Siddhaganj Ashram- Overwhelmingly Beautiful



As I stepped into Siddhaganj Ashram I instantly felt at home. I felt that I had been there numerous times before.

When we arrived wee were greeted with much respect and warmth. All the events were overwhelmingly beautiful experiences that enriched my being! I had simply come to rejoice for my Guru but I left transformed by motherly divine energy.  I came home feeling empowered and like layers upon layers that were unwanted left my space, making it possible for me to be able to express my true self.


I had no expectations when I came for the ceremony, never felt that I had anything to gain at all. But now I feel like I have gained new heights.  I also felt that everyone received enormous amounts of blessings by just observing the selflessness of Avadhoota Nadananda and his devotees. They served all of us with such love, devotion, and humbleness. I will cherish this experience forever.

So grateful to Guruji for this blessing! Surrendered at Your lotus feet!  🙏♥️

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