are here to achieve and experience.  However, everyone struggle with their mind in control, indulging more in illusions. It took me sometime to wake up from this illusion and see the truth. Thanks to Mohanji a real true master who helped me in this process.

My name is Rasha Oustwani and this is my story of how I met Mohanji and the blessings He has showered on me.

I am from Saudi Arabia with Syrian origins. I am a Muslim and practice my religion and prayers. I go regularly to Makkah perform Umrah and have also gone for the Hajj pilgrimage. I have always been the reference point for my friends if they wanted to ask about special prayers and details about our religion.

Four years ago, I got acquainted with Mohanji through his writings and instantly connected with His Universal message. I had the desire to meet him but had no clue how to do so.  I was going through a rough patch in my life; the lowest point literally – a messy heartbreaking divorce, the loss of my father who got captured in Syria and financial problems. I was feeling completely lost and hurt. 

During this tough time, all of a sudden my dear friend Zarine who was supporting me with her loving energies and Gong teachings, called to inform me about Mohanji’s visit to Dubai. She also mentioned that he would be attending the MeVeg Conference that day.  MeVeg is a community promoting vegetarian and vegan living in the Middle East.  The conference was to start in a couple of hours at the Dubai World Trade Centre and there was no way for me to reach the venue from where I was in the peak hour traffic. Disappointed, I said well I don’t think our meeting is meant to be. However, the yearning to see Him remained.

The next morning, Zarine miraculously called me and said there would be a private meditation session with Mohanji at a friend’s house, Christina in Jumeirah which was 10 minutes from my house.  I jumped with joy and was excited to go meet him.

I met Mohanji for the first time and he said “Hello Rasha!” He knew my name and was talking to me as if we had met before. I was astonished but felt happy and at peace.  I attended the Satsang and he gave Shaktipat, which was the first time in my life, clearing a lot of negativities and insecurities. I also sat with Mohanji and told him about what I was going through and about my fears etc. He comforted me and answered all my questions with such clarity that left no doubt in my mind. He gave me his eye card and asked me to connect regularly to him and that I could write to him on Facebook anytime I wanted.  I felt a huge difference as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. From then on, each time I connected to his eyes I would feel his energy.  I felt stronger and things started flowing with ease.  Every time I wrote to him, he would lovingly reply and this used to give me so much support, peace, comfort and strength.

“When we remember that love is the answer, we forget there ever was a question”
Rasha 4

I started reading and sharing his write-ups in his Blog and Facebook regularly. Slowly, as things started improving, my clarity and faith grew stronger.  My friends were surprised that I was going deeper in spirituality being a religious person! This to their mind was totally different as it meant I was drifting away from religion! However, my reply given with clarity and confidence was that there is no difference between spirituality and religion! In fact it’s one… It’s the same – it’s connecting to God the Supreme Power! Religion varies according to each person’s location; journey etc but there’s no difference in the purpose!

My own experience after going deeper in spirituality is that my faith has become stronger and every act I’m doing be it a prayer or any form of charity or religion is coming out of pure love and not out of fear or worry! And there’s a huge difference in that feeling.

Life is not a punishment, it’s an enjoyment. It’s a great journey of discoveries and miracles! My whole perspective on life changed positively after meeting Mohanji.  I feel truly blessed to have a real master in my life who made me see my own potential, who made me believe in myself who gave me the possibility to discover my abilities to heal myself and others in life, the ability to make a positive difference in this world by just being you… He gave me clarity in discovering my purpose and showed me the way… I can’t thank you Mohanji enough!
I’ve always had faith but I also had doubts. Mohanji showed me that having faith means there’s no 0% doubt! With this in my heart I reached total acceptance and surrender. I dropped judgments and expectations and this is the way to go higher on the path of liberation.

My Birthday Surprise

Last year, I had a very special experience.  It was my birthday and I had planned to celebrate it with my friends and family as always.  A friend of ours from Mohanji’s family had called the previous day to ask if I could come to his house for a special Power of Purity meditation the next day at 7 p.m. in the evening. I tried to excuse myself saying I had to attend a function etc but he insisted that it would take a short while only. So I agreed as I usually don’t like to miss any of these meditations. 

Rasha 3

I arrived a few minutes late to the house and found a Crystal ball Sound Healing session in progress.  I settled myself and gazed at a picture of Mohanji kept on a couch in front of me.  As I meditated, I went deep inside and started conversing with Mohanji. I wished He was there for my birthday to seek his blessings.

As the meditation finished, I opened my eyes and suddenly found Mohanji himself seated in front of me. I was surprised and pinched myself to see whether it was true or I was hallucinating. It was really Him. I burst out crying and hugged him. He laughed and said that my calling was so strong that He had come there on his way back to India. Everyone felt really happy at the lovely Gift of His presence on my birthday.


I began attending various retreats and programs that were being conducted by Mohanji. My first retreat was in Umm Al Quwain, UAE.  Later, I travelled to India for the first time to attend the retreat in Rishikesh and Haridwar in the Himalayas. This was a real turning point in my whole life as I had never travelled to the Far East before. So India for me is something extremely auspicious and special and it did change my life in many ways. I also attended the retreats last year in Sharjah, UAE and later in Kumbakonam, India.

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Mohanji’s Omnipresence

As my connection with Mohanji has grown stronger, I am able to merge with his consciousness. I speak to him daily as if he’s present in front of me.  I feel stronger with his presence in my life as he’s my spine, my strength, my dad that gives me confidence and strength…. God bless him.  

He pushed me to tap in believing in myself, into realizing my own potential. He helped remove any trace of doubt in my faith.  I’m blessed to feel his presence and Sai Baba’s regularly in my life especially in my meditations! I used to ask him after seeing him in my meditations “Was it you Mohanji?” Haha – he used to laugh and say Rasha and her doubts!

Today the place I’m flowing from, the purity I’m feeling, the grace and faith are divine. I’m so grateful for Mohanji’s presence in my life and in the lives of my children – they also have his eye card and connect to him.

To conclude, our true nature is Unconditional Love and Light – if somebody really sees this truth and feels it, not only will they be blessed but the world will also be a better place. This is what we should all aim at.   A Compassionate World.



5 thoughts on “Religions Are Many, But God Is One”

  1. Rasha I feel you have written this blog for me. Yes God is one and all these illusions are created by mind. I know this still I get into the trap. That speaks about the kind of purification I need and how far I have to go in my spiritual journey.

    I am taking my own baby steps and holding the hands of Sai baba and Gajanan Maharaj.

    Thank you once again.

    Jai Mohanji

  2. So beautiful writing filled with divine energy. I could feel it through my whole body. Thank you dearest Rasha for sharing your story with us. May you stay blessed with total devotion to Mohanjo forever! LOVE!

  3. Beautifully written and Beautifully expressed the journey. We all can learn and experience something out of it.

    Jai Mohanji !!

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